LOS ANGELES (AP) — A racial discrimination lawsuit has been filed in federal court against the cities of Lancaster and Palmdale, claiming they have excluded black and Latino families from receiving housing subsidies.

The suit was filed Tuesday in Los Angeles on behalf of two residents who say they faced racial discrimination. The lawsuit seeks to stop the cities from promoting policies they contend are harassing and unfair.

The lawsuit says the cities have targeted minority families with unnecessary sweeps and created an advertising campaign to dissuade Section 8 voucher participants from moving there.

Messages left for officials in both cities were not immediately returned.

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Comments (10)
  1. KOBE says:

    Now illegals have filed a lawsuit because these city’s will not give them free housing. And they will win too. Each illegal will get 100 million dollars and they will still use food stamps and still be on welfare. That is all they know.

    1. Saber 1 says:

      The blacks are collecting welfare and the ILLEGAL ALIENS are trying to get money for this. They act as though they are entitled to it, there entitled to going back to their third world toilet and leave the USA alone.

  2. Bryan Conover says:

    I hate the white man, but I beg on my hands and knees to give me citizenship.
    I hate the white man, but I beg for his in-state tuition.
    I hate the white man, but I want his welfare state to pay for my anchor babies.
    I hate the white man, but I want him to take care of me from cradle to grave.
    I hate the white man, but I scurry across the border like a thief in the night because I am a failure in my own country.
    I hate the white man, but I crawl on my knees to wash his car, do his dishes, and wipe his backside, because I am incapable of doing anything else in life because I am illiterate and stupid in my country and in the United States.
    I hate the white man, because there is nobody else to blame for my criminal and immoral behavior.
    I hate the white man, but I fill up his emergency rooms and won’t pay my bills.
    I hate the white man, but I want him to raise my children, because I am too stupid to take care of myself.
    I hate the white man, so I fill his prisons.
    I hate the white man, so I sell him drugs.
    I hate the white man, so I destroy his environment with litter.
    I hate the white man, so I scrawl graffiti all over his cities.
    I hate the white man, so I drop out of school and join gangs.
    This is the legacy of Mexicans in the United States of America.

    1. KOBE says:

      Illegals are the most prejudice people out there. They look at us like “what the hell are we doing here” Good take Bryan. That is exactly how illegals think. Right on the money.

  3. Reason says:

    Well put, Bryan!
    All Lancaster and Palmdale do is enforce the section 8 rules. Like how you’re not allowed to drive an expensive car (like an escalade) or let gang members live there. More cities should enforce these rules and throw the leeches out on the street!

  4. Mike says:

    We need to plant more trees for the black and Latino families.
    They are having problem finding places to live and frolic.

  5. Mexican American Oral Surgeon says:


    That’s funny. I’m Mexican and your poem doesn’t describe myself and others very well. I’m a talented surgeon= I’m rich. Stop blaming others because you feel like your life is under fulfilled.

    And yes, you should have furthered your education, then maybe you could be making 70k a month like this Mexican does. Ha ha. Please dint feel threatened by this fact. While you’ve been complaining about life, I’ve been busting my butt to get ahead.
    ‘I am the American dream.’

    1. Mike says:

      Who but a primitive goes around saying” Look at all my money”.

  6. aaa says:

    Well that mexican sure put us in our place.all I do is smoke meth and touch my kids.then complain about how their stealing the jobs I think im to good for,then make fun of their grammer on their post.i am iron man fearless leader…..come on join in

  7. Vvvv says:

    where do you get illegal from you cant be illegal to have section 8!

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