Giovanni Ramirez, who is suspected of brutally beating Bryan Stow at Dodger Stadium on March 31, is also being investigated in an attempted murder case in Nevada.

Ramirez is scheduled to take a polygraph test Wednesday.

His attorneys tell CBS2 that they handed over several documents, including cell phone records, to detectives. They say they have 11 alibi witnesses who can prove Ramirez is innocent.

However, CBS2 obtained an official document that shows Ramirez is a named suspect in a premeditated shooting that took place in Henderson, Nev.,  earlier this year. The suspect description in that case says the shooter was wearing Los Angeles Dodgers gear.

Comments (38)
  1. SHW NO MERCY says:

    Hmmm, The plot thickens…

  2. Everyday Guy says:

    In addition to the standard pink lipstick and pink high heels, latin gang members like Dodger attire.

    1. alex "eff gringos" sanchez says:

      Latin huh? Sounds like you know all about this “Everyday Gay”…I would agree if you just said “gang members” …

    2. Villaraigosa is a rat! says:

      Hey Everyday Gay!


    Don’t forget the Coach purses sailor, we simply adore them.

  4. Ur Done now says:

    when you walk like a duck…talk like a duck and quack like a duck…your goose is cooked…..
    So now the lawyer needs to find someone in NV that will lie too….

  5. BATO 213 says:


    1. BD McGee says:

      STFU you dirtbag what the eff do you know?
      Thye should lock your dumb a$$ up as well.

    2. alg says:

      so Bato 213 (area code?)…if it’s NOT HIM, who is it.??
      so if you know it’s not him, then you know who it is, right?? BATO!!!!
      Perhaps it is you. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa.ha.

    3. pete says:

      It’s VATO
      Learn to spell

    4. Kat Villa says:

      ^^^LMAO….this one was the best of all comments…..ahahahahahahahahahaha!

      I LOVE IT!!!!

  6. Chris says:

    @Jamaican Josh- suspect and family are hispanic not asian dumb***!

  7. Ozzy says:

    They say they have 11 alibi witnesses who can prove Ramirez is innocent ??
    and these witnesses are credible ?? Hmmm, how many are family members and friiends with criminal backgrunds ? I don’t trust this guy more than I can throw him…Throw the animal in the cage and lose the key, one less idiot criminal off the steets of Los Angeles…

  8. mmk says:

    Stick a fork in Ramirez.. cause he’s DONE!

  9. Efrain says:

    Whether it’s him or not, one more pathetic thug of the streets.

  10. Jamaican Josh says:

    @Dirty alex Sanchez, you can see the racism oozing out of you with your eff gringos and your talk about dread lock comment! You obviously stick up for your race no matter what crimes are comminted by La Raza!
    @Chris, sorry to hurt your feelings with not conveying my hispanic accent into text! lol! you both are pathetic!

  11. Villaraigosa is a rat! says:

    jamaican Josh like jamaican cokkkkkkkkkkkkk in his jamaican mudpuddle

  12. John Q. says:

    makes usre you say hi to OJ in the Nevada pen…

  13. Lou says:

    How to beat the rap! get all mexican mothers o0n the jury, guaranteed this homeboy if free!

    1. John Q. says:

      do you really think the prosecuter is going to allow that ? I prefer my jurors from west of LaBrea

  14. Zentar says:

    Hey!! You can’t be gay everyday, unless it’s just for pay, than you’d be gay that way, now can you be gay in the hay, and why do gays say hey? So, to recap, you’re gay in the day everyday in the hay yelling hey! Can I get two snaps up with at twist?

    1. alg says:

      lol lol lol lol lol lol

      I’m gay everyday, except when I’m in the hay,then I’m not gay. I’m BI!!

      thanks for the rhyme. think I’ll use it in my new song.
      Here’s two snaps and a twist for ya. snap, snap, twist.

    2. Joey says:

      In Z formation !!!

  15. BD McGee says:

    Is his dopey mother going to keep telling us what a good boy he is?
    Lock her up too.

    1. Jose says:

      You’re mother will say the same thing about you BD MCGEE.

  16. alg says:

    I want to know if this guy is illegal? Now if he is, they better not deport him.
    Not till he pays for his crime.
    Then and only then should he be flown over his country of origin, and dropped out at the furthest point from the U.S., thereby making it more difficult for him to return.
    Oh, I forgot, no parachute.
    My apologies if he is not the guy. However, he should pay for all his other crimes.
    What I am curious about is how quickly a 12 year old girl(daughter) was able to come up with this alibi, and stick to it. Methinks it was a learning experience.
    What did this guy do to his neck? Why was he hiding out?
    What kind of threats did he make to all his friends and family if they “talked”???
    I can certainly guess.

  17. alg says:

    p.s. I also want to know where he got this name GIOVANNI?
    giovanni is an Italian name. No italian would do what this guy is accused of doing.
    Unless he is Sicilian. Now Sicilians are bad guys. ESpecially in Sicily.

    1. Kat Villa says:

      NOW THIS ^ WAS IGNORANT TO COMMENT…..since when does society JUST name their kids by their ethnicity……

  18. Jose says:

    Don’t talk about his mother I bet you have one too!

  19. Joey says:

    Let his alibi witnesses testify under oath & when the guy gets convicted,
    Lock them up also for lying under oath. Then deport them.

  20. Stacks says:

    Hahahaha!!! F’n hilarious. “No, he es good boy, he like empinadas, he like boxing, Oscar De La Hoya. He no make trouble for nobodies. He have sister he love, he make her suck his friends pee pees for marijuana.

  21. Jeff says:

    And his momma cried…………………………

  22. robin says:

    i just want to say that if the sketch drawing of this man was the same person.then where are the tattooes at on his neck?i dont see them in the police sketch.do you? i know that is the first thing that would have stood out to me if i saw my friend getting beat down. but not one time has those tattooes been brought up.i think thay better be looking for the right people who did this sad thing..and its sad just because this guy has a past of crime and is on parolee dose not make him guilty..

  23. JebBush_BMWLover says:

    Ah, Norwegians strike again.

    Now where’s my Lawrence Welk CDs?

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