STUDIO CITY (CBS) — As summer kicks into high gear, it’s time to get your grilling tools ready! The Home Depot’s Dave Hauer stopped by KCAL9 Monday with his favorite grills and accessories.

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At-home chefs said they prefer grilling their meals outdoors over using indoor kitchens by a 3-to-1 margin. The main reason is the flavor of the food, followed by the convenience factor. Other factors included “being outdoors,” “it keeps the house cool,” and “it’s a healthy way to cook.”

These are all reasons why people prefer grilling. Another reason could be all of the new products and features on the market. “Today there are more features and benefits available on grills at affordable price points,” said Cindy Prest, global product merchant for grills at The Home Depot. “A lot of features such as the rotisserie, side burners and porcelain cast iron grates are becoming standard add-ons.”

The Home Depot recommends asking yourself the following questions as you select the grill that’s right for you.

How often will I use it? When shopping for a new barbecue, consider how often you will use it. Someone who plans to grill on the patio several times a week needs a different unit than someone who will occasionally barbecue at the beach or the park.

Who will I be grilling for? Are you constantly entertaining guests or do you just grill for your family? Determining how many people you will need to cook for can help you decide the size of the grill you will need.

Where am I going to store it? How much room do you have for a barbecue grill? Will you simply cover it when not in use, or do you want a unit that can be rolled away into the garage or a shed?

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Should I get charcoal, gas or electric? Charcoal grills are portable, making them easy to transport for camping trips and other outings. Propane or natural gas models are easy to start and operate, and provide better temperature control. Electric grills are an excellent choice for people who live in condos or apartments, or for people who are uncomfortable with gas or charcoal.

What extra features do I want? Once you’ve settled on the type and size of your barbecue, you can select from an array of models featuring different amenities. Things to consider include:

Cooking Surface – Porcelain is the most common and least expensive. Cast iron provides better heat distribution and temperature control.

Cooking System – More burners provide more versatility by allowing you to vary temperatures in different areas of the grill when simultaneously cooking more than one type of food. Higher BTUs equal higher cooking temperatures. Lower BTUs equal better fuel efficiency and temperature control.

Rotisserie/Back Burner – Great for slow-cooking meats with indirect heat. • Griddle – Just right for cooking pancakes, eggs and bacon.

Side Burner – Handy for vegetables such as corn or beans or for warming marinades. Instead of cooking some food inside and some food outside, it can all be done on the grill.

Do I need grill accessories? Special spatulas, tongs, skewer sets, thermometers and wire brushes make cooking and cleanup a breeze. To give food cooked on a gas grill that smoky flavor, try using hickory- or mesquite-flavored wood chips at your next barbecue.

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For more information, visit The Home Depot.