LOS ANGELES – The NCAA Committee on Infractions has denied the appeal of the University of Southern California stemming from the school’s infractions case involving former Trojan running back Reggie Bush, three sources told

Ever since the committee responded to the Reggie Bush case by handing USC football the stiffest penalties in nearly 25 years, Trojans fans, coaches, and administrators alike have hoped the NCAA appeals process might grant them some measure of leniency.

Any sense of optimism was doused however, when the Infractions Appeals Committee denied former USC assistant Todd McNair’s separate appeal in April. McNair and USC both accused the NCAA of punishments inconsistent with the facts of the case. USC also appealed on the grounds that the punishments levied by the committee were too harsh and inconsistent with prior penalties.

Sources have told the Trojans’ final appeal has been denied in full with the decision eliminating the possibility that the Trojans could play in the inaugural Pac-12 Championship Game, and they will likewise remain postseason-ineligible for the 2011 season. Scholarship limits will prohibit USC from signing more than 15 players in their next three recruiting classes and the provision that allows Trojans seniors to transfer to another FBS school without sitting out the usual one-year penalty will remain.

School officials would not comment when reached. The decision has been delivered to USC officials already and is due to be made public Thursday.

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  1. Michael G says:

    So much for Mr. Haden trying to make nice with these thugs. The NCAA has proven, once again, that it has a bias against USC. Don’t believe me?? Then, let us all wait together for the coming harsh fines/sanctions against Oregon, OSU, Alabama, Florida, Texas, etc., etc…

  2. Sonny L says:

    get real Michael G…the fact is USC cheated and what about all the other schools who have suffered as a results of their cheating. There are two groups who have suffered…. The USC community and their fans and All the other schools that at in the Pac 10 that lost out on a decade of USC cheating. How fortunate for those who created the cheating are no longer part of USC…..and how unfortunate for those who continue to be part of the trojan family. Don’t blame the “thugs” of the NCAA. Look within! let not be the university of serious cheaters but be the University of sincere cleansing! Don’t bring any more shame to the University and the city!

  3. fastfreddie says:


  4. TeeHeeHee says:

    U niversity of S anctioned C heaters
    U niversity of S econd C hoice
    U niversity of S econd C lass
    U niversity of S poiled C hildren

    Whatever you call ’em, USC = Losers

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