ONTARIO, Calif. (CBS/AP) — A 51-year-old woman was arrested for investigation of murder late Sunday after she was seen pushing a trash can with body parts inside, authorities said.

Police arrested Carmen Montenegro, of San Bernardino, after residents saw her with the trash can that had body parts in it. Investigators were searching for the other remains as well as trying to determine how the male victim died and where the killing occurred.

Investigators spent Monday excavating the property outside the home where the body is believed to have come from. They found what may be body fluids in part of the yard, Detective Jeff Crittenden said.

“We have to wait for analysis to see if what we located is a match to the body itself,” he said.

The home, which is about 200 yards from where Montenegro was spotted pushing the can, is owned by a relative of hers, Crittenden said.

He said police were looking into the possibility that the victim, who has not been identified, had been killed at the house, but he noted that the victim’s body may have been taken to the house after being killed elsewhere.

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Comments (27)
  1. W.T. says:

    The Economy’s so bad

  2. W.T. says:

    The primitive tribesman

  3. W.T. says:

    Have turned to this.

  4. Rick says:

    Meat, It’s what for Dinner!

  5. Nicolas Cruz says:

    She bring a new meaning to the term “Trash Out” I hope everyone involve get the lnjection! I wish I was there when it happens !!! I hope she and the dead are legal to be in this country! CRUZ=N

  6. Talega says:

    How did they know there were body parts inside? Trash cans are not usually see through. Or, were they complaining because someone who looked homeless was waking through their neighborhood?

  7. Timothy McGarry says:

    No- they found a trash can with body parts, see, and they asked if anyone had seen… oh, never mind.

  8. Letty says:

    I live in granada court and this happend in holmes st i hope they say who was that body i heard that she asked some guy to help her but the bodys under the grown so he called 911 so how many bodys and why and who’s the victoms i hope to find out soon

  9. Supermonkey says:

    Don’t eat me please…..

    Mama I’m scared….

    The scary lady eats people….

    1. Supermonkeyme says:

      Don’t eat me please…..

      Mama I’m scared….

      The scary lady eats people….

  10. Supermonkey says:

    Don’t eat me please…..

  11. valovesjohn says:

    I live down the street from where this happened, a neighbor was talking to a reporter and we heard what happened. She said ,this crazy lady was asking some neighborhood kids to help her dig a hole in the ground, one of them noticed the trash can’s smell and ran to call 911. The reporter could not confirm nor deny that the police had found more than one person’s body parts were found..

  12. tomebaden says:

    how did the neighbors know there where body parts in it? nosy people!

  13. Jason Mcfee says:

    Could have died of natural causes. Cut up for trash due to lack of funds to bury him. Or is this the way illegal Mexicans behave?

  14. vallovesjhon says:

    @ Jason. Wow! what a very racist thing to say. Last time I checked Jeffery Dahmer was a WHITE male who had done a similar crime. So let’s just say this woman whatever race she is, happens to be a very sick individual.

    1. Duh! says:

      Um, Jason was asking if “illegal” Mexicans behave this way. Not that all Mexicans behave this way.

      Also, Mr. Dahmer killed people in order to eat them. No where in this article does it say that she killed the person in order to eat him. In fact she threw him in the trash, not the refrigerator. Plus it has not been proved that she killed the victim. So Jason’s assertion that he may have died of natural causes could be true.

  15. Steve A says:

    Did someone find the recipe for Soylent Green?

  16. michell says:

    I live on the next street over and Ive been following the news,what made the PD start tearing through the yard if the woman showed up in the neighborhood at families home w/the body parts? Is this woman derranged,someone said the woman looked dazed when taken away.I hope to find out if she really killed this person or did someone else?family says shes normal?This is not the act of a normal human being? whats next?Very sick i must add.

  17. Quang Lam says:

    Just give them to my VC friends. They’ll BBQ it and have them with beer.

    1. Rick says:

      Rice or Noodle with this dish?

  18. vallovesjohn says:

    Real nice!! Let’s bring race into it. Both you and Jason should marry each other. It would be a marriage filled with ignorance!

  19. Faith says:

    Wow I lived down the street crazy thought!!

  20. Timothy McGarry says:

    If you eat human brains, you go crazy. Just so you know.

  21. Talega says:

    Thank you valovesjohn. I knew there had to be more to the story. The reporter needs to do a better job.

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