ADELANTO (AP) — Investigators say a Southern California mother with her 4-year-old daughter on her lap was eating methamphetamine when deputies arrived at her desert home with a search warrant.

San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies arrested 35-year-old Joanne Marie Lanford and 25-year-old Christopher William Breed. They were booked for investigation of methamphetamine for sale and child cruelty.

The child was placed in protective custody.

A sheriff’s spokeswoman tells the Victorville Daily Press that deputies arrived Tuesday evening at the couple’s home in Adelanto, a Mojave Desert community about 80 miles northeast of Los Angeles.

Deputies say Lanford was eating meth as her preschooler sat on her lap. It’s unclear if she was trying to destroy the evidence or taking the drugs.

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Comments (12)
  1. bdj says:

    Lock them up in jail and throw away the key!!!!

  2. WH Jones says:

    Adellanto?? Why is what’s happening in Mexico being reported here?!?

    1. .. says:

      Half, a quarter mexican

      you don’t know

  3. TT says:

    These are the Children that need help …..those parents are lost at least for now – Meth is a horrible drug….It is no respector of persons and it will ruin your life before you can blink !!!! I hope these children have Grandparents or other family that are well and can care for them ….Sad sad for that child…..

  4. LOU says:

    Adelanto is a high desesrt ghetto, 40 % unemployment, scores of forclosed homes, 73 %studentsd are on the free school lunch, a disaster.

  5. ivy says:

    It’s a amazing how ridiculously stupid the average person is- Adelanto is not in Mexico moron! and apparently, the”illegals” bring the meth and white people eat it with their children on their laps.

  6. Angel says:

    IVY ….. LOL… I am lmao… that is a good one.. too funny.. 🙂

  7. Mary says:

    Hopefully the girl wasn’t being molested. I can handle the fact that the mom was eating methamphetamine but I can’t tell you how thankful I am that there was no report of sexual abuse. This little girl is scrwed because now she will end up in Foster Care, where she will endure worse abuse. I hope the mom goes to jail to sober up, is able to get out and go to parenting, where she will hopefully change her life around so that she can get her daughter back. Foster Care is the worst place in the world – just ask any child who grew up in it. I hope the best for this family.

  8. Devon says:

    They need to red pay any welfare payments and food stamp used, ban for life from welfare, lock them up and throw away the key.You can’t help meth addicts.

  9. TheWindrunner says:

    I doubt she was eating meth per se. Who does that? Probably trying to make it disappear to avoid getting busted, unless the critters have discovered a better way to get their buzz on that I’m not familiar with.

  10. Cindy says:

    better way to get their buzz on (hate to say)

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