LOS ANGELES (CBS) —  KCET, which severed its long-standing ties with PBS at the beginning of the year, announced Monday that it has sold its Sunset Boulevard production studios to the Church of Scientology.

The amount of the sale was not disclosed.

The station will continue to operate out of the studios at 4401 W. Sunset Blvd. for as long as a year until a new location is found.

“We are now implementing phase two of our transformation from a PBS affiliate to an independent public media center for the 21st century,” according to KCET president and CEO Al Jerome. “New facilities and equipment will allow us to augment the quality, award-winning content that our fans love.”

Jerome said station officials were in discussion with several Los Angeles-area production facilities as potential new homes.

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  1. Mark says:

    Shows you who’s got the money nowadays

  2. Louanne Lee says:

    Wow…. and I quote (http://www.scientologynews.org/press-releases/scientology-acquires-kcet-tv-studios.html): This new studio is a turnkey setup that provides the Church the means to move into broadcasti­ng for both the religion and its many social betterment and humanitari­an programs. It is also ideally set up to establish a central media hub for our network of Churches around the world. Utilizing the studio’s existing satellite uplink, we will be able to provide our Churches and affiliated groups globally with instantane­ous access to a wealth of content, all in high definition­, ranging from the Church’s six annual internatio­nal events to new educationa­l and introducto­ry films and even video updates for the public informatio­nal displays located in Churches around the world.

    This new studio enables the Church to establish one of the most advanced centers used by religious broadcaste­rs with the ability to harness 21st century broadcast technology and production power to deliver its message to the largest internatio­nal audience possible.

  3. Timothy McGarry says:

    In two years, I bet KCET’s content will pretty much be infomercials. Goodnight, Gracie…

  4. jake says:

    This is an attempt to lure the public into their belief. Next we will have a bunch of religions groups buying t.v. stations so they can try to get people to join their belief.

  5. Gracie says:

    Thanks a lot KCET! The neighborhood did not want or need another Scientology building. What a disgrace to your legacy and public television.

    1. James Woods says:

      Then you buy the building and let KCET use it for free or shut up

  6. Greta B says:

    Great to see that another facility in Hollywood could be saved!

  7. Spoook says:

    You mean Homeland Security hasn’t taken this cult out yet? They are a blight.

  8. Dean Fox says:

    With cash reserves of around $5800 million US the church of scientology has plenty of money for real estate. They’re probably the church with most floor space per adherent.

    Remember that the church of scientology was assisted in acquiring their wealth by religious tax breaks. So the US public has a stake in it.

  9. Dean Fox says:

    Other countries such as the UK and New Zealand are very careful who the give tax breaks to. Australia is following suit after a lengthy inquiry into abuse of tax breaks given to religions on the presumption of benefit. Although not the only dodgy group in Australia the church of scientology was key to why the inquiry was started.

    Google Xenophone scientology australia tax inquiry.

    Freedom of religion does not mean freedom from scrutiny and even taxation despite what such organisations say.

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