LOS ANGELES (CBS) — File this one under “Well, duh!”

A new study says men like women to do all the housework and chores. A researcher claims men relax better if they can put their feet up and let their wives cook and clean.

Double duh!

This new study — from USC — is sure to ignite the ages-old war between the sexes…being waged since men did the hunting and women did the gathering.

The study also revealed another shocker. Women want men to get off their lazy butts and help! Women’s stress levels go down when men help with the chores. Finally, there is a a scientific justification for women to get mad while their husbands watch football all day Sunday!

Ironically, the opposite is true with men. Their stress levels fall while they relax and their wives are busy! Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus…and they’re doing all the mopping and dusting, apparently!

The study found there was even a link between household activities and physiology. In particular, the way in which couples divvy up chores affects their bodies’ ability to deal with stress.

Lead author Darby Saxbe says, “Dividing up your housework fairly with your partner may be as important as eating your vegetables.”

The study is published in the April issue of the Journal of Family Psychology.

Comments (18)
  1. fred says:

    waste of time , duh

  2. Nora says:

    You both adults, you both live in the same home, you both have chores to do. It should never fall on just one person unless one is physically unable to do it.

  3. rpbell says:

    So, what you are saying is that California taxpayers have just funded multi-millions of dollars of research that leaves all of us with “duh” on our lips. Right?

    Now, what is there about such stupidity that makes me just want to scream? One would think there is some very important, society-benefitting subject of research that could have received this funding and left us all gasping in amazement at the earth-shattering ramifications of the findings.

    Oh no. We have to spend our money learning that men like to sit on their b***s, while letting the women do all the work. And women are made as h*** that men will let them do it!

    Amazing…um, no, just plain stupid.

  4. Jack says:

    very interesting findings… i didn’t know that… keep up the good work USC….

  5. Lisa says:

    It’s called being a responsible adult/ human being. Your wife is not your mother and men are not 3 yr olds. Women resent men/husbands who do nothing to help. She won’t stick around long…

  6. Lasey says:

    Why do women put up with it? That’s what I want to know. If your husband’s watching football and the house is dirty just sit down next to him, enjoy the game and let the house be dirty. If he expects you to cook dinner every night start ordering in just for yourself or make yourself a sandwich and let him be hungry. If he refuses to watch the baby just hand it to him and head out the door. I think the reason women don’t do this is because they think everything has to be perfect.

  7. Linda says:

    after being a stay at home mom who did all of the house work and yard work on 2 1/2 acres, had a delicious dinner on the table every evening plus raised a garden and took care of things like getting insurance, paying bills and running all the errands my husband mentioned that I might want to think about getting a full time job once the kids were grown and out of the house. I said sure but just know the world that you have enjoyed for the past 20 yrs will come to a screeching halt!! That was the end of that suggestion!

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