SAN DIEGO (CBS) — Federal agents hope to bring home the bacon as a major hunt gets underway on Thursday for an estimated 300 wild pigs on the loose in San Diego County.

KNX 1070’s Brian Ping reports the population boom can be traced back to a business plan gone awry.

The U.S. Forest Service said the release of a small herd of wild pigs in 2006 intended to attract hunters and boost local businesses on an East County Indian Reservation is likely behind the boom.

After the pigs were released, officials apparently failed to check the impending population boom, with its threat to public health and the fragile ecosystem, and now the feds are being called in.

Their effort will involve traps, gun toting agents, and even shooting from helicopters.

Meanwhile, officials are accepting feedback from the public on the swine control program through June 26.

Comments (14)
  1. Sharon says:

    Brilliant plan ! The individual or group that thought this one up should be held responsible for the debt. Your Tax dollar hard at work . This is why we need to educate our people , so they can think to steps a head of a pig, though they are one of the smartest farm animals.

    1. Ben says:

      It was always a zoo down there in Diego County

  2. Keep it simple stupid! says:

    Open the back country to hunters and put a bounty on the wild bore with out having the state charge a fee/tax for tags. This will clear the problem up in no time. We do not need the feds to run our state.

    This started from the Pala Indian Reservation, the Pala tribe should be responsible for the cost incurred not the public.

  3. Porky Pig says:

    Round them up and feed the hungry & poor – I’m sure they can feed thousands of empty bellies

    1. TT says:

      exactly what i was thinking – Take it to the skid row shelter from the other story… and the poorest of the poor in San Diego – Im sure they will be glad ot have it ….

      1. TT says:

        theres a show on TV – where they hunt wild boar – and the boar meat they catch goes directly to a shelter – i think this is set in Hawaii…..

  4. LaLa says:

    Pigs sent to round up pigs lol

  5. Poor Innocent Pigs says:

    Great lets kill the innocent animals. They should round up the person(s) who thought of this plan and put them in jail for animal cruelty. Instead of killing them they should trap them and send them to petting farms, and fairs. Terrible, terrible, terrible! What a waste of taxpayers money as well.

    1. Tasty Pigs says:

      You can’t put wild boar in a petting zoo…How stupid are you? The only thing you can do is kill these wild animals. I agree with the above poster, open the land to hunters and don’t charge a tag fee.

      1. ES says:

        Not charge a tag fee? pfft! That will be the day.

  6. Jim says:

    Lots of errors in this story.
    1- There is no major hunt getting under way. 2- Hunting hasn’t even been selected as the option — it’s only being considered as one option of many, which may – or may not – include one or more of the types of hunting mentioned in the story (trapping, runs, helicopters,etc).
    3- There was one report in a local paper claiming that it started on a local Indian Reservation. Totally unconfirmed and based on a source’s 2nd-hand account. Even then it was never reported as a way to increase business at all. On a reservation or anywhere. Just for hunting, allegedly.

  7. Bravo Papa Charlie says:

    I hunt these pigs and its no easy task back there in the roughest terrain SD has to offer. the pigs are smart, fast and tough as nails. I feel the best method would be to open up some closed to hunting areas, allow night time hunting and baiting which would make the task not easy but at least doable.

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