WASHINGTON (CBS/AP) — The Supreme Court has endorsed a court order requiring California to cut its prison population by thousands of inmates to improve health care for those who remain behind bars.

The court said in a 5-4 decision Monday that the reduction is “required by the Constitution” to correct longstanding violations of inmates’ rights.

Justice Anthony Kennedy, a California native, wrote the majority opinion, in which he included photos of severe overcrowding. The court’s four Democratic appointees joined with Kennedy.

Legal analyst Laurie Levinson of Loyola Law School told KNX 1070 the ruling may mean the state will have to free up to 46,000 inmates over the next two years to reduce the prison population down to constitutional levels.

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Comments (16)
  1. Marcus says:

    If we want to keep throwing people into prison, then they must be provided for. That’s a basic human right. The prison guards’ union and the companies that build prisons want more and more people jailed, but that isn’t necessarily beneficial to society.

  2. Figures says:

    We are not talking about jail here . . . we are talking about PRISON. These guys have raped, murdered . . . serious business.

    Why don’t we just stop putting people in jail for stupid things and hire a few more docs for the more serious prisoners.

    Or, we make them pay for it. They seem to have enough money for drugs, magicjacks, and web-enabled phones on the inside,

  3. bozo@sses says:

    more jobs creates less crime & prison inmates DUH!!!

  4. ES says:

    Will the last person to leave CALIFORNIA, please turn off the lights?

    1. shutup says:

      So, when are you leaving? Can’t be too soon.

      1. ES says:

        The minute you get out of prison.

  5. shutup says:

    I’m out, Get your a$$ on the move, dumbsh!t pu$$y a$$wipe. No doubt you have a family of brain dead dumaba$$es to take with you. Were you born this stupid or has your mama been teaching you, moron?

    1. ES says:

      You’re certainly not a candidate for the Nobel prize in literature or you’re probably illegal. Perhaps you need to go back to prison or seek anger management as I don’t believe you have been properly rehabilitated. Your kind should not be allowed to infest the rest of the population. I would suggest you seek help immediately before you harm someone.

    2. ES says:

      By the way, your debating skills are very similar to those of a second grade level education. No disrespect to second graders.

      1. shutup says:

        Still here? Looks like those balls you swallow do all the talking, whiny pu$$y loser.

  6. ES says:

    This is an adult blog not suitable for those with sub par intelligence. The name calling knuckle head approach only makes you less capable. Your parents must be proud.

    1. upyours says:

      Says the knuckle dragging whiny pu$$y loser running his mouth without a brain that called me a felon. Your mama drop anything with a pair of balls in your family, dumba$$? Probably a sister.

      1. upyours says:

        Don’t use my screen name, dumba$$.

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