LOS FELIZ (CBS)  A stolen car suspect led police on a high speed chase through several Los Angeles neighborhoods Friday after starting in the Rampart area.

The Los Angeles Police Department said the chase began after an unknown suspect stole a SUV around 4:45 p.m.

After leading authorities through the Hollywood area, the suspect abandoned the SUV and took off on foot. He then tried to carjack a vehicle before he was arrested at about 5:20 p.m.

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  1. Graham Mackie says:

    This chase was bad By the LAPD …The police Put others at risk,, by not stopping
    this guy on the dead end Street,, He wasnt going Fast,,, This is ONE DUMB POLICE
    Dept,, No Wonder others get Killed

    1. Mufon says:

      Good thinking, yes, let’s absolve the felony suspect of all accountability. Why have laws? Graham, I’m waiting for more excuses for this moron’s behavior, maybe unfavorable childhood, etc.?

  2. Sako says:

    that was a girl.. she passed my by on Santa Monica blvd.. she was going over 60 mph.. but yes .. i agree.. LAPD put others life on risk.. i saw the way they drove.. was worst than that girl ..

    1. Saber 1 says:

      I have a solution to end chases. After there caught, make sure the helicopters cameras are watching and shoot the driver in the back of the head three times. Chases would be a thing of the past.

  3. TeamleadeR says:

    What do you expect, for the oficers to take it easy on these guys!. If they do, then these guys will just keep doing crimes and know that they will get away with it. I bet you wont be calling them dmb when they respond to your location after you dial 911.

    I dont get it, if they dont….bad, and if they do………bad. Some people dont know what they are talking about. Pendejos!!!!!

    1. kk says:

      Is was not a girl. if you reread the article it clearly states “He then tried to carjack a vehicle before HE was arrested at about 5:20 p.m. I think they would know if they arrested a male or female

  4. Confused says:

    who is graham mackie? I want to get in on the chastising but can’t as I have no clue who this person is. Is CBS LA doing their moderating bit again?

  5. Borsia Novak says:

    In many of these chases, I didn’t see this one, the police should either shoot the car or the driver.
    Today’s car engines are covered with complex electronics and fuel systems and most engines are aluminum, a soft metal. A shotgun or rifle shot into the hood or radiator would bring them to a halt pretty quickly. Failing that a policy of shooting the driver would also put an end to these high speed chases.
    All too often chases that could have been cut short end with a crash that injures or kills some innocent party.

  6. Tony N says:

    We were driving down LaBrea passing Detriot. My Boyfriend on the passanger side noticed 3 helo’s in the air..typical LA we thought…next thing we see is about ten cop cars zooming right by us going the other way. We noticed cops positioning themselves on the side streets. Stuck in grid lock not a minute later we hear honking behind us.Hmm aggressive driver I thought..I was in the left hand lane training to get into the left hand turning lane. The honking got more aggresive thinking it might be a cop SUV so I pull over as far as I can to the left lane.Meantime my boyfriend mentioned”Hey I think that is the guy they are chasing!” The SUV was very close that you can reach out and touch it..on hind sight my boyfriend mentioned he would have slapped him. I noticed as the car passed us on the right cutting in front of me trying to turn l left and noticed that his left front wheel end was damaged. Th SUV proceeded to turn left but realized there was a cop in front of him blocked and to the left being blocked in and quickly turned right down toward willo…The cops were right on his tail! Funnyhow you think about what if and what would I have done..never have I imagined that we would be in the thick of it..I chucle to myself at least suspect honked to get by and did not just ram through..Good jobs to the cops for getting him before he caused more damage.

  7. mike says:

    Sako, you are a COMPLETE MORON!

    1. Sako says:

      F**k you mike!

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