LOS ANGELES (AP) — Workers at Los Angeles City Hall are wrapping up a vote on a labor deal that would require civilian employees — for the first time — to pay part of their salary toward retiree health benefits.

The health care payments are part of a broader agreement that Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa says will save the city’s cash-strapped general fund about $200 million over several years.

Voting is scheduled to end Tuesday evening.

Civilian workers now pay nothing toward retiree health benefits.

Under the pact, workers would contribute 2 percent of salary toward those costs beginning in April, increasing to 4 percent in July.

The deal also includes nearly 12 percent in pay hikes over four years, but temporarily suspends cash overtime.

It includes a no-furlough guarantee for workers through 2014.

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  1. alan hart says:

    How about 50% like real businesses? If this keeps up, thier will be an initiative act that will remove all pensions and leave the unions out.

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