WESTMINSTER (AP) — Police in say Orange County say a man who killed his sister and then turned the gun on himself was a 34-year-old living with his mother in Westminster.

Westminster Police Cpl. Cameron Knauerhaze said Saturday investigators have found that Frank Munoz shot his sister — 23-year-old Vanessa Munoz — then himself at their’ mother’s home where both lived.

Knauerhaze tells City News Service the siblings had been arguing over Frank Munoz’s contributions to the family because she worked and he didn’t.

Police say Vanessa Munoz was found dead in the hallway and Frank Munoz in the backyard by police responding to reports of several gunshots on Thursday night.

Their mother told police she had watched her son shoot her daughter and she fled from the house until they arrived.

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  1. cjclark says:

    wow you are one heck of a genius. How much do you contribute to your family sitting behind that screen, typing on a greasy keyboard all day?

    1. colleen says:

      I agree cjclark, people like him parents wish they had used a condom

      1. Randi lea says:

        Wow u should really be careful commenting on a situation that was absolutely horrific, show respect for my family. I cannot believe sum people sum times, I am franks girlfriend and like comment above this is sum thing u or no one can understand, plz pray for them all, we will miss them both very very much

  2. PL says:

    Just because you’re released early from prison,
    Still harder for ex-felons to find a job?

  3. darlene munoz says:

    WOW…have some respect on behalf of my FAMILY, the Munoz’s…these are my cousins, my uncle’s kids…..dont dissrespect….this is someting u would never understand or know how to cope with ….so keep your comments to ur self, my family is going through alot right now…..sad way to loose two family members in one day…u would never understand

  4. anonymous says:

    vanessa was an amazing person, and did not deserve to be MURDERED by her BROTHER… whats to understand…..

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