SUNLAND (CBS) — The 14-year-old girl who backed a vehicle into the Haines Canyon flood control channel in Sunland has died, police said Saturday.

Lindsey Woodward of Sunland was taken off life support Thursday at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center in Mission Hills, said Officer Sara Faden, a Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman.

The crash on Oro Vista Avenue was reported at 9:14 p.m. Tuesday, a Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman said.

Lindsey and 18-year-old Haily Kinikin, also of Sun Valley, were in Haily’s Ford Edge in the parking lot of Sunland Neighborhood Church after a youth group event when Lindsey backed the vehicle through a chain-link fence and into a roughly 10-foot-deep channel, police said.

Both got out of the vehicle before rescuers arrived, but police said Lindsey had suffered critical head and chest injuries. Haily’s injuries were minor.

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Comments (19)
  1. peter says:

    I heard about this accident=======> my she RIP…”and they put a tag on your toe”.. 😦

  2. Paul says:

    I want to know more details of the injuries… the car backed into a ten foot drop..what happened to cause the chest and head injury? What hit her head and chest? They got out of the car ok…

  3. rich says:

    i dont get why the 14 year old was even driveing they dont even issue a learners permit that young do they?

  4. mitzimatters says:

    it was her own fault. she was driving with out a license. who ever gave her the keys to the car should stand trial for murder

  5. Just a Thought says:

    It’s disrespectful to speak ill of the dead. A poor girl lost her life. Have some respect.

  6. Amy says:

    Her friend Haily who handed over the keys to her should be sent to jail for knowingly letting a 14 year old without a license drive. Do you see the end result of your narrow-mindedness and stupidity Haily? I bet your family and the family of the deceased are so proud of you. We all know accidents happen but it was your negligence that created all of this.

    1. Brian says:

      Haily is devastated by this tragic incident. Lindsey and Haily were friends. Amy you need more understanding of who these folks are. Sending Haily to jail will hurt the Woodward family. In this case, justice would not be served. It would only add pain to all involved. .

  7. Eric says:

    We should all be praying for the family of Lindsey Woodward

    1. Julie says:

      No Eric. Only people who have been religiously brain-washed from generation to generation pray. Save your praying comments for when your around people who believe in “God”.

      1. zach says:

        Julie- You’re an idiot

      2. Shannone says:

        I went to the same school as them, it was a christian school…………. So they do believe. So I think they family would appreciate it if people do pray .

  8. gmakk says:

    What a tragedy. I do not know these families or the girls; I have raised 4 children and cannot imagine the pain these families are going through.
    I find it very sad and unsettling that there are people out there placing blame and judgment at such a tragic time. This type of commentary does not bring back the young lady who lost her life, ease the pain of the family and friends, nor the trauma the surviving young lady will carry with her forever. These young ladies were at a positive activity, made a poor choice and there were permanent consequences. It is not as though they were out drunk driving, on drugs or doing some other illegal activity. How many times in our lives have we made a quick impetuous decision that could very well have ended up poorly.
    Because I believe my God is the only hope of getting through such a loss, I will pray for both families. If you don’t know my God, then at least keep thoughts of comfort for the families.

    1. rick says:

      If you really know God then you know there is a price for sin/mistakes this is not a TRAGADY this is a the result of a huge mistake and the girl who gave this kid the keys IS AT FAULT our socity has come to a place where we refuse to accept blame for what ever we do wrong but are always eger to take kudos for what ever we do right if you truely belive in God then you must tell people to accept the blame for their mistakes

  9. Shannone says:

    It was just a stupid mistake that went bad. The girl who handed the keys is only 18, she doesnt know better either. She shouldnt suffer for the rest of her life because a kid doesnt know the difference between R and D . The 18 is just a baby herself . And how do you know thate the 14 yr old didnt teae and take the keys and the other gurl sat in the other seat trying to get the keys back…… It was a mistake.. a bad obe but a mistake

    1. RICK says:

      um 18 is just a baby?? not even close 18 is a legal adult 18 can vote 18 can join the army and die for its country the 18 year old knew EXACTLY what she should or should not do and she needs to pay the price of MURDER

  10. Lenny says:

    For those who commented on this story and did know all the facts, please contact me and lets arrange for a face to face meeting, and please bring your “toe tag”. Let this family grieve in peace.

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