LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa wasted no time in publicly lashing out at a handful of labor groups that rejected a proposed deal with the city.

KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz reports the mayor pounded the podium on Wednesday as he announced the latest round of furloughs for public workers.

“I hearby direct all city general managers to immediately initiate furloughs for those employees and bargaining units who failed to ratify the agreement,” Villaraigosa said at a news conference at City Hall.

The mayor ordered 42 furlough days for clerical workers, deputy city attorneys, plant equipment operators as well as safety and security workers.

The unpaid time off comes after the groups rejected a proposed contract outline which was agreed to by 15 other labor groups.

Villaraigosa told reporters the ultimate goal of both the labor deal and the furloughs is to rein in the city’s spiraling budget crisis.

“We were either going to get it through this agreement, or we’re going to get it through furloughs but we’re going to have a balanced budget,” Villaraigosa said.

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  1. Marco says:

    Finally showing leadership !!!

    Gotta pay for the 2nd round Laker’s Playoff tickets somehow.

  2. Robert Longdon says:

    Is the Mayor taking a pay cut?

    1. Mike says:

      I doubt it, the Mayor is a “do as i say, not as i do” type leader.

      1. Jorge says:


        Actually, he did. I believe he took 15% or 16% pay cut.

    2. Astonished says:

      The mayor is taking a pay cut, but since his origianl pay was $387.78 + perks, it isn’t much of a cut. He had not cut his overbloated staff or his operating budget which alone could float small cities. The 15 Council members have NOT taken pay cuts, have NOT reduced their staff or their $100,000 yearly budgets. That’s per councilperson! If they had participated from the begining in this so called “shared sacrifice” maybe the workers would have gone along with the program. I say it’s time for the LA 15 +1 (Council member and mayor) to be relieved of duty and their pay and perks put back in the General Fund where it will do some good.

  3. ILLEGALS says:

    Did the Mayor succeed in building that 12 feet fence on his property???

  4. Felipe Flores Islas says:

    Doing good Tony. Now, don’t f**k it up!

  5. LaLa says:

    I see we have another dictator in CA, glad his time is almost up too. He’s done NOTHING to improve the condition of this city & has only brought shame with his infidelity & other small scandals. Glad the unions are standing up & saying no. You can cut salaries all day but it still does nothing to address the mismanagement/waste of government funds or over extension on services due to this country being a welfare state. Government agencies are locked into contracts with vendors that may be ripping them off & if products/services are substantially less costly elsewhere it doesn’t matter we’re forced to pay the higher prices, now what sense does that make. There are many agencies in all levels in government service (often called special fund agencies) that generate their own revenue & have huge reserves, so how can these agencies operate efficently but the city, county or state can’t?????

  6. rob says:

    good for the city of LA, these corrupt humans need to take a life long furlough, they dont deserve a day off without pay, fire them all! they are good for nothing and do nothing but waste tax payer money, we need more furloughs, DWP, your a bunch of un educated morons, go dig a hole.

    1. Mufon says:

      Rob, one word: decaf.

  7. Randy says:

    Americans Wake UP!. We keep voting for these liars, deceivers, self-serving know-nothings who spend our tax money without thought then turn around to make us pay more for their follies.

    The mayor is nothing but an ignorant, intellectual failure, like Obama. They’re all the same.

  8. 1900innoho says:

    IT”S ABOUT TIME ! My god, it is as if city workers are immune to budget cuts. Why didn’t the Mayor do this YEARS ago? Also, stop any benefits to illegals and that would save a huge pile of our taxes.

    1. Astonished says:

      Your kidding me right? What universe have you just dropped into. L.A. City workers have been decimated by budget, wage & staff cuts. To the point where essential services may be be possible. The only ones who have not been hit by these “cuts” are the mayor and his city council.

      Wake up darling, your been asleep WAY too long!

  9. Winning says:

    I say keep the Illegals here is LA and support them… let’s layoff or furlough hard working Americans… When LA wises up maybe these people can have full time work again. By giving them 42 furlough days if cuts their pay by 16%

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