NORWALK (CBS) — A trucker whose big rig burst into flames in a Saturday morning crash was facing a possible driving under the influence charge.

Benjamin Arroyo, 44, was booked on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. He is scheduled to be arraigned Monday in Bellflower, according to the California Highway Patrol.

The Vons truck Arroyo was driving crashed on the southbound Santa Ana (5) Freeway just north of Norwalk Boulevard about 9:55 a.m. Saturday. The truck hit a guardrail on the shoulder and the median before it burst into flames, according to the CHP.

Arroyo was treated at a nearby hospital for minor injuries.

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Comments (39)
  1. Jose Luis Lopez says:

    is this a Pre-Emptive Strike before the real Strike?

    Unions are probably behind this..

    1. Palmira says:

      I live really close to the Freeway on Norwalk Blvd. and the crash was heard by a neighbor and then a thunderous explosion occurred after a large black cloud went up in the air and then the large pieces of black debris fell to the ground in my driveway! Why is none of that mentioned in the reports? I dont trust the news anymore…. I trust more hearing from neighbors and people who were actually there!!!!!

      1. Mellisa says:

        At least he made it you moron nobody gives a damn about your driveway and especially not to the reporters it’s not our fault you live under the freeway…duh!

      2. DK says:

        Your an idiot…you really expect that the news is gong to tell everyone about ever piece of debris and where it landed? OMG..

      3. thelittlehunter says:

        @Mellisa & DK, why don’t you sharpen your “wit” on someone else.

    2. Mufon says:

      Bad day today, guys?

  2. Good thing nobody died says:

    Anyone here know how far the Traffic was backup??

  3. trecy says:

    Im so thankful no one was hurt! Ive been waiting all day for the news to report something. I was going to the movies at 10am, and saw 2 explosions, I walked to the back of the building and sasw nothing but ashes, again Im thankful that the person survived. Happy Ressurection Sunday!

  4. ILLEGALS says:

    Truck driver DUI? His License as a Commercial Driver is done for the next 5 year. Time for him to polish his Resumes, refresh & rethink W.T.F he just did to his nice Career. Very BAD mistake!

  5. Mexican Mafia says:

    Turd driver should’ve refused treatment at the hospital. That’s when they found out his DUI.

    1. Debbie says:

      Anytime a Class A driver gets in an accident, they have to have a drug test. We are held to a higher standard. And being a driver for Von’s, I’m sure they follow the laws of DOT. His job is gone and he should be lucky he didn’t kill anyone…

    2. Saber 1 says:

      Company policy turd boy, ant accidents are tested.

  6. Hank says:

    What the hell is Von’s selling that would explode?
    Bad tomatoes?

    1. Wed Backs says:

      Trucks have dual diesel tanks, one on each side. Some hold up to 150-300 gallons in each tank.

      1. Aj says:

        diesel fuel does not burn like regular gasoline will. building up pressure in the tanks could be the result of the explosion

    2. Smarty pants says:

      Actually nitrogen is an inert gas, which didn’t add to the explosion. You may be thinking of nitroglycerin, which isn’t used in commercial trucks.

      How about if we say the truck exploded because it slammed into an object more than once?

      1. Benahh Stoopad says:

        No Dumma, Vons Company has an only State sponsored Low Fuel em program that operates on dual tanks, one is a diesel fuel another is a Nitrogen Gas, together mixed emits less diesel soot than any other diesel commercial trucks on the road today. Vons gets great kickbacks from the State that way and yes once these Nitro tanks are damaged, they will explode. Now go back to your Chemistry Class, as You have Failed it !!

      2. nascrfan says:

        Benahh you are an idiot we dont have Nitogen gas tanks

      3. Benahh Stoopad says:

        Ok then what from of gas do you guys ad to your trucks from that big tank Santa Fe Springs yard has>???

    3. julie schneider says:

      the trailer was empty, there was fuel running down the fwy on fire too away from crash. im glad they arrested the guy. i was told at first he didnt make it. he got lucky. n yup his job is done.

  7. Wayne says:

    This guy gets suspicion of drunk driving but that young LAPD cop who “drifted” (word the media used) off the 101 in Sherman Oaks gets a investigation pending. You don’t just drift off the road, crash and have a guard rail go through your front grill all the way to the back of your truck, eject you and your seat through the rear killing you in the process. Falling asleep could be a possibility but I doubt that.

    1. thelittlehunter says:

      Yes, “investigation pending” when you’re dead it makes it very hard for the breathalizer technician to get a sample. Blood and urine tests do take some time, hence the words “investigation pending.” Not that I’m wishing you harm, but wouldn’t you want the press to give you the benefit of the doubt if you ran into the gore point of the highway sign at 3:30 am.

  8. Sarah says:

    Believe me, if the driver had any other work related issues, he would have been gone from Von’s when those problems came to light. It has nothing to do with the Union. There are very specific rules in the contract with the Von’s drivers and they must be followed. My husband works for Von’s so I know. I’m just so grateful that no one was killed or seriously injured. He willl not be working for Von’s again, guaranteed, and I’m sure he has learned a lesson the hard way. Von’s has a high standard for their drivers and you will obey the rules, and some of them are kinda’ silly but that’s the way it is.

  9. AJ says:

    dot regulations reguires semi truck drivers have physicals every so often to test their ability to drive such a big piece of equipment. if any issues were found, dot would not allow any person behind the hweel of a big rig truck. my dad and there brothers were all truck drivers. one had sleep apnea and still drove a truck, however he managed to hide that from being noticed is behind me.

  10. Kurgee says:

    Give the union propaganda a rest. No one wants to read rabid teabagger rhetoric here.

  11. Smarter and Wiser says:

    I think most of you need to get a life. The news is going to report on what the public wants to hear, and they did a good job of that. My husband knows this man and said he is a very nice person. I pray that he is OK and the issues that might be happening will be taken care of. Who are you to judge?

    1. Benahh Stoopad says:

      Avery Nice Mexican Moron Person, who loves to drink and operate a Commercial vehicle endangering others and himself. That makes Him a very NOT SO NICE PERSON BUT A STOOPAD BENAAHH MORON !!! AND YOU ARE TOO FOR SAYING HE IS A NICE PERSON., Now go and have a drink for him, since he can’t get drunk at this moment !

    2. Li'l Tommy says:

      Seriously? “A nice person”? I’ve never known a “nice person” to be drinking before 9:00am. I’ve never known a “nice person” that was driving drunk. I’ve never known a “nice person” that was willing to drive drunk in a rig before 10:00am on the same freeway as responsible people who are NOT drunk. I don’t drink and drive. I don’t condone drinking and driving. I have children that are occassionally on that same freeway at around 10:00am. THAT’S who I am to judge!

      But don’t worry, he’ll be back out driving soon enough – professionally or not is anyone’s guess. But LA is so broke that the city is glad to put a convicted drunk driver back out on the road so that the city can make even more money for citing him for DUI a second, third, or even more times. It makes no matter how many lives are endangered by this practice.

      Good luck to this “nice person” that your husband knows. And good luck to anyone that’s in his vacinity the next time he makes such a poor choice!

      1. Close Call says:

        I was on the freeway when this all happened and he was coming right for me when he jumped the median and came into the north bound lanes. I thought I was going to die. It was so close, I braced for impact. It was by the grace of God he did not hit me. If he would of, I would be dead. I am the mother of 3 children. So how ever nice of a person he is, he choose to drink and drive and that just makes him really stupid. I am still really shook up by it.

  12. deen says:

    Hang the stupid truck driver and the other pos truck drivers like him.

  13. Writing to dumb a$$es says:

    The truck he was driving does not have any nitrogen tank it exploded because of heat and compression and Benny is a good guy he did not have any problems with work or the union and let’s remember he hasn’t been convicted yet so let’s wait until we can find out the truth !!!

  14. HooDatIS? says:


    1. nascrfan says:

      did you know 99.9 percent of every thing you touch in your life is broght on a truck even your baby you idiot

  15. nascrfan says:

    why is it know hit him or he did’nt hit anyone someone saw a problem and stopped before he went across 4 lanes and back with out hitting any one

  16. raider fan says:

    that big tank is emty and was used for lp gas when we had that it has been empty for over a year

  17. nascrfan says:

    It was LNG and it has been empty for 3 years and only used for switch trucks

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