LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A West Hollywood waitress who chased down three dine-and-dash customers, also got rammed by their car.

Waitress Hillary Osgood was serving drinks customers at the packed Isla Cantina on Sunset during Cinco De Mayo when three women, reportedly made a run for it.

“They ordered food and then one of the regular customers here asked, ‘Did those people pay the bill, because they’re running out’.  Not on my watch,” Osgood said.

Osgood chased the woman to their car and stood in front of it, but they aimed the car at her and pushed her out of the way with the vehicle. Osgood ended up with a tire mark on her leg and a trip to the hospital.

Osgood was able to grab a license plate number and called the Sheriff’s department.  The three women, who are described as petite in their early 20s were caught on security video, have not been identified.

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  1. Cindy says:

    wow! did the waitress own the place or something?

    1. Arthur says:

      In many places, the waitress has to pay for the meal when someone dines and ditches.

    2. suzie says:


      No she didn’t own it, just believes in integrity.

    3. Saber 1 says:

      I would toss her salad for about an hour, munch her carpet and finally give it to her fast and hard.

  2. Mel Gibson says:

    Why are people (women) so dumb? Oh yea let me be killed over a few Bucks> Duhh!?

    1. capri avila says:

      Not all (women) but this one forsure

    2. John says:

      Coward. Some people walk through their lives with dignity, a sense of what’s right, and the courage to back it up. Not you obviously.

      1. suzie says:

        That’s right john like I said, she’s for the integrity side of it.

    3. teri thomas says:

      A good witness is better than a dead witness.

  3. capri avila says:

    Well that wasn’t smart, shes lucky she didn’t wind up dead.. Some advice to you waitress, No job is worth your life..

    1. John says:

      If more people had your kind of cowardly attitude, a lot more bad people would be doing a lot more bad things.

      1. mister s says:

        A lot of people on here have Capris cowardice. They are the same type of people that refuse to intervene when a disabled person is being attacked on a bus, or a child is being assaulted.

  4. TJ says:

    Everyone is criticizing this woman for doing the right thing. We live in a world where people are more than happy to sit by and watch as things happen rather than to stand up to them. She was simply standing up for what’s right, and that has more value than anything else, in my opinion.

    1. rick bron says:

      TJ… You are so right! Time and time again I’ve watched over the years how people have become so selfish and insensitive. From something as little as a dine and dash to muggings, burglaries, assaults… etc. I don’t know if it’s me or what but it seems as though father time has spawned some serious pu$$@*$# azz people. LA is filled with em.

    2. jj says:

      Very well said TJ! People seem to be suffering from moral depression. We all have the responsibility to do what is right for our society but people seem to miss that point.

  5. JL666 says:

    Often the waitress is held responsible for the dollar amount of the bill when customers run out and don’t pay it. Two or three tables a shift and they make zero income at the hands of these kinds of fools.

    I wish she had kicked the doors of their car in, costing them several hundred dollars more than the amount they ran out on….

  6. myla says:

    I hope the waitress was not fired for chasing them. i guess the women thought it was all a joke including running over her leg. hope they are caught.

  7. Paul G. DeCroix says:

    Bad item chasing down sweety pie. Could been killed over something silly. People need to eat and don’t have the $$$. I feel sorry for people who are reduced to stealing. Shame on you for chasing down like dogs.

    1. DaveyJonesLeftFoot says:

      Wow…you don’t go to WeHo if you can’t afford to eat, and you don’t take a couple of girlfriends with you! Let’s hope somebody takes your living from YOU so you can feel sorry for them too…

    2. Astonished says:

      If what you said is true, these three would not have hit the waitress and then fled. They are low life crooks and nothing more. This isn’t the Depression era and these three weren’t stealing loaves of bread to feed their children! I hope they get caught and charged with attempted vehicular manslaughter.

  8. Bad Habit says:

    “The only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.”

    Kudos to the waitress for at least trying and shame on all the good-for-nothing cowards posting to this board.

    I hope the three women, when caught, feel a free meal was worth the felony theft and attempted murder charges they will now face.

  9. Sistagirl Young says:

    It is sad that these women felt they could do as they please and stiff the waitress with their un-paid bill. I am still reeling a bit from the fact that ‘women’ did this. I just thought that a woman would be more in tune with another woman. Obviously not. I have friends who laugh about how many times they did that–stiffed a waitress or waiter. If I can’t afford to pay why would I think I’m entitled to eat? But that’s just the way I look at it.

  10. Evenkeel says:

    I didn’t read that she “dared” them to hit her. I nor you were there to know what was said. Nothing says the car was moving when she got in front of it. The decision to step on the gas when there is a person in front of a car rests with the driver in any case. You made many assumptions in your post, read the article again.

  11. jim says:

    Obviously alcohol was involved …. what a bunch of crazy loosers. Generally, the waitress did the right thing to get their plate number. Standing in front of a moving car … well, not so bright.

    I hope the waitress was not stuck with the tab.

  12. Naomi Eisenberg says:

    wasn’t getting the license plate number enough? guess not. think those girls will learn their lesson if caught? nope.

  13. Karen says:

    They did not have to run her down. There are laws against that. These chicks WILL be caught and they committed a felony in addition to their dine and dash crime. They are ON TAPE and she has the license. THEY WILL BE CAUGHT.

    1. Slamer says:

      Ya for some ( NEW ) fun thing’s in the woman’s jail .

  14. Dee says:

    Next time pull out your cell phone video camera and film them as they leave.

  15. BD McGee says:

    The waitress is not bad, I’d go down on her.

  16. catbert00 says:

    So this was on 5\5 and they have the license plate number and have not made an arrest?
    The waitress wins this weeks ID.10.T award

  17. Sweets says:

    Hey John,
    You are a coward! A proverbial mess…

  18. lorna doone says:

    WHAT RACE ARE THEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES IT MATTERS

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