LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Schatzi is one dog of amazing survival skills. Accidentally dragged for blocks by a garbage truck, this plucky German Shepherd fought hard to live.

Through the kindness of strangers, some caring vets and one amazing rescue organization, Schatzi is well enough to be adopted!

If you’re interested in adopting Schatzi the dog, or any number of her available cousins…

Call (714) 528-4730 or E mail Tiffany at Tiffany@coastalgsr.org

Or go to the German Shepherd rescue Web site by clicking here.

Comments (10)
  1. Jack says:

    Poor dog got dragged. Can somebody sue the trash company
    on the dogs behalf? We sue for everything nowadays

  2. Victoria says:

    Thank you Tiffany of Coastal German Shepard Rescue for your compassion
    and heart in helping this dog.

    Funds will be needed to pay for the dog’s vet bills.
    Please consider donating to Coastal German Shepard Rescue. It’s a priceless feeling to know that you helped a living, innocent creature in this time of need.
    Blessing to all for opening your heart and your hand.
    Sally Forth

  3. Primetime Editorials says:


  4. ally says:

    Looked around before you drive off garbage men. Next time it could be a child. Poor Dog!

  5. Robert S. says:

    Thank you Trish Norton, and your organization for rescueing dogs that really need help. My home in Texas is place for the displaced, and unloved. We have seen the heartbreak of people having to let their animals go, and I know they hope that someone will take them in and care for them, but more than often, this is not the case. Lord bless you Trish, and all of your loyal friends.

  6. Corinne Anderson says:

    Coastal GSD Rescue is great.

  7. Irma Carrillo says:

    More proof of the superior heart of the dogs, because Shatzi did not want to give in to her wounds. God Bless Shatzi & everyone who worked to help her & all the dogs. Me & Mama gonna donate $5.00 ea., if we all do so, that money will pile up for Coastal German Sherperd Rescue , then help for animals can continue. I think the garbage truck company or department of sanitation should take responsibility & pay for Shatizi’s medical bills & make a donation to Coastal German Sherperd Rescue as well.

  8. paula says:

    I agree with Irma in more ways than one. Shatzi proved that she is one dog that wants to live and fought with everything she has to do it. I too think the trash company or in case it was the Sanitation Department should pick up the tab for her vet bills and make a donation to Costal German Shepherd Rescue, regardless of who adopts her because it would be the right thing to do.

    Animals give the kind of friendship and love no one else can and you cannot put a price on that. I know this because I am owned by two rescue cats, one of whom is a senior at almost 14 years old and the other is a kitten and is almost a year old now.

  9. cristine says:

    This story is so disturbing to me. This person who is capable of animal abuse has no soul and holds no value and decays in his own evil spirited flesh.
    He should be locked up and not be entitled to free jail benefits.
    He should be punished and get what he deserves from the public and jail inmates.

  10. haston says:

    Come on forward you coward and show your animal abuser worthless self to the public. Your tough enough to do this to a beautiful, innocent, sweet animal but you aint tough enough to show yourself.

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