LOS ANGELES (AP) — Services are set this week for a Southern California motorcycle officer who was recently killed when he collided with another officer during a police funeral.

Police said a memorial service will be held Friday at a Cypress church followed by a burial for 44-year-old Hawthorne police Officer Andrew Garton.

The married father of two boys was killed last week when he was helping escort a funeral procession for a fellow law enforcement officer who had died of cancer. Garton was involved in a collision with Sgt. Rex Fowler of the El Segundo Police Department.

Garton was thrown into oncoming traffic and struck a sedan head-on. Fowler suffered a broken leg.

Garton was the first Hawthorne Police Department officer to be killed in the line of duty in its 89-year history.

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Comments (8)
  1. Gary Parker says:

    hmmmmmmm, Traffic Officer??? Interesting!! !!! Killed by coliding with other Traffic motor officer, something wrong somewhere….revise training, but sad story

  2. Wesley says:

    Stop wasting tax payers money! Seriously, he didn’t die saving lives. His stupid mistake cost him his life. He doesn’t need a “grand” funeral for that!!

    1. Deb says:

      Regarding Wesley’s comment, what a pathetic comment. You do not know much, this is what other departments do to show support for a fallen officer and I think he would be on duty. You show NO respect!!

  3. Mike says:

    Wesley needs his a## kicked….And i would love to do it!

    1. bcb says:

      I’m sure you and a few others would love to do it. What an insensitve ass!

  4. Jennifer Funk says:

    They both shouldve been more careful. This is their JOB!!

  5. Non Cop/Non Hater says:

    Accidents happen moron. Thats why they invented the word.

    And you’re right..it is their job..so shut up and respect it, since you’re too scared and stupid to do it.

    Wait..let me guess..not enough money right? You’re right, but was does that say about the nobility of the job. Which, i dont care what you say, we’ve all dreamed of doing at some point.

    So sit in the comfort of your home, which they provide, and show some respect, for it maybe your life they save someday. Or leave your house and cars unlocked and show yourself you don’t need them tough guy. See what happens.

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