LOS ANGELES (AP) — Lawyers for music producer Phil Spector have asked an appeals court to take a second look at his arguments for a new trial.

In a petition to the California 2nd District Court of Appeal, the attorneys said the court’s rejection of Spector’s murder conviction appeal has left the legal community incredulous.

They suggested the court failed to consider the defense claim that the trial judge violated his neutrality in the case by allowing the prosecution to show a videotape of himself in closing arguments.

Spector was convicted two years ago of shooting actress Lana Clarkson to death at his Alhambra mansion in 2003. He’s serving 19 years to life in prison on a second-degree murder conviction.

His first trial ended in a hung jury; the second ended in a conviction.

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Comments (5)
  1. rob says:

    Montgomery Burns????? Dude, Spector, you will never get out! it doesnt matter what your suits do, if they don’t give you a fiel in a cake during a visit, your done, you will die in prison, you killed a woman, case closed, your like Charles manson now, I cant wait to see what you will look like what your on the gurney and they are doing your autopsy, I say Montgomery Burns still, your a wreck. a killer, and one ugly SOB! rot in prison, i bet you know your celly really good huh? I bet you guys lather each other up and take turns dropping the soap

  2. Bobio says:

    Will someone please shank him in jail please.

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