Alicia was the second girl to rock my world. Gloria, my wife, was the first. Alicia was born in 2005 and right away we knew this girl was the one calling the shots. She wasn’t on the warming table more than two minutes before she pooped. That’s my girl. She is sweet, caring, artistic and incredibly creative. We’ve known from early on, that she’ll end up being an actress or singer one day. Alicia likes Abba, the Police, ballet, and more! She loves salmon and broccoli… Yes that is true. She is strong-willed, when she makes a decision she doesn’t waver. She is now in kindergarten and enjoying the spotlight. I can’t believe she’s almost in first grade. I remember seeing her in the delivery room for the first time, and seeing her climb out of the crib for the first time, seeing her head off to school for the first time.

Special Section:’s Father’s Day Guide

Andreya is the little sister, the third girl to rock my world, the daredevil- she is so kind and cuddly, not afraid to hug me and say “daddy, I love you”. She enjoys the music of Dora the Explorer and also Led Zeppelin’s “All of my Love”- it’s an eclectic mix. Andreya likes plantains and cereal and cupcakes, but only the frosting. She can do puzzles in just seconds, rides a trike like a champ, and loves to color within the lines. She loves to dress up and go around saying “How do I look?”. Seeing Alicia hold her little sister was an incredible thrill. Seeing my face when I realized I now had two daughters, was priceless. Andreya is now in preschool and is quickly becoming her sister’s best friend.

Recently, she and Alicia perfected a new one-of-a-kind song:
“I’m a peanut peanut peanut… And you’re my shell.”
“I’m a peanut peanut peanut… And you’re my shell.”
(repeat till blue in the face)

Although, I should point out that I had the first kids hit when I was little:
“Boat a floatin’ eee eee eee eee eee eee eee”
“Boat a floatin’ eee eee eee eee eee eee eee”
(repeat till blue in the face)

I actually like theirs better. They made it up one afternoon. And somehow it shows love in a way that not many songs can. They make the astronomical costs of raising children all the more palatable. Both girls are quickly giving me a run for my money. And it’s funny, no matter how slim the money is, they can use their little smiles to get whatever they want. I’m a pushover I admit it.

People ask why we don’t have more kids. Well it’s pretty simple, I’m in a house with a wife and two little girls. I can’t take the risk of having a wife and three little girls! The shoe expense alone would kill me.


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