LOS ANGELES (CBS) — If you thought the patrol car in the 1987 action movie “Robocop” was high-tech, wait until you see what L.A.’s finest will be soon be driving.

AOL’s Translogic caught a sneak peek of the new squad car of choice for the Los Angeles Police Department: the Chevrolet Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle (PPV).

Billed as the “sum total of all the law enforcement community has learned about patrol cars to date” by the report, the PPV boasts a 6.0L V-8 engine with 355 horsepower, 18-inch steel wheels, and a host of gadgets that puts any Hollywood squad car to shame.

The Caprice, which replaces the long-used Ford Crown Victoria, is equipped with an infrared night vision camera, automated license plate scanner, and a touch-screen center console that replaces the older computers traditionally used by officers.

In addition to horsepower and firepower, the cruiser is also outfitted with the latest in information technology, with ethernet, Wi-Fi and an experimental wireless-mesh network in the trunk.

Even the bad guys can ride in comfort: cut-outs in the back seat are custom-made to accommodate any handcuffed suspect.

LAPD officials say vehicle wrapping was used on all-black sedans instead of traditional paint to minimize repair expenses and protect resale value. This brings the expected taxpayer cost to be about $20,000.

Drivers can expect to see the new 2012 Chevrolet Caprice PPV cruising city streets as early as mid-2011.

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  1. TT says:

    That is just gonna be cool !! And its a Chevy ! Very nice …

    1. Iraq Vet says:

      Yeah it’ll be good for 40,000 miles or so.

      1. Jeff says:

        Made in austraila

      2. Omamahater says:

        Nothing like good old gubernment motors taking over business from the private sector

    2. Jo Jo says:

      Awesome!!! That’s totally radical in a tubular sort of way! I can’t wait ’til they come out with one equipped with an LRAD and a backscatter radiation device! Do they have an electronic marijuana sniffer? Good thing Obama nationalized GM! With this technology it will be much more efficient to rob and/or kill L.A.’s young black and hispanic men!

      1. Jarmey Fowler says:

        don’t forget white people… the police are equal opportunity brutalizes!

      2. Remote viewer says:

        Now that IS good news. JOJO?…lol

    3. vxp says:

      cool? are you a total idiot? LA is BROKE…we don’t need any more cops or their toys running around this city.

      1. jimonthebeach says:

        LA is broke? H3ll! The entire state is broke. It’s what happens when you elect liberal to office.

      2. Joe says:

        New cars will help them do what they are good at… giving out traffic tickets which will make money for the city!

      3. jack says:

        agreed. By the way, why do cops need new cars every 2-5 years. I mean seriously! I think that’s a waste of money. Oh, and in my neck of the woods on the East coast they’ve had those rapid plate scanners ever since that movie Scanner Darkly came out. Good movie.

      4. Spoc158 says:

        This article is misleading. the car itself is around 20 grand – to outfit the car is about another 20 grand.

    4. Alb says:

      Cool??? Are you simply sick??? You must be a cop or a dumb cop lover!!

    5. Ian12345 says:

      Hi folks
      pleased to tell you all thats its GM Holden-ie that is made in Australia
      Gm has subsidaries around the world
      Holden has been here since 1948
      This is an Australia designed vehicle-been around for donkeys years-latest one is real sweet
      Has Chevy 6.0 L half cyclinders burn V8
      Go yanks
      Enjoy a real Aussie muscle car
      Personally think the Ford Falcon Australia XR6 Turbo is better but hey want do I know

      1. David Payton says:

        I am disappointed that GM (OBAMA) axed Pontiac. The Monaro (GTO) and Commodore? (G8) were hot. We were about to get the Holden Ute, but alas…

      2. Michael O'Brien says:

        Australia designed vehicle – What / A country designed a Motor Vehicle this is Real News stop the Presses (or do we say Posts ! ) A country can design Cars. Sad you have a great country & somehow U are seeking a Design Credit that probably was designed in the Car Capital of the world Detroit If it is GM the decision was made there . Go out & throw a few shrimps on the Barbie Mate No worries , No self esteem either ! lol

  2. james says:

    Sweet, the taxpayers pay for nothing but the best. Of course, this doesn’t really help fight the real criminals, but it does help fleece the public even more.

    1. frodaddy says:

      actually 20 grand is fairly cheap for all that. of course if the state is broke even 20k per car is too much

      1. Bob Frapples says:

        That $20K is just for the vehicle wrapping, no?

      2. Bob says:

        No that is the projected cost. Cost minus resale. But since it is being done by the government who has a requirement that you must not be able to add or subtract for this job I am sure this number may be off just a little bit.

    2. mike says:

      exactly…license plate scanner for? well…for citing the guy whose registration has expired because he cant afford renewal right now because his income is going down….while staple good prices increase (but there is no inflation) taxes keep rising (but there are no new taxes)…and he cant pass the smog test. He should just but a new fuel efficient green car…thats what he should do.

      1. David Payton says:

        The license plate scanner is used read the plate number for the officer so that doing so is not an unsafe distraction, as well as aiding the common inability to see perfectly under various conditions. Nothing nefarious here. Just good technology.

      2. Big Brother says:

        Exactly right. When these revenue collectors hit the streets they will be scanning EVERY license plate as they drive. So when a cop gets behind you while your driving, better have paid your taxes, ALL of them, because they surely have linked all the state databases!

  3. Tired of so much spending .. says:

    Good thing LA doesn’t have a budget deficit … oh wait.

  4. Herbert Simon says:

    Who wrote this? My fifth grade daughter can do better — “At a taxpayer cost of $20,000, LAPD officials say vehicle wrapping was used on the all-black sedans…” Did it really cost 20 grand for LAPD officials to say this??!!

    1. Common sense says:

      Contextual ambiguity.

      “Sure, we’ll tell you — for a price…”

      Seriously, though – will $20 really pay off on resale? I think not. Our small, New England town fitted a stock cruiser with with lights, sirens and all additional accessories for less than that price. Who do these folks think they’re kidding?

      1. Common sense says:

        Oops — $20K, that is.

      2. Templar X says:

        Only the most expensive cop cars, highest taxes, and the biggest budget deficits will due for L.A., California!!!

      3. Louis Berding says:

        What resale value?!?! It’s a damned police car. Used police cars are guaranteed to have been driven very hard and been in at least a few accidents.

        I wouldn’t buy one with any kind of paint job for over $300.

        Especially since they rip out ALL of their equipment, which will now include the entire center console!

    2. Vernon Geiger says:

      Shouldl have said, “At the cost of $20,000 per unit, LAPD…….” Good catch.

    3. Angelite49 says:

      Mr. Simon, surely you’ve noticed that those paid to communicate for a living rarely have command of their most important tool: the language. Dangling modifiers abound, to say nothing of poor spelling and mangled pronunciation, incomplete sentences, incorrect pronoun usage, preposition placement, etc. I don’t know believe thee ability to write and speak intelligently is required for much of anything anymore.

      1. Angelite49 says:

        s/b I don’t believe the ability . . . .

      2. formerleewarmer says:

        you misspelled the word”the”.

      3. jess says:

        STFU. As your second post indicates, this is hardly the time or place to give a rats ass about spelling. Food prices are skyrocketing, gas prices are killing us, foreclosures every second house, 1 in 4 on food stamps, unemployment at an all time high (and no, it’s not because of our abounding dangling modifiers)…and you care about some spelling/typo error? Mangled pronunciation? PLEASE try to focus on what is important.

    4. Zamar says:

      It seems that you missed the memo: Verbal and writing skills shall be inversely proportional to the volume of Federal dollars poured into public schools. See Baltimore, Washington DC, etc.

    5. Scott Norri says:

      Get a life dude.

      Your reply is also not correct.

      What is “20 grand”?

      Are you too stupid to say 20 thousand or twenty thousand or $20,000????

    6. G. Orwell says:

      Your daughter probably would have written with less girlish enthusiasm for the clamp-down of the police state in the city. I’m sure she has enough sense to know this is more scary than it is cool

  5. TJ says:

    Will the license plate reader be able to tell if the driver is an illegal immigrant so that the police know not to bother pulling them over?

    1. DAVE says:

      OK now THAT was funny! LOL

    2. Iraq Vet says:

      Ha ha ha. This would be even funnier if it wasn’t so true.

  6. derek says:

    hot automatic donut warmers?

    1. YES WE CON! YES WE CON! says:

  7. Modernserf says:

    Indeed! The ethernet connection will not only scan license plates for evil criminals with outstanding warrants, it will load location data into electronic storage, so that over time, the police will be able to profile anyone’s driving habits! Privacy is so old-fashioned, and besides, us law-abiding people have nothing to fear, because the government is our friend!

    Some view Orwell’s 1984 as a precautionary tale. Me, I think he was so unimaginative. Who needs citizens informing on each other when computers allow a small, armed and badged minority to exert much better control over the rest of us?

    1. Common sense says:

      Hmm… The first inventor of successful scanner countermeasure technology will likely do quite well in sales… If it’s designed by a human, it has a weakness.

      1. Andrew P. says:

        i wonder if there’s an app for it…

      2. Jon S says:

        But if it’s designed by the machines, we are powerless. Unless it’s the T100.

    2. greg says:

      Thats why we still have a terrorist threat so goverment can take away our civil libertys and privacy

      1. dam says:

        Folks who can’t spell probably need to be watched a little closer Greggy.

  8. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    “The last official act of any government is to loot the treasury.” ~ George Washington — http://911essentials.com

  9. Onclewillie says:

    A car from Government Motors? In a city run by a liberal politician? Gee, I can’t help but wonder if this is just another “you scratch my back I scratch yours” kind of deal with Obama? None of the technology is exclusive to Chevy or GM. It would been just as easy to drop it into a Crown Vic. I wonder if this purchase actually went to bid? Is the RFP on any city website?

    1. Jon S says:

      You’ve figured it all out! Obama, when he’s not busy killing Osama Bin Laden, is really busy trying to figure out what the police cars in LA should be like in the future. And yes, because it’s from GM, obviously it was a no-bid contract, where as you pointed out, if Ford had produced the car, then we could be sure it was a non-corrupt multiple-bid contract. It’s not because Ford announced that they are ending production of the Crown Vic – that’s just silly. It can’t be that. Don’t worry, your logic is solid if you ignore the facts. Just come up with new conspiracies whenever smart people point out your flawed logic.

      1. Onclewillie says:

        I asked if there purchase had gone through the bidding process. I also asked if there was an RFP? That is not claiming a conspiracy. I did point out that the Crown Vic, the most used police vehicle in the last two decades, could have just as easily taken the new electronics. That is called an example and did not in any way insinuate that the Crown Vic was, in fact, even part of the bidding process. Given the political cronyism so prevalent in LA City Hall, it is a reasonable question to ask if this was a political favor for Mr. Obama. Is it not in the Mayor’s best interests to curry favor by helping to insure the success of Government Motors?

        Oh, by the way, Mr. Obama did NOT kill Bin Laden. That duty was performed by a Navy Seal team based on evidence of his whereabouts gathered by our national intelligence agencies over the last decade. You need to improve your reading comprehension.

      2. jess says:

        Right. Because in the history of our government, there has never been a single case of fraud. Simply misunderstandings and swamp gas.

  10. BGreider says:

    I got a shotgun , a rifle and a 4 wheel drive, and a country boy will survive

  11. PleaseGodNoPalin says:

    Yeah, because the spray painted black Ford Taurus in Robocop was so high tech. I love when people write articles and add in blurbs about movies they obviously have never seen.

  12. Henry says:

    So when the economy goes further down the drain some people won’t be able to pay their car insurance on time. The insurance company will immeidately put you in a database saying that you have fallen out of scope and all the cop cars will be notified that you are in violation and they will arrest you. Funny how all the jobs are going overseas and they want to scary us will bogeymen terrorist and we are the schmucks that get harrassed and billed for it. California is broke and they still manage to afford stuf that can oppress the people. Why not build a plant that makes goods that will give California jobs.

    1. Onerous says:

      @Henry….I couldn’t have said that any better myself and I take great pride in my verbal assaults on the government!!

  13. Ryan ruiz says:

    F#CK the police!

    1. Iraq Vet says:


  14. truth says:

    glad i didn’t help pay for this. tax free and loving every minute of it. F D Police

  15. hmmm says:

    Sure wouldn’t want the police to have to type in a license plate number. What’s the cost of these units? Is the $20,000 the amount for wrapping each vehicle, the total amount for wrapping all vehicles, or the total price of each car(which would be hard to believe). The reporter needs to provide a lot more detail to this story.

    1. John McGraw says:

      It is free taxpayer money. They do not worry about cost. The federal government will bail them out since they a ultra liberal.

    2. Fred Wilson says:

      The MSM has dumbed itself down so low, there is no longer news that is clear and comprehensive. Everything is “sound bites”. Even the written news! I wrap vehicles. That figure of $20,000 is certainly not the cost to wrap ONE vehicle…unldess it was a no-bid contract and the figure “slipped out” !!!. I can’t make any sense at all with that figure of $20,000; with all the options, each PPV (a few will probably be Personal Patrol Vehicles) has to cost more than $20,000. Now, this is a figure that will probably remain as transparent as most of Obama’s moves.

  16. Miguel Saavadera says:

    6.0L, 355 HP and gets 10 mpg. Can’t use that Horsepower any where in the state because you can’t ‘intimidate’ or cause dangerous or reculos situtions. So, why have it, a waste of the taxpayers money..

    Night vision? A real need once you are out the squad car: Or does the cop stay in the car the entire time … a car is a tool, not a house to live in.

    License plate scanner?? Put your plate in the rear window and see how effective that gadget is…

  17. Regg says:

    Taxpayers dollars … for a bunch of sh!t the cops don’t even need. No wonder Cali is broke.

  18. mrego says:

    The Carbon Motors E7 is more high-tech than that. Check it out:

  19. JJ says:

    LOL sheep cheering it. It’s been a police NATION for a long time….

    1. Iraq Vet says:


  20. Eric Duran says:

    Ryan Said it F86K the Police

  21. JackL says:

    By what authority can they just drive around scanning license plates? This is a police state tactic, same as the Soviet Union requiring people to be stopped whenever for id checks. SAME THING.

    1. Jon S says:

      What is wrong with people? Would you also argue that I don’t have the right to LOOK at your license plates, or that there isn’t a law requiring people to have license plates? THAT’S LITERALLY THE WHOLE POINT OF IT. They’re not there for decoration!

      1. Onerous says:

        The point isn’t that they can’t look at the license plates, it’s that there is supposedly no money left in the budget to pay salaries, but they can come up with cash that will speed the process of finding vehicles that can generate income for the city. Do you really think the majority of police driving around the city are actually looking for criminals or are they looking for someone driving 10mph over the speed limit so they can generate cash? Get real dude, you’re in fantasy land like most government supporters.

  22. Lex says:

    I’m gonna enjoy vomiting in the back seat

  23. Catchandrelease says:

    The Supreme Court just ruled that California must release 46,000 prisoners because California doesn’t have enough money to house the prisoners properly. But they can afford thermal imaging cameras that start at $4,000 for the cheapest model, not to mention an internet connection and an automatic tag reader so the Officer doesn’t need to actually type the 6 digit tag number. Why, so we can catch and release faster? Government is a poor manager of other people’s money.

    1. John McGraw says:

      Catchandrelease: Very good comment.You can not be from CA. You appear too intelligent.

  24. OverTaxed says:

    Can someone explain how a $20,000 vehicle protective “wrap” is more economical than a $2,000 paint job when its time to sell the car? Stupidity. I’ll remember this in the election booth.

  25. Henry says:

    I’m pleasantly surprised with all the comments. My comments used to be alien now most people are agreeing. You guys/gals sound like my American Sibbling that love freedom and can now see this system of tyranny that starting to stand up on its legs and begging to walk. Where ever you are, many American like yourselves are taking notice and looking behind the curtains and are identifing all the Globalist enemies that have brought other countries down and are now trying to take us down. Wake up if you are still asleep, Open your eyes even wider if you are awake. The economy is the real National security threat and they in power want to make sure they stay in power when the crash comes. We know the TSA is for us. We are finding out about all the stuff you’ve been putting in the food and water. We are doing our research and we are no longer being distracted by the left and right. We are finding out the facts and the real criminals are we are taking names.

    1. Iraq Vet says:

      Damn straight! Down with the NWO money changers!

    2. Jon S says:

      You should probably get some help. Finding out about all the stuff we’ve been putting in the food and water? Seriously? That’s “I need help” talk.

      Also, it’s not “Sibbling”.

  26. Dee Bee says:

    I was wondering how GM (Government Motors) was able to increase its sales numbers so dramatically. They have gone from the raping the US taxpayers to feeding at the trough of the most populous state in the country – and one going broke as well.

  27. Incredulous Patriot says:

    So let’s see. A liberally-dominated city (no wonder it’s such a mess, financially and in terms of crime) buying squad cars from Government Motors. Nope. There’s no conflict of interest here.

    Follow the money.

    1. Jon S says:

      Please tell me how Los Angeles has a conflict of interest with GM? GM is owned by the Fed, which is not part of the government. Additionally, your statement about LA having such a crime problem is pretty devoid of data. Here is the list of crime rates in major cities – LA has less violent crime per person than Dallas: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_cities_by_crime_rate

  28. Uncle Sam says:

    Funny…Everyone crys BIG BROTHER go away, yet you all dont hesitate to take his food stamps or his welfare or his goverment housing….

    You all need to get a life and make up your mind…to Gov or not to Gov that is the question!!!!!

    1. Iraq Vet says:

      Speak for yourself. I know I’m not on any welfare. I pay for it.

  29. Joe Thompson says:

    Only $20K. Why can’t I have a car this sophisticated for only $20K?

    1. John says:

      I assume it’s $20K + the base price of the car.

  30. LTC Ray Burke says:

    Big brother is tightenuing the noose.

  31. Larry B. says:

    Actually, the car is GM/Chevrolet in name only. The car will be built by Holden Motors, a GM subsidiary in Australia, and imported to America from there.

  32. John McGraw says:

    Best comment of today.

  33. Iraq Vet says:

    Well then, why aren’t they deported and the border sealed there genius?

    1. Eliot says:

      How does Leo think that license plate scanners will catch the real criminals? Everyone with a brain knows that they are there for one thing: to harass the public. Leo also thinks that the police are interested in rounding up illegal immigrants? When the Feds are suing Arizona for wanting to do just that and ICE is on a do-not-apprehend order from the DHS? Must be nice to live in fantasy land like Leo, who obviously doesn’t read the news.

    2. NE LEO says:

      That’s what I am suggesting genius(Iraq Vet). BTW thanks for your service if you r legit.

    3. NE LEO says:

      I am suggesting that should be the focus(rounding up illegals), but your Mayor wouldn’t have that would he? I guess my point was misunderstood.

  34. Terry Rohan says:

    is it gasoline proof? hope so. citizens who aren’t allowed to own firearms tend to use gasoline,, burn baby burn

    1. Iraq Vet says:

      I would assume it’s not bullet proof either.

      1. Iraq Vet says:

        Actually we won’t have to worry too much. The last Chevy I owned was falling apart at 40,000 miles.

  35. Mike Doyle says:

    A $30,000 base car for $20,000 loaded? Where can I get such a deal? It sounds like Chevy is buying its way into the market. It tried this in 1990 and fell on its face. Go Dodge Charger! It’s a proven name.

  36. John McGraw says:

    Just another example of reckless government waste of taxpayer money.

    1. Jon S says:

      Could you be more specific? What’s a reckless waste, the horsepower? the sticker wraps? The screen instead of a laptop? Exactly how is it reckless? Does it endanger anyone? Is it the cost? If that’s the case, would you prefer if they bought much much cheaper / weaker cars instead?

      This definitely doesn’t seem “reckless”. Whether it’s a waste is up for debate, but back in my day, paying $2000 for hammers and toilet seats at the Pentagon was considered wasteful. Paying $20000 for a car pales with that.

  37. johnny bravo says:

    The “big brother” type comments make no sense. How do night vision and plate scanners mean that? It’s laughable how self-centered people are that they think the LAPD would waste time spying on them. If they are watching, there’s a 100% chance it’s for a good reason.

    These cars are worth every penny and will help the police make all of us safer.

    1. Iraq Vet says:

      Go back to sleep. American Idol is over.

    2. Charles U. Farley says:

      Idiot. They’ll come for YOU first.

  38. Iraq Vet says:

    Next they’ll destroy the 4th ammendment like Indiana did. You guys can look forward to having your door kicked in for no reason at all and being shot 60 times. I hate pigs.

    1. johnny bravo says:

      There’s likely not much business for a pig veterinarian in Iraq anyway so you’re probably fine just treating camels.

      1. Iraq Vet says:

        Wow now that’s intelligent. If you had any balls and served in our military, you might understand that means VETERAN. Loser.

      2. Iraq Vet says:

        Boot licker.

    2. streuber says:

      I totally understand your comment and agree with you.They are Storm troopers for sure.

  39. Iraq Vet says:

    Funny, now I have to worry about the exact same thing we were doing to Iraqis. That’s because big brother cares about you just as much as he cares about the Iraqi people. We are in big trouble.

    1. johnny bravo says:

      ha you got pwned and you don’t even know it. my work is done here. peace out.

      1. Iraq Vet says:

        Whatever you boot licking zombie slave.

  40. Templar X says:

    Absolute insanity! Only the most expensive cop cars, highest taxes, most restrictive laws, larges, most overfilled prisons/jails, and the biggest budget deficits will do for L.A., California!!! Why else are so many people moving out of places like California and New York?

  41. CatchandRelease says:

    The article says: “At a taxpayer cost of $20,000, LAPD officials say vehicle wrapping was used on the all-black sedans instead of the traditional paint to minimize repair expenses and protect resale value.”
    It appears the car is not $20,000. That is the “cost of the wrap” to color the doors and fenders black.
    According to the Democrats on the Supreme Court, California doesn’t have enough money to properly house there prisoners.
    Now California is being told to release 46,000 prisoners at the expense of the public’s safety. But they can afford to buy these fancy prisoner catching cars.

    Why not forget the cars, expand the prisons and not release the 46,000 prisoners to begin with?

    1. FT says:

      Maybe we’re not as free a country as most of us have thought. It seems like terrorism is being used as the reason to crack down on everyone. At the rate we’re going, everyone is going to feel like they’re living in one big prison — so why not just let all the prisoners go free? it’s becoming one big prison anyhow. And when a fair number of the 46,000 prisoners to be released engage in felonious assault (as odds are they will), there will be further justification to crack down on everyone. All problems can be solved by turning the USA into a huge prison. The average person will go along with it because he/she has no knowledge of the Constitution or capacity to think beyond self-gratification. I hope I’m way off in my analysis. But from what I read and see, I can’t help but think we’re going in the wrong direction whether it’s by accident or on purpose.

  42. Mark says:

    So cops can now AUTOMATICALLY violate our rights with license plate scanners. Great. Who cares if they have “cause,” just scan away. Unbelievable.

  43. Onerous says:

    The police don’t protect you moron. They are just first responders if that. In other words they are there to clean up the mess. I prefer to carry my Glock 26 with me and that makes me an instant responder. Remember, when seconds count, the police are just minutes away!

    1. NE LEO says:

      I am for CC permits for all. No need to call me a moron. Petty and juvenile on your behalf. If there were no Cops don’t you think crime would increase. If not you are fooling yourself.

      1. Onerous says:

        @NE LEO,
        Not sure if my comment was directed at you. It was a post where the guy called us all stupid. If that was you, then my post was right, if not I should have directed it at the poster because the order of posts the on this page doesn’t seem right. I will disagree with you though. If more people carried guns there would be less crime. More police just means more government workers we have to give free retirement to and more traffic tickets we’d have to pay. See how that works. They hire more police which equals more revenue to pay those police. Statistics have proven that citizens with guns reduces crime much more than adding police. The problem is that solution doesn’t increase the size of government workers and the unions need that money to give to Democrats.

  44. Fed Up American says:

    Hey! How come they didn’t spell the word “Police” in Spanish? Seems worthwhile to let the criminals in LA know who they’re dealing with.

  45. Rob G. says:

    All the best toys in the world will do no good when in the end the courts release the bad guys from jail. Deport all illegals now serving in jail and if apprehended again, they get NO RIGHTS and I mean no rights. But wait california is full of liberal loons, NEVERMIND……

    1. Surfs Up says:

      Target rich environment. It ain’t gonna be like some of the other hell holes all over the world where you gotta try and figure out who the good guys and who the bad guys are on the fly…

      No sir! Here in California, the bad guys have bumper stickers on their cars to help you identify them real quick!

  46. FJ says:

    Given the fact that our border with Mexico is still fairly easy for the bad guys (including terrorists) to cross, it’s important to crack down on average citizens as they go about their business, isn’t it? Excuse the sarcasm, but I will never really understand why that border does not get the attention it should. It seems to me that if terrorism is a big concern, our borders would be very secure by now. After all, how many years has it been since 9-11? Didn’t ancient China build a great wall that was impenetrable many centuries ago? Why don’t we get serious about border security? It would be much cheaper than all of these expensive gizmos being used on everyone in the hopes of catching a bad guy. It seems to me that we’re becoming a country under lock-down while our best defense: border security goes begging.

    1. Jon S says:

      You understand that the LAPD aren’t at all involved with patrolling the border, right? You know that LA doesn’t include any land that is on the border with Mexico? You understand that the LA budget, which is where the LAPD’s funding comes from, doesn’t have any funds for border monitoring. We’re all on the same page here, right?

      1. FT says:

        I understand what you’re saying up to a point, but I’m looking at the bigger picture. LA and the rest of the country would be better off if our borders were secured. The crackdown on civil liberties — across the country (not just LA) — is being justified by the supposed threat of terrorism. Well, if terrorism is such a threat to the nation, why is the border left leaking like a seive? For me, the fact that our borders are not secured throws the entire crackdown into question.

      2. Surfs Up says:


        You understand that LA is a mecca for illegals, right? You understand that a lot of crime in LA is the result of illegals and illegal immigration, right?

        I think that is what the original poster was getting at.

  47. Scared to say says:

    LAPD has always been, “Us against them”….us being LAPD and them being everyone else. LAPD is corrupt in spirit and reality. Why don’t they hire more officers and have them walk the streets instead of spending money on totalitarian gadgets.

    1. Surfs Up says:

      Uh….they can’t afford any more lawsuits because all they can get are clowns like those who were at Rampart?

      Maybe that’s why they ain’t hiring…hey…just sayin’…

  48. ExSophus says:

    JUST the thing someone deep in debt needs to do…buy the latest and greatest ‘thing’.


  49. Jack says:

    $20 K is for car only. Any decent thermal imager will cost that much or more not to mention the HD cameras for license plate ID system.

    Look at more like $50 to $60 thousand for each complete unit.

  50. Ron G says:

    NYC has had license plate scanners for over a year now. While aimed at stolen vehicles and terrorists, where they really pay off is catching parking scofflaws. LA will do well with these.

  51. Brian says:

    Isn’t running any ole plate automatically for warrants defeat the whole probable cause thing? I thought good behaviour alone would protect you from probable cause stops? Are we to tell people good behavior no longer counts and that everyone on the road is a suspect to a crime and therefore all are to be investigated, even if by a fast computer and camera.??

    1. Onclewillie says:

      As much as I would like to agree, there is no expectation of privacy for your license plate on a public road. Every since advanced communications like the KDT and MDT were put into units, license plates are constantly run by officers. If you have had a cop stopped behind you at a light, it is entirely possible that your plate was run for wants. Sometimes police work is just a matter of luck.

  52. Joe Friday says:

    Wish we had these in my day.

    Just the facts M’am, just the facts…

    1. Surfs Up says:

      Wish we still had cops like back in your day.

  53. Onclewillie says:

    Jon S — liberal tool attacking anyone and everyone that questions the purchase of some very expensive police cruisers. I wonder if he works for the mayor? He probably is upset that the Gold Card desk has been closed. He won’t be able to get his parking tickets fixed by his buddies. Get a life you liberal whack job.

  54. Doug says:

    $20K isn’t a lot of money for any car, let alone one with all the electronics this police car has. These cars run day and night in a city where crime is king. I’d much rather have this that to have to wait for the police to jumpstart a vehicle before they can get to my house if there’s a problem.

    1. Surfs Up says:

      Dude, 20K is for the plastic wrap on the car….alone. It was explained in a previous comment. The car and the gear is much more.

      1. Doug says:

        Read the article. It says it brings the taxpayer cost to $20K.

  55. Tom B says:

    There is no way in this world that those cars will run $20k. Double that at the very minimum. Someone got their facts all messed up.

  56. pig says:

    I don’t care as long as it’s perfectly legal for me to put recording gear in my car.

    I would like my own video evidence to be able to debunk theirs, including instances of “missing” data

    1. MAC says:

      Damn straight “Pig”

      I have a crooked cop in my family and he was always “Forgetful” in court. Which he happens to be in prison for but you gotta keep your eye out for crooked cops.

  57. Tom B says:

    I just googled it. I was off but the author of this story is way off as well. That car will run $30,995. I wonder who’s picking up the extra $11k?

    1. jack says:

      Bulk purchase, and illegal kickbacks… DUH

      1. Tom B says:

        Not according to gminsidenews. The cost is $30,995. There isn’t $11k in markup in these vehicles. I would bet if the $20k is correct for CA. tax payers then the balance will be picked up by the Fed Govt. which means the rest of us.

  58. MAC says:

    Polish a turd it’s still a turd (the turd being LA)

  59. Clearhead says:

    Hey cops — Whatcha gonna do wit all themcrinimules you ketch? Take em home withya? You caint putem in jail onaccountabecause their rights would be violated. Whyncha just go ahead an send em to Washinton D.C. (District of Criminals) for rehabilitation?

  60. Hank Warren says:

    Endless surveillance, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  61. brianh says:

    Hello, Moving forward is also planned. Picture two red light cameras that read license plates. One at one intersection. Then another down the road. The first will read the plate, then the second will read the plate again. Calculate the time and distance traveled. If it exceeds the calculated speed limit, then you get a ticket in the mail. No muss no fuss.

  62. lawstud says:

    is no one concerned with the infrared camera aspect? they can technically see whats happening inside homes, which is against 4th amendment search rights

  63. bobdohr says:

    I wonder what the penetration capabilities are of the INFRARED camera’s?!!!

  64. joe snow says:

    I hope they are earthquake proof.

  65. John says:

    Can’t wait to get pulled over and issued a speeding ticket by one of these vehicles. Almost look forward to speed traps now since the technology is so cool.

  66. Brett Miller says:

    OK, I’ll make it short and sweet. Los-Angeles-can-not-afford-it. Obviously Los Angeles has the nickname of “Opposite City” They think they can spend money when they are broke so lets try a little experiment. Los Angeles, you are rich. You have no debts, all public service respondents are up to date on their salaries, all pensions are paid to the expected life, and all broken city issues, such as potholes and street lamps are repaired.

  67. Candidus says:

    Still no S.C.M.O.D.S.?

  68. J wilkes says:

    Great….Tech Overkill… so they’ll spend all the time …driving thru the shopping malls cracking down on the hard stuff “expired tags.” ” jay walkers..”.. and eating fallafel . Scanners will increase revenues/ fines and target the typical
    bloke on the street.

    Unfortunately…for the common citizens…
    46,000 felons are about to be released….. those techie /scanners ought to do us a lot of good….
    Between the crime waves & budget busting pay & penson benefits the
    common citizen may not be getting much of deal.

  69. solo_poke says:

    Always trying to get more income from the citizens with the plate scanners? Cops still don’t know how to drive, so better cars won’t make much of a difference.

    All the cop shows which show them catching people, never shows when good drivers loose the cops…lol…easy done loosing cops.

  70. Fritz Von says:

    Force multiplier.

  71. solo_poke says:

    LAPD specializes in arresting Lindsay Lohan, its all they know how to do.

  72. RB says:

    Whenever I see a cop car coming up behind me I turn off ASAP and go around the block so they ain’t following me. I’m a law-abiding citizen, but the police following you is just asking for trouble.

  73. Thebes says:

    No money for homeless shelters.
    No money to fix the *&^ing roads.
    No money to fix bridges or levees.
    Plenty of money for War and the Police State.
    Hope you like the New American Century, “taxpayer”!

  74. norman west says:

    they missed having a roof mounted 50 cal machine gun and rocket launchers…..maybe next year

  75. norman west says:

    letting 46000 felons loose is like restocking the pond for the fishermen, in this case. the cops who can rearrest them one at a time and make more medals for their uniforms…..and use those cameras to catch pedro climbing the fences of our homes…….

  76. Stanley says:

    I hope the car doesn’t catch on fire when rear ended like current cop cars do. Then again, maybe it isn’t such a bad thing if it does catch on fire …

  77. Charles U. Farley says:

    So Government Motors gets the contract for the newest tool of supression for the burgeoning POLICE STATE. Can they be remotely piloted?

  78. whadawaste says:

    Sweet, a 6.0L V8. That shouldn’t cost the taxpayer any more money in gas. I mean a V8 is pretty much the same as a 6-cylinder right? It’s not like gas is over $4 bucks a gallon right now and will not likely go down in the near future. Way to go LA.

  79. John Thomas says:

    And they wonder why we despise our government and it’s thug enforcers more and more every day.

  80. michael says:

    They need to be walking the streets not sporting night vision, and the car is australian how completely unpatriotic less police more crime prevention

  81. Dutchmann45 says:

    But can it catch Illegals, Of yeah,,,you guys have a former Gang-Banger as Mayor,,,never mind.

  82. Latest cars says:

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    for more about cats
    log on http://theinfoaboutcars.blogspot.com/

  83. Myshutter says:

    The average Police Cruiser cost is around $42,000. The $20,000 listed in this story is a cost added to that, so around $65,000 per car. But the borders are still open to the terrorist pouring across. Where is the 2.3 trillion that went missing just before 911 from the Pentagon? BTW, you drive that golf cart (green car) while they run around in a 355hp v8 buying $4+ a gallon gas with your tax dollars.But hey, they are just getting the world ready for their God, Satan in the flesh, the Antichrist. Global warming, another name for HELL. Some like it hot.

    1. Tom B says:

      I stated this in an earlier post but will do so again. This cruiser actuallly costs $30,995 and is the most expensive of any other police cruisers currently being offered by manufacturers. The $20k figure stated in the article is just a flat out lie.

  84. Jess says:

    I guess due process and probable cause are just passé buzz words. I’m glad any cop can know exactly where I was and when at any given time without me knowing about it. So much for a surprise birthday party for the police chief.

  85. Doc says:

    Government motors car…how special

  86. scottie10014 says:

    Cool tech, but 6.0L V8? Really? That thing is going to get terrible MPG. Couldn’t they get something more efficient with a turbo.

  87. DG says:

    Glad to see they have the plate scanner. Now the cops can keep thier eyes on the road as they chase O.J. down the highway at 40mph.

  88. Steven Moshlak says:

    The “smart thief” will just change or alter the plates. The problem is, the computer can distinguish alpha-numeric characters, but can’t tell the difference between a VW and a Maserati. Mor moeny poured down a rat-hole, from a city that is cash-poor and broke.

    The sales tax isn’t 9.75% for nothing!!!!

  89. streuber says:

    Cops? Police? Try STORM TROOPERS. Anyone who believes that the Storm troopers are here to protect you and are your friends is deluusional.

  90. LA Resident says:

    Just great more ispending when the Cities, Counties and State is broke and out of money. This car will do nothing to address the real problems. Just a waste and makes it easier for the cops to harrass the public and take thier monet.

  91. autechre says:

    Everyone please give a warm welcome to the newest tool of Los Angeles’ Revenue Collection Department, the LAPD.

  92. Rob Meier says:

    Enough toys. Why dont we put them back on the beat or give them bicycles? They could walk off all those donuts,

  93. jrstudio says:

    So when do you think they’ll get that fully armed patrol helicopter?

  94. John Q. says:

    Pretty fancy stuff for a state that is bankrupt…? Why bother though, the prisons are so over-crowded there is no room for anymore, and tens of thousands have to be released. Well, at least they will be comfortable and can surf the internet on the job.

  95. 1776 says:

    Witness the continued rise of the Orwellian, totalitarian police state. It’s not happenstance that it coincides with the evaporation (by design) of the middle class.

  96. Jack Trieber says:

    “How does Leo think that license plate scanners will catch the real criminals?”
    Do some research moron, they already have netted TONS of criminals.

  97. Jack Trieber says:

    “When the Feds are suing Arizona for wanting to do just that”
    You must have missed the SCOTUS ruling that declared the AZ law Constitutional.

    ALPR cameras catch criminals the same way cops running tags the old fashioned way did. They just do it more efficiently. Just because a process is automated doesn’t mean it is any more intrusive than it was before it was automated.

  98. Don says:

    WOW, I’ll bet these Gov’t Motors vehicles would have prevented the
    beating of the Giants fan earlier in the season. With these new cars
    our finest will be able to get to the donut shop quicker!

  99. Robert Ryan says:

    As the economic crisis worsens reoression in the United States aided by advanced technologies will undoubtedly increase. More police and their fancy gadgets, nor even Martial Law can save a system where 1% of the population has 25% of the income and 40% of the wealth and where an UNELECTED Federal Reserve Board tyranizes the working people of this nation. The American Empire is going the way of all great empires throughout history as they declined and fell. We desperately need a Workers Party to fight for economic justice! This country’s massive debts and addiction to ever-more-expensive foreign oil will prove its undoing!

  100. Robert Ryan says:

    As the economic crisis worsens REPRESSION in the United States aided by advanced technologies will undoubtedly increase. More police and their fancy gadgets nor even Martial Law can ultimately save a system where 1% of the population has 25% of the income and 40% of the weralth and where an UNELECTED group of thieving private bankers known as the Federal Reserve Board tyranizes the working people of this country. The mighty American Empire is heading towards the same dismal fate as the militarily overextended Ancient Roman Empire. We are in desperate need of a Working Class Party to fight for economic justice and workers rights. Unsuistainable debts, both public and private, have been run up in the United States ever since the “stagflating” 1970’s. This and our addiction to expensive foreign oil are taking us down a path that can only end in Economic Collapse and Dissolution of the Republic!

  101. John says:

    No wonder California is going broke. They have no money but keep finding ways to spend more.

  102. Machismo says:

    Good for them, they need good tools to do the job better.

  103. NYS PARKIE says:

    All you law breakers and evil doers. I just retired after 26 years of public service.
    Could not take the over the top violence, youth problems, out-of-control citizenry anymore. I hope these guys take it to each and everyone of you

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