WEST COVINA (CBS) — A half-dozen felony counts were filed Friday against a Baldwin Park man accused of shooting at a neighbor’s dog and then following the pet and a 7-year-old girl inside their home and threatening to kill the canine.

Carleton Raye States, 31, was scheduled to be arraigned Friday afternoon in West Covina Superior Court on two counts of child abuse and one count each of criminal threats, first-degree burglary, discharge of a firearm with gross negligence and having a concealed firearm.

States allegedly taunted the dog as the 7-year-old girl was playing outside her home, drew a handgun and fired a round at the dog after it began to bark.

He followed the dog into the girl’s home, pointed a gun at the girl as she held the dog in her lap and threatened to shoot the animal, prosecutors allege.

If convicted, States faces up more than 20 years in state prison.

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Comments (10)
  1. RJ says:

    Put him in prison and throw away the key!…..Stupidly endagering the life of a 7 year old? Let the convicts have at him!

  2. Regg says:

    What in thee Blue Hell!!! This guy needs to be locked up RIGHT NOW!!! Lunatic!

  3. mister s says:

    He is only 31 years old, so even a 20 year sentence would let this lunatic free while he is still fully capable of more violent crime. Maybe we will get lucky and someone will kill him in prison. People like this don’t ever rehabilitate.

  4. TT says:

    Where was the 7year old’s parent or babysitter? How did he just walk into their house ? How did he get a gun that close to a 7 year old without someone paying attention ???????????????? C’mon people !!!

  5. alan hart says:

    There are people that can’t live in a society. He should be removed from the gene pool.

  6. Astohished says:

    Why haven’t they added animal cruelty to the charges. That would add more years. The guy is definetly a sociopath and needs to be put away for the safety of everyone around him! I guarantee that had he shot my dog and then tried (and that’s as far as he would have gotten) the cops who responded would be calling the coroner!

  7. Astonished says:

    OOPS! That should have read and then tried to enter my home. . . should have proofread that first. 😦

  8. whatever says:

    the little brat and her toto were asking for it. he shudda popped her and the 4 legged vietnamese entry when they were in the house

  9. ciana and moe says:

    Its funny how there really try to put him under but can’t come help people when tor someone u don’t knhey.

  10. mores says:

    This man has been a threat for sometime. My sister lives 2 doors down from his family!!!! He’s alwasy been mentally unstable. Hope he goes away for a long time. It could have been my niece!!!

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