NEW YORK (AP) — The founder of a Jewish human rights organization said Tuesday the group has acquired a document by Adolf Hitler believed to contain his first written comments calling Jews a threat that should be removed.

Rabbi Marvin Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Center the center paid $150,000 to a private dealer last month to obtain the 1919 writing, known as the Gemlich letter.

Rabbi Marvin Hier Chats With KNX 1070

Hier said the letter was typed by Hitler on a German army typewriter and that it “set the gold standard about for man’s
inhumanity to man.” At the time it was written, Hitler was serving in the Army, and had taken to riling up the troops with his anti-Semitic rants. A superior officer urged Hitler to put his ideas on paper.

The letter has long been known to scholars. It is considered significant because it demonstrates how early Hitler was forming his anti-Semitic views.

Hier said the center has obtained the original, which was found by an American soldier in the final months of World War II.

He said the letter was certified as authentic in 1988 by handwriting expert Charles Hamilton, who revealed the infamous
“Hitler Diaries” to be forgeries.

In one section of the letter, Hitler said that a powerful government could curtail the so-called “Jewish threat” by denying
their rights, but, “Its final aim, however, must be the uncompromising removal of the Jews altogether.”

Hier unveiled the letter in New York but the center plans to put it on view at its Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles in July.

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  1. mmk says:

    Go cry to your mommy jkaang… no one cares

  2. W.T. says:

    Jews needs to read the part of mein kampf about Jews.

    And then look at them self in the mirror.

    1. mmk says:

      It’s Jewish… not Jews you Nazi. I am guessing that W.T. stands for White Trash?

      1. WT says:

        When you say jew .
        All over the world .
        Everyone know what that means and stand for.

        Dirty Jew.

        Everyone knows.

      2. WT says:

        Every one knows what to expect from the jews too.

        We all know what you jews are about and what you do.

        The Europeans found out the century before.
        The Arabs are finding out anew this century.

  3. mmk says:

    That’s all you can come up with WT.. “Dirty Jew”
    Pathetic much??

  4. mmk says:

    You can’t even speak good english.. It’s hard to understand what you’re trying to bark over there.

  5. wt says:

    If you don’t try and be a human being.
    You will be exterminated.
    You are running out of continents to hide.

  6. WT says:

    Yeah I know you are used to Dirty Jew. What does that say.
    When people call you Dirty Jew and it doesn’t even mean much to you jews anymore.

  7. WT says:

    There’s a lot more I can say about the jews.
    But there’s no need.People know.And have know for centuries now.On every continent.No one is buying shiiite talking jew shiitte anymorwe.

  8. Pancho says:

    I hope no one is suggesting that the existence of anti-Jewish sentiments in Europe were due to Adolf Hitler’s efforts? Yes, he hated Jews, but a strong anti-Jewish element had already existed in Europe for a very long time. Hitler just happened to be a part of it and then decided to do something about it — that should be obvious ….

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