LOS ANGELES (KFWB) — When it gets hot… everyone wants to jump in a pool.

But those inflatable pools that are popular in the summer months can be very dangerous for younger kids.

KFWB News 980 talked with Dr. Janesri De Silva about a new study that showed kids five and under are at the greatest risk of drowning.

The Mission Hills pediatrician says any portable pool with as little as two inches of water or as much as 18 inches of water can pose a danger for younger children.

“This study was showing that dozens of children drown every year due to portable pools.”

De Silva says one contributing factor is parents who have their guard down.

“They may not be watching every moment just because they feel some level of comfort that it’s a portable pool. It’s not a big pool with six feet of water,” she said. “They may turn away or they may be talking to someone else or on the phone, even just for a few minutes and that can cause drowning.”

De Silva cautions that older children can be at risk as well.


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