LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A chorus of Congressional Democrats on Friday called on Gov. Jerry Brown to reject a program that would require police to submit fingerprints of arrested people to federal immigration officials.

Reps. Maxine Waters, Karen Bass, Linda Sanchez, Xavier Becerra, Judy Chu, Lucille Roybal-Allard — all Democrats — signed a letter asking Brown to opt out of the federal government’s “Secure Communities” program.

The political backlash against the plan continues to grow in the wake of the city council vote this week to support state legislation that would allow local jurisdictions to opt-out.

The program was created in 2008 and calls for police to submit suspects’ fingerprints to Immigration and Customs Enforcement so they can be cross-checked with federal deportation orders.

“We’ve reached the tipping point,” said Congressman Xavier Becerra, whose district stretches from South Los Angeles through Echo Park up to Eagle Rock.

“If we don’t act now, the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency may irreparably shatter the hard-earned trust and cooperation…that our local police officers have established with the people and communities of Los Angeles and beyond,” he added.

The call for California to opt out came in spite officials’ lack of clarity about whether it is legal for the state to break its memorandum of agreement with the federal government.

Officials said Homeland Security had violated the legal contract with local governments by deporting non-violent criminals, many who were never charged.

Becerra cited ICE statistics that found that more than half of people deported from Los Angeles County through S-Comm were not convicted of committing a crime.

If Brown accepted the advice to opt out, he would join the governors of New York and Illinois who recently removed their states from the program.

Washington, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Washington, D.C., refused to join S-Comm from the beginning.

Legislation for California to withdraw has passed the state Assembly and is awaiting a vote in the Senate.

City Councilman Bernard Parks, a former Los Angeles police chief who introduced the City Council motion supporting the state legislation, said the program was not about setting up a sanctuary city or targeting a particular ethnicity.

“This is about maintaining a 40-year history in the city of Los Angeles in directing its energies towards having great relationships with immigrant communities…so that people having a willingness to come forward and not be victimized,” Parks said.

Becerra said one woman’s deportation status is in limbo after ICE tried to deport her from his district for reporting being the victim of domestic violence. He said another woman was deported for selling hotdogs on the street without a license.

A report by the city’s chief legislative analyst found that nearly 70 percent of people deported under Secure Communities either had no convictions or were accused of minor offenses.

LAPD Assistant Chief Michel Moore said earlier this week that the city’s Special Order 40, which prevents officers from considering immigration status when initiating a police action, has made the city safer since it was established in 1979 under then-Police Chief Daryl Gates.

Moore said other police agencies around the country have abused Secure Communities to target all illegal immigrants.

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Comments (42)
  1. Alan C Rhine says:

    If you got nothing to hide what the problem with being finger printed. But I guess if your and unregistered democrat (I/E ILLEGAL ALIEN) The good president don’t want to through his voting block out of the country . One last question who do the politician represent AMERICANS or ILLEGALS ALIENS

    1. KOBE says:

      Unregistered democrat (IE ILLEGAL ALIEN)

      Well said.

      We are under Mexican rule. Spread the news.

    2. duh says:

      The most effective conservatives are educated in spelling and grammar, and are able to communicate intelligently enough to get their point across.

      You are not an effective conservative.

    3. bert says:

      I agree if you have nothing to hide why not get finger printed!

    4. Saber 1 says:

      Send them all back to beanaco. There ILLEGAL ALIENS and they broke the law.

    5. lydia says:

      When foreign nationals enter this country, they must do so LEGALLY. They must also obey our laws while they are here. If our laws and customs are offensive to them, they can leave and find another place that will embrace their lawless behavior.
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  2. rjsmitty says:

    opt out of the federal government’s “Secure Communities” program. Why would we want secure communities any way ? The only victims here are the citizens that are here legally . Its time to have these government officials uphold the laws of the land and enforce them.

  3. Bababooey says:

    Ah. So now we don’t want to offend criminals, especially illegal immigrant criminals. Great job, freakin’ ivory tower a-holes!

  4. KOBE says:

    The democrats will allow possible terrorist into our state of California because they do not want Mexicans to be searched. Is this what I understand? So democrats are saying we cannot search for terrorist because Mexicans do not want to be fingerprinted. Illegal aliens are terrorist too not just Mexicans. So if a terrorist is jailed then he cannot be checked against the FEDS database of terrorist. Because illegals do not want a background check on them.

    We are under Mexican law people. But nobody notices.

    1. duh says:


      These fingerprints are run in every USUAL way, including warrant checks, etc. They are stored in every usual way in case they are needed later.

      The difference is, these fingerprints are NOT cross-referenced for immigration status.

      That’s all.

      I don’t agree with that, as I’m sure you don’t, but the difference between us is, I’m not going to try and start a fear/rage campaign by asserting that illegals will not be fingerprinted at all. That’s a lie, and you hurt your cause or issue when you lie or embellish the facts.

      1. rjsmitty says:

        So they dont get caught for the Federal crimes ??? Lets just have one set of rules and laws for EVERY ONE !

    2. Ron says:

      State of Alabama will now CHECK EVERYONE suspected of being ILLEGAL !!!!

  5. CMolina says:

    This is why I LEFT the Democratic party and became an Independent! This is the worst batch of lawmakers I have EVER seen in California. What a bunch of idiots! Seriously? You’re going to not protect our country and you’re going to harbor illegals so that the rest of the Hispanic community will vote for your sorry a_ses?! As an INTELLIGENT Hispanic whose parents came to this country LEGALLY, I will NEVER vote for a Democrat AGAIN!!!

    1. Ron says:

      HEAR, HEAR !!! Very well stated, CMolina.

  6. KOBE says:

    How ironic. Gloria’s client is afraid of Weiner, but I bet Gloria is not afraid of Weiner.

  7. Pratt Robert says:

    every one gets finger printed,,,no big deal,, unless you did something, Is crossing ur boarder are braking into my home Illegal. dam its the same crime.

  8. Frustrated says:

    Good point, Allan Rhine! It’s a travesty that American taxes are paying for these politicians’ salaries so they can represent illegal foreign nationals, which is what they spend most of their time doing. I’m sure the Mexican drug cartel is paying them off handsomely for working so hard for all our illegal immigrants.

  9. O. Pinion says:

    I’m a registered Democrat who wants all the illegals deported. Why would we want people here who think they don’t have to obey our laws? Teachers, brokers, real estate agents, people with security clearances…..all are finger-printed by the government. Why should illegal aliens get specail treatment and not have to be finger-printed? Deport them all. I don’t give a rat’s a$$ if they are “only” selling hotdogs, either. Everyone else has to get a business license and follow health codes. Why do politicians think illegals shouldn’t have to do the same? Just one more example of illegals working under the table, using our services and paying no taxes. Why would we ever want to opt out of security for our communities? Too many people are here illegally and they’re breaking our laws. I repeat, deport them all!

    1. Ron says:

      O. Pinion, nice to hear a Democrat speak up about this injustice. And you are correct about all the professions that must get fingerprinted.

      How about you get a bunch of Democrats to tell the governor and other Democratic Politicians to ENFORCE the LAW and start checking everyones fingerprints?

      He won’t listen to those of us that are NOT registered Democrats.

      1. icecream says:

        I’m a Democrat, but I believe in the enforcement of our laws-ALL OF THEM. The Immigration laws of this great nation are here to secure and protect this country and it’s citizens (and legal residents).
        We need to make sure that those Vote Wh0res that occupy political office are reminded who they are SUPPOSED to be representing.
        If someone is not in violation of the law, they have nothing to worry about. If a foreign national chooses to live a life of lawlesness, let them do so in THEIR OWN COUNTRY !!!
        P.S. This problem did not just start three years ago.

      2. Ron says:

        Ice Cream, you are correct, it has been going on for a long time. Thanks for speaking up.

  10. Ray says:

    Well if the voters in California wants to pay higher taxes to support the illegals then keep voting LIBERAL DEMOCRATS in office it is time to really take a look at the people running for office and not just the D beside their name. There are a few good ones out there that need to run but if not it is time to get rid of the MEAT HEADS out there.

  11. Ray says:

    Maybe we the feds shouldn’t give L. A. any money if they are not upholding the Federal Laws or maybe the Citizens of California should sue L.A. and any other city in the state that doesn’t uphold the laws except the ones they want.

    1. Ron says:

      Excellent idea. Can we find an honest attorney that will help us with this?

      The State of Alabama just decided to check ALL people that are even SUSPECTED of being ILLEGAL. Nice to see some state politicians still have some @ALLS.

  12. Daniel says:

    Its very interesting, when a State creates a law that takes on illegal immigration, everyone comes out of the woodwork saying that only the feds can control the border. When the Feds come out with a federal law dealing with illegal immigration, the same people declare the federal law to be wrong and withdraw from it

    I guess no one can control our borders

    1. rjsmitty says:

      How about enforcing the laws we have?

  13. Wobbles says:

    Don’t commit crimes and you don,’t have to worry about being deported. What’s the problem? Why do people who claim to represent AMERICAN CITIZENS have a problem with a plan that would deport CRIMINAL aliens?

  14. euro says:

    failue to pass this measure should be a warning to all non-illegal californians: better get the heck out of here….they are moving the Mexican border to include california! it’s too late to do anything because the mexicans will out vote you every time! a very, very tragic event for the USA for sure!!!!

  15. euro says:

    let me be more precise; the Mexicans have “stole” california, and are in the process of infiltrating the other states as we speak….while the government pretty much does nothing! the single most unbelieveable catastrophe to hit the USA in history…..and nobody does a thing to stop it! the best state in the union is now dominated by 3rd world mexicans and i for on will not pay one dollar tax to be used on them and i’m moving all my large business and all my assets to another state asap!

  16. Just a Thought says:

    @ Euro: Don’t let the door hit you on the a$$ on your way out of my state.
    Everyone should be fingerprinted…regardless of race, economic status, etc…
    But I do have a question: How come everyone is so racist toward Mexicans? Tragedy is tho that I bet you all who hate the Mexicans sure eat the fruits and vegetables they pick at a cheap wage so you can get apples and oranges @ $1.50 a pound, huh?

    1. JFreeman says:

      $1.50 a pound?!!! Really?? Where the hell do you shop??

  17. Chris says:

    Chief Michel Moore, if u know of other states officers abusing this policy please do tell. As a police chief how dare u talk about other departments u have no knowledge of. Man up!!! Tell us about those abuses. I find it ironic, that on the same day the LAPD may have to lower it’s patrol officer force due to lack of money the chief sides with the cesspool of illegal aliens in LA. Liberals, where r ur priorities. If u hate America so much, by all means “leave”. Or go to San Fran. We can put a fence around that.

  18. Just a Thought says:

    @ Lisa: I have question. Do you goose-step when you walk or do you just proudly wear your swastika on your chest? I have never been more embarassed to share my name with some one as I am today. SMH

  19. 1muley1 says:

    If stupidity was painful every person mentioned in this article would be in the hospital, hopefully for life!! The Audacity of these idiots to even think about opting out of this fingerprinting program tells us that in order to be elected to public office, you truly have to be stuck on stupid!

  20. Ken Angerstein says:

    Just another “volley” in the Democrats “War On America” campaign. Its quite clear they are trying to bring down the society we know..

  21. Bernie Bouck says:

    Since when do the police have to earn the (hard earned) trust of Illegal Aliens ?

  22. icecream says:

    Immigration Laws are here to PROTECT our country and Keep US SECURE. All those politicians who oppose the enforcement of ALL of our laws are simply (and shamefully) a bunch of pandering Vote Wh0res who need to be replaced with law-abiding, ethical people who have a genuine love, appreciation and dedication to THIS country.
    When foreign nationals enter this country, they must do so LEGALLY. They must also obey our laws while they are here. If our laws and customs are offensive to them, they can leave and find another place that will embrace their lawless behavior.

  23. icecream says:

    Parks and Moore bring shame and embarassment to the law enforcement community. Add them to the growing list of Vote Wh0res !!!

  24. PL says:

    Start enforcing the laws
    Fingerprint and DNA
    Submit to database of ICE

  25. HP says:

    I seriously do not understand the problem. Illegal aliens are squatters. They have no right to be here and are criminals just by doing so. They work under the table or steal an ID to work, drive without licenses or insurance, use medical facilities with no intention of paying them back….things a citizen would be arrested, fined, ticketed, or hunted down by creditors for. Because their identities are interchangeable and temporary, finding them to pay a bill or a ticket is impossible. They drive down wages because they are paid cash or below sustainable wages.

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