LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The author of some of California’s most significant crime laws has called the U.S. Supreme Court order to release thousands of prison inmates “outrageous”.

KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz reports Senator George Runner shares the fears of many residents after hearing of the release of thousands of inmates from state prisons.

Runner, a member of the state Board of Equalization says Californians can expect a flood of criminals on the street in the wake of the ruling.

“These are bad people,” said Runner. “These are not just little thieves these are bad people.”

The author of California’s “Amber Alert” law and the state’s version of “Jessica’s Law” says if anyone doubts the impact of the release of some 30,000 inmates onto the streets, all they need to do is the math.

“Divide it up by the number of cities and how many we’re going to release, and decide how many of them are going to be moving into your community, and that’s what it’s going to be,” said Runner.

Runner even fired a shot at Supreme Court justices, noting that they can rest at night knowing none of the prisoners will be released in their neighborhoods.

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  1. upyours says:

    Which neighborhood is Runner in?

    1. Steve says:


    2. Darla Anderson says:

      Thumbs up!!

  2. stupid judges says:

    this is bad news! i’m getting me a shotgun!

  3. Right says:

    It seems that Runner is great at scare tactics. To win elections based on scare tactics is reprehensible. Try finding real issues and run for office based off of that.
    Funnily enough, he advocated smaller government, smaller budgets, yet while in office, the department of corrections budget increased tremendously and government got involved in more lives by forcing released inmates to be subject to more intrusive laws like Jessica’s law. He makes a mockery of less government intervention.

    1. CA is Junk says:

      Scare tactics or just Reality?

      Stow’s aggressors were Early Parolees.

      16 yo girl was Raped & Killed by an Early Parolee.

      I’m sure there are more victims of Early Parolees.

      How many Tax Payers will have to DIE for this Supreme Court’s decision?

      These Supreme Court Justices probably live in Private Gated Beach towns & mansions with annual salaries upwards to $500,000+ a year or more..

      1. Darla Anderson says:

        My husband drove his car under duress inebriated. He did $600 worth of property damage. He makes that in one day at work. He’s been locked up for over 2 1/2 years, now. No dead bodies. Only 7 children without a father, and one women without her soulmate. Your reality needs to expand. When you stop being afraid, perhaps you could look around and see that California locks up more people for substance abuse than anything else. That’s an epidemic that society has to handle. And locking people up away from society is not the answer. Yes, there are real criminals; substance abuse is an illness that has to be overcome–not a crime that has to be punished. Our Creator calls us to treat others the way we would have them treat us–to love them. People can be loved and cared for, with challenges to them to do the right thing, take the highest road. But, when they are treated like evil people that have to be locked up for years on end, that is not ultimately serving us as a civilized society of free people who care for and love each other.

    2. They'reonlynonviolentbecauseyouwern'thomewhentheykickedyourdoorin says:

      Right, you are wrong.

      Runner isn’t running for office. He already is in office. Do you not think 30,000 inmates being released is a “real issue”? Seriously?

      Simply because Runner promotes smaller government and CDC’s budget grew does not make Runner a hypocrite as you preposterously allege.

      Lastly, why are you more concerned for inmates’ rights, sex offenders no less, than you are for children. You need your head checked.

      1. Darla Anderson says:

        Everything in California is criminalized except for eating Captain Crunch for breakfast. If they make everything a crime and they build more prisons they will fill those prisons. I bet if law enforcement gorillas and the district attorneys followed you around for a week, you would find yourself as an inmate with no rights in no time flat!! You’re the one who doesn’t have a clue.

    3. Darla Anderson says:

      “They Don’t Really Care About Us”–those bad people are DANCING!!!!!!!!! Stop them!!!! They’re so EVIL!!!!! Be very afraid!! Be very afraid!! The evil ones are the ones behind the curtains that we’re supposed to pay no attention to.

  4. California is Already 70% Mexico says:

    30,000 inmates? On another news, they said up to 45,000+ inmates.

    I’m sure there are conditions as to which level of offenders will be release as oppose to murderers & rapist.

    Probably non-violent crimes offenders.

    For example, back in the 60s or 70s, a Felony DUI gets a slap on the wrist as oppose to today’s sentencing guidelines enforced & influenced by MADD.

    1. Darla Anderson says:

      Did you notice that just 3 days after the Supreme Court Decision came down, the CDC reported they had a computer glitch and let out something like 490 high-level risk inmates, with no parole requirements?? I submit that either that didn’t happen or if it did, it was done so on purpose–to make the public afraid of this decision of the Supreme Court.

    2. Darla Anderson says:

      You got it!! And, they will demonize and sensationalize and make every tiny wave a tsunami, raising mountains out of mole hills, in hopes that we do not see the real mountain—their heinously harsh punitive prison sentences, all the money they are spending on the prison system, and the fact that you likely know someone who is deeply impacted by the loss of a family member charged with a DUI or an ounce of marijuana–locked up away from their family for YEARS!!! Yet, they want to build more prisons and force the inmates to serve years in prisons in other states and watch over them for the first probationary hiccup to lock them up AGAIN!! Somebody is making money somewhere. Follow the money. You’ll find the real criminals.

  5. California will be part of Mexico by 2025 says:

    Probably Low Level Offenders are being release into general population. inmates such as shop-lifters, druggies, DUI, beating up dogs/cats/animals cruelty, evading arrests, hit-and-run, etc..

  6. RM919478 says:

    The 30,000 + inmates will most likely be offenders of non-violent crimes. Lets all settle down. 50% of all of CA inmates are doing time for drug possession crimes, and of those only 1 in 5 were charged with intent to sell.
    It’s just too expensive for CA tax-payers, to continue having non-violent inmates locked up. There are more pressing matters.

  7. ILLEGALS says:

    30,000+ in the next 2 years, the parole board will be more than busy determining who stays & who gets to go back to the streets..





    1. Darla Anderson says:

      I hope you live long enough to choke on your own stupidity!! I hope you get to eat it every day of your life until you regret those words. Or you could just do your homework and repent of them now. It’s called love your neighbor, not fear your neighbor.

  9. California is a Criminals Heaven says:

    SF Gians fan Stow was almost beaten to a Bloody Pulp by inmates on Parole.

    How many more crimes such as that can we endure?

    The 16 yo Brentwood Girl was RAPED & ROBBED in DT LA by an inmate on Parole.

    I’m sure there are more horrendous crimes committed by early release inmates determined Non-Violent in nature by the Parole Board/Probation Department..

    1. Darla Anderson says:

      My husband is a current inmate; his crime–a DUI. He is the stepfather of my 6 children, two of which have autism. We also have a little 5 year old daughter together. One night, after a lot of stress with coping with becoming a stepfather to so many, he coped the only way he had learned to cope. He went out and got drunk. Well, I wasn’t going to have a drunk in my home!! We had a fight. I got scared. I called the police. He ran away from them. DUI. 5 years at 80% time. He didn’t hurt ANYONE. So, stop sensationalizing one or two people who are NON-REHABILITATED NOR CORRECTED by the California Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation, and get a little love in your heart for hurting inmates and their hurting family members who will do whatever it takes to NEVER fall into the hands of the California police and district attorneys AGAIN!!

  10. California Gone Bad says:

    Giovanni Ramirez was an inmate on Parole..

    Instead of Tax Payers paying to keep ’em lockup, how many Tax Payers will DIE as a result of this Supreme Court ruling?

    The results stemming from this Early inmate release?

    Overcrowding, citing inadequate medical care for these Felons..

    That’s it, the Supreme Court cited “Lack of Medical Care for Each & Every inmate”

  11. Ed Rooney says:

    it’ld be funny how many of these early release inmates will go back into the streets to Beat & Kill Tax Payers..

    Ooops, many less Tax Payers to support CA’s crumbling Economy..

    1. Darla Anderson says:

      There’s many less tax payers because they are incarcerating them. My husband was making $80,000 a year before the incarcerated him for a DUI, in which no one was hurt, and there was $600 property damage–for 5 YEARS, they locked up this husband and father of 7.

  12. Laughing in Prison says:

    Yeah, we’re coming out!

    1. Ron says:

      Laughing in Prison, it is great that you and your fellow(Yeah, we’re “COMING OUT!”)deviates, admitted that you are GAY, for all readers to know !!!!

      You might want to put your order in, for a West Hollywood release.


    They will do what they do best back on the streets.

  14. Ron says:

    Isn’t it great how prison inmates have more RIGHTS than the average citizen?

    Change the DAMN laws to PROTECT the innocent, not just the prisoners !!!!

    Runner is correct, the prisoners won’t be released into the Supreme Court Judge’s neighborhoods and THAT IS the BIGGEST injustice of ALL !!!!

  15. upyours says:

    Let’s see, Gionanni Ramirez was on high control parole meaning he was to report regularly to a parole officer as well as subject to visits. So, who was the whiny overpaid incompetent sh!thead he was assigned to? “Parole violations?” A “California Stop,” is a violation, smoking a cigarette in the wrong area is a violation, littering is a violation…. All the whiny a$$wipes who kept voting for tough on crime laws only made millionaires out of prison guards.

    1. Darla Anderson says:

      Thanks for being a voice of reason in the very judgmental State of Incarceration known as California. My husband, under duress from stressors at home (provider for 6 stepchildren; 1 infant–newlywed of one year) and therefore intoxicated during a fight with wife, fearing the intervention of the police, on their way–he ran. He did $600 damage to a vehicle bumper. He has now served over 2 1/2 years and is in one of the fire camps as a firefighter. If the state were really interested in the public safety, they would have breath instruments installed on each of their vehicles. But, that doesn’t seem to be the motivation. They WANT them in prison–again and again and again. My husband has fully recovered now from his lifelong addiction to alcohol, and has come to see it as the evil, destroying substance that it is.

  16. Darla Anderson says:

    Really??!!! Senator George Runner??!! Bad people. Let me tell you about one of the people you are calling bad–because he is my husband. My husband loved a woman enough to marry her when she was abandoned with six kids, two of which have autism. My husband worked hard to overcome a lifetime addiction that he had to drinking and had had a number of DUI’s. But, one year into the marriage, and with an infant child to bless the marriage, the newly accepted stress and responsibility got to him. He turned to what he had always turned to in the past. Well, I wasn’t going to have a DRUNK in the house!! He got mad; I got scared. I called the police. He jumped in his truck and ran from the police. He hit a vehicle, causing $600 damage to the vehicle. If only I hadn’t called the police this story would have ended differently. Now, my husband has served over 2 1/2 years in prison, and here I am with 7 kids, suffering with fibromyalgia and high blood pressure and depression–but overcoming them all in healthful, natural, and organic foods ways. I hope that many Ventura County families, as well as families across the state, will soon see a return of inmates to their counties and to their homes, their wives, their children, such as with a house arrest or work furlough program. No one ever brings up the health and the welfare and the safety of those families who have lost their fathers and mothers to petty issues that should have been solved in a way that was best to rectify what was weak or missing. For those charged with DUI’s, they should have been ordered a no-alcohol breath device put on their vehicles at the guilty party’s expense, as well as structured therapy to deal with addiction, at the FIRST OFFENSE, rather than continuing to serve prison sentences. I pray for the healing of familial relationships, and I hope that healing and meeting the needs of each other will be something that these inmates and their families and their communities will soon be able to love each other with. My husband is a firefighter in a Northern California Fire Camp. As firefighters, they not only are in many of your communities to fight fires; these men are often out in the community doing services that no one else is available to take care of or willing to do–except that many of them, like my husband, are 12 hours away from their families. My husband is a skilled carpenter and special effects man that works for the Motion Picture and Television industry. He is highly gifted in all areas or manufacture and design. He is college-educated. Whether he can get a work furlough, or just stay at home, we are happy to have him and take care of his financial needs. Who are the real bad guys? Can’t answer that question without looking real deep and hard in the mirrors held by some of the suits in the court houses, the legislative arena, and the all powerful CDC. Perhaps you need to give people a chance to thrive in healthy ways. It would seem like the 4,300 firefighters are the kinds of people you are going to be looking at coming into your communities. And, if there’s anyone to be feared it’s only likely because of the survival means those unlucky enough to qualify for fire camp had to rely on in their overcrowded and unhealthy existence under CDC’s care and control. You and your cohorts turned these men into human chattel, Mr. Runner. So, if you are afraid of letting them out, perhaps that fear is justified because of your own actions toward them.

  17. Darla Anderson says:

    Here’s what the Philippine CEBU inmate dancers have to say about Mr. Runner and those who have bought legislation, and mistreated our men in prison: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgcNhushGdE&feature=related

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