LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Commuters should have a smoother ride to work Monday thanks to “Operation Pothole”, a city initiative that had crews filling tens of thousands of potholes this weekend.

Residents say it’s about time.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou Reports

“I’ve had two instances where I’ve hit potholes and my hubcaps, as you can see on this side of the car, have flown off,” said Jennifer Pollie, who lives on a street in the Fairfax district where there’s about a dozen potholes.

The city of Los Angeles is spending $300,000, funded through the gas tax, for 300 workers to patch up all the rough spots over the next fiscal year.

Operation Pothole was launched in mid-May and officials say residents to report potholes in their area by calling “311”.

Comments (6)
  1. System says:

    They guys working on the potholes are making $80.00 an hour with overtime. The taxpayers are getting robbed. The union workers let the potholes go on purpose so residents will complain and then the union supervisors will say it is an emergency so workers will get double time working on Sundays.

  2. boycott los angles says:

    furtermore…why should the public has to call for this service? when the crews can drive down any street in los angles and see potholes on both side of the street.

  3. ODB says:

    Well, if they’re going to get paid to work overtime to repair streets, they need to concentrate on working on Century Blvd. the gateway to LAX. The street is terrible.

  4. fed up says:

    Why bother filling the potholes at $80 per hour plus overtime? After a week the potholes are back and then some. Just more fleecing of the sheep.

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