MISSION VIEJO (CBS) — Coming on the heels of a major marijuana bust in El Monte over the weekend, officials in Mission Viejo announced the seizure Thursday of $2.1 million worth of pot in a Mission Viejo home and $3 million in a warehouse in Industry.

The El Monte haul, estimated at about $1 million,  was discovered in a make-shift warehouse.

The Mission Viejo home is in the 2300 block of Bough Avenue.

Officials also seized more than $175,000 cash from the property.

Detectives say the homeowner is being questioned.

Meanwhile, an investigation into the bust in El Monte last Saturday led detectives to another grow facility, this one in Industry.

That bust, with about 3,600 plants, netted a street value of about $3 million.

Officials believe the warehouses in El Monte and Industry were run by the same person or persons.

No arrests have been made in the El Monte or Industy busts.

Comments (7)
  1. Timothy McGarry says:

    Ho hum, waste of time.

  2. isellleaves forfivemillion says:

    who’s the dumba$$ that comes up with these numbers, if it not finished product it’s not worth $hit!

  3. andwesell sandtoo says:

    by the way since you have that pic up I might as well help out to the growing community and other inspired growers, that is washed sand on top of the soil it helps to keep out all those little pesky critters from getting in the medium,good on the bottom inch too. Or is the government gonna say “its some new drug we seized” with an estimated street value of 4.2 million dollars. (credit: Orange County Sheriffs Dept.)

    1. pdid says:

      lol! awesome, thanks!

  4. pdid says:


  5. Nomesmokenomore says:

    Taxpayer dollars hard at work saving the world from . . .

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