What do you think are the most-ticketed spots on Southland freeways? Take our poll below or leave a comment with your best guess!

Tonight on KCAL9 News at 8, 9 and 10 we will reveal the stretches of freeway where the CHP issues the most speeding tickets. The numbers may surprise you.

Watch KCAL9 News tonight to see how your guesses match up with the real numbers and learn the spots where you may want to lighten up on your right foot!

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  1. TT says:

    Why in the world is Interstate 5 not on this list- the freeway that runs from nearly one end of the state to the other ? Thats my vote ! Between Los Angeles and Castaic

    1. Bobby says:

      what about the 14 that runs of the 5 through the AV. there is a speed limit why isnt there a speed minimum. 65 is not 50 in the carpool lane at 4am

      1. BikeRider says:

        AMEN to that!! There are 2 types of people that drive the 14… Those who drive between 80 and 90… and those who, as you said, drive 50 in the carpool lane, until they hit the top of a hill and you get the break to get around them. Then they keep their foot in the same place on the gas pedal and do 85 down the other side! The CHP should set up shop at the bottom of each hill on the 14. They’d make a KILLING!

  2. Ping Kee Ang says:

    Who cares whichever Freeway it is. My only concern is if I am being adversely
    affected by it. Since I am not because I’ve not been ticketed for almost a decade now, I really don’t give a damn !!

    1. TT says:

      well i have been and i do

      1. TT says:

        and what was the purpose ofthe comment if you dont care one way or the other ?

    2. Bobby says:

      Guessing by your name you probably dont know how to drive anyway

  3. Tim Macias says:

    The 210 between Rosenmead and Baldwin.

  4. Duh! says:

    Is this a ticket per vehicle traveling the freeway ratio?
    If so, then I would say the 241 South bound at the bottom of the hill coming off Windy Ridge. My car coasts at 80 MPH down that hill and the CHP wait at the bottom. Radar detector saves me every time.

  5. Kim says:

    it’s SanD Canyon folks…..

  6. GC1008 says:

    QUESTION: And why didn’t they give a ticket to the CHP Explorer who was doing between 75-85 on the south bound 101 in his personal car to get to a golf tournament where he would be helping with parking for a large donation to the Explorer program? ANSWER: Because he was following a CHP officer who told him to.
    They train them early to not give a damn about the law or lowlifes in the general public. (Hey, what can I say. The kid was bragging about it.)

  7. STEVEN REMERY says:


  8. Andrew says:

    I find this report kind of funny considering how many of those tickets where written illegally by California Highway Patrol officers who violated vehicle code 21055 by parking illegally in areas issuing citations that bring the cities, counties and the state illegal revenue. They park in bus stops, side walks, driveways, center dividers, on and off ramps in no stopping zones the list goes on for these unethical behaviors. Behaviors that violate vehicle code laws as well as jeopardize the publics right to safety. I hope an agency who tells me “we’re above the law” finds themselves on the other end of justices stick.

  9. Rick says:

    The five zones where the most tickets were issued, all of which were on Interstate 5 between San Clemente North to Lake forrest.:

    1) San Clemente: 8,225

    2) San Juan Capistrano: 4,976

    3) Santa Ana: 3,126

    4) Mission Viejo: 2,631

    5) Lake Forest: 2,060

    Source: California Highway Patrol

  10. field says:

    101 at Haskell??

    1. TT says:

      The 5 goes from San Diego all the way thru the Valley, into the Mountains – not sure where it connects (ends) – but I bet those numbers are absolutely accurate….

  11. Andrew says:

    The real question they should be asking is how many illegal tickets are issued on how many freeways.

  12. HOMER says:

    I can’t vote because there is a very valuable piece of information missing from the choices given..
    Which one of the “so called” hot spots are closest to a donut shop or a 7-11..?
    Personally the 605 freeway soundbound around 400 pm..the carpool lane 6-outta 10 cars are being driven by a single occupant, specailly from the 10 south to the Whittier/Beverly offramps….

  13. The Big Logic says:

    The entire Southland is a duck blind. There is no escape. If the speed limit is at least 55, there is a possibility of being ticketed regardless of the location. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Cali.

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