LOS ANGELES (CBS) — “Designing Women” star Annie Potts heads the cast of “AfterMath,” a provocative new comedy drama that asks a serious question.

After someone commits suicide, who is the bigger victim…the person who kills himself or the people left behind? Or everyone?

The play centers around a woman who tries to pick up the pieces of her life … and help her children cope … after her husband jumps into the Hudson River.

The comedic drama is based on Elliot Shoenman’s book, “Nobody’s Business.” The book follows Shoenman’s real-life story following his search for answers after his father committed suicide in 1964.

He hopes this play will help anyone who has suffered the loss and pain of a loved one’s suicide.

The play also stars Meredith Bishop, Michael Mantell and Daniel Taylor.

For more about the play, or ticket information, click here.

Comments (4)
  1. Mike says:

    jewish nonsense.

  2. Will Campbell says:

    It’s not too difficult a question for me, and certainly not much of a laughing matter. The friends and family left behind after a suicide are by far the greater victims having to LIVE with the anger and the doubt and the sorrow and the loss.

  3. EMEK says:

    tragic topic, but thanks for wearing my T-shirt 😉 http://www.emek.net

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