SAN PEDRO (KNX 1070) — The Los Angeles City Council moves to rename a San Pedro housing project that has the same name as a notorious local gang.

“No one had ever brought it to my attention,” Councilwoman Janice Hahn said. “Actually, it was just something I thought about. You know, there wasn’t really a widespread, grassroots movement to change the name.”

KNX 1070’s Claudia Peschuitta reports that while Hahn had known for sometime that the Rancho San Pedro housing development shared its name with a local gang, a recent raid targeting the gang got her to take action.

“I thought it would be an opportunity. I don’t really remember ever doing this before… asking the Housing Authority to begin the process of working with the residents to come up with a new name,” Hahn added.

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Comments (8)
  1. FN Cee says:

    WOW!! … What a “duck and run” … better to change the name of the housing area than to eliminate the gang and all its members? … no wonder the whole place is dying of a metastasized gang cancer! Come up with a lethal gang-elimination plan rather than a new name for a gang’s turf.

    1. diosdado1001 says:

      I agree with you. The authorities have a chance to clean the city by getting all those gang bangers and leave the name intact.
      Those gang members will feel they have the right to exist, since the city recognize them as a well stablished organization..
      They got to be serious!!! That includes Councilwoman Janice Hahn

  2. John Paerels says:

    What the heck? The gang took its name from the housing development. If you rename the area: 1) You are giving in to the gang: and 2) you will have to rename every area where a gang uses a similar name, and that happens everywhere. Previously, renaming South Central LA because of its history Central LA was stupid and short sighted as in all probability it will have to be changed again sometime in the future. PC at its worst.

    1. diosdado1001 says:

      You are right. Very soon, there is going to be a whole lot of cities and neiborhood changing name and many of us have to get a brand new home address just because our city changed its name.
      They can’t be serious!!!!!!!

  3. John Pelligrini says:

    Hahn is one sick puppy, I’m at a loss for words to describe her moronic ideas, I believe Hahn is brain dead.

    1. Keeping It Real says:

      What a novel idea from a politician. Don’t focus resources on solving the problem. Redefine the problem as a non-problem and it goes away. We’re not in a recession. We’re in a large scale growth opportunity for change. See. Works great.

  4. Just Me says:

    She is so DUMB.. By changing the name, she think the problem of gangs will go away..? There’s a gang in Los Angeles called C14. They have been around since the late 40’s. The letter “C” stands for “CLANTON” Clanton Street.. The city changed the name in the 60’s to “14 Street” guess what..? the gang now claims Clanton 14Strret short for C14….lol

  5. ILLUMINATI says:

    Clanton 14 Street goes further than the 1940’s but did make an impact during the so-called ZootSuit Riots because 500 individuals met on 12th and Central Ave.(Clanton’s barrio) to fight the sailors who were abusing their authority and hence the end of the riots established with a curfew and the prohibiting of military personnel within city limits
    Sept. 3,1945 the City along with the help of the Newton Division and a Ms.Dolly E. Caldwell petition to have the name change to 14 Place .
    Changing the name probably would immortalize the name of the street gang…

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