NEW YORK (AP) — The Committee to Protect Journalists says governments worldwide are developing new tools to censor reporters as the media increasingly moves online.

In a report released Monday on the eve of World Press Freedom Day, the committee looks at 10 common strategies that governments are using to suppress information.

Those tools include state-supported email designed to take over journalists’ personal computers in China, the shutting down of anti-censorship technology in Iran, monopolistic control of the Internet in Ethiopia, and synchronized cyber-attacks in Belarus.

The press advocacy group says the sophisticated censorship techniques are often coupled with physical intimidation of online journalists.

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Comments (6)
  1. Emerson Sandow says:

    Next time you are tempted to not use a hard copy newspaper or magazine, think about the ramifications of a purely online news world.

  2. TT says:

    or even a book ? – I wont even use a i-pad …. They take away jobs of highly skilled hard working people that are just trying to care for their families…printers,production people, sales people, controllers, bindery workers, writers, editors …. even the glue Mfg. are effected – (gotta glue books) no one thinks about any of that…

  3. raaaa says:

    In the US we don’t need the government, corporations censor the news and public comments in lock step with political agenda. Take a look at how many comments are allowed on Yahoo! regarding today’s lead story. Zero.

    1. gordo says:

      yahoo is afraid some one will say something against their hero Obama.

  4. James Granfield says:

    Question, if these Media(so called news) companies know what’s going on why aren’t they working of ways to bypass Censorship from any Government, they have the resourses, just look at how many “beautiful” people the have READING what is put before them,fire half of them then they have Millions and Millions of Dollars to bypass any Government Interference.

  5. MR, Time says:

    Censorship??? Whats the big deal about it??? It’s not a bad deal to have around in this day age; after all the just LOOK at the news reporter’s on how they asked stupid questions when they ALL ask our presidents GOOF OFF B.S., But then again there are those in C.B.S., at one time that DID ask good questions of BUSH J.R CBS World News showed him pictures of his bad old days with wine women and song. Yes those were the days when PHOTO’S worked; Ask any reporter that worked for CBS; about the Time Daddy Bush got caught being the BAG man for Rag gun’s on a Panama airport tar math with several CBS reporter’s when Daddy Bush’s sat chill case fell open reviling op’s can’t go there while daddy Bush was shaking hand’s with Pine Apple Face. Yes those were the day’s CBS didn’t care about censorship.

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