SANTA MARIA (AP) — The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office said deputies shot and killed a man who attacked them with a cinder block while wearing only a towel.

Sheriff’s spokesman Andrew Sugars said in a statement that two deputies were sent to a mobile home park near Santa Maria on Saturday after reports of bizarre behavior, and found the man holding a cinder block that he then used to attack them, eventually injuring one of them in the head.

Sugars says when the deputies failed to subdue him with a stun gun, he was shot and killed. He did not say how many weapons were used or shots were fired.

The injured deputy was treated at a hospital and released.

The suspect — 52-year-old Kerry Flood — was declared dead at the scene.

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  1. Alan Hart says:

    So, let me get this straight. The suspect hit a deputy in the head. For that, he was murdered by two deputies who could have called for backup or tazed this man. How much taxpayer money will his family be receiving? Minimum, three million and the deputy’s name won’t even be mentioned.

    1. Jessenia Martinez says:

      They did taze him, it didn’t work. Honestly speaking, how would YOU react to that?

      1. upyours says:

        I.m not stupid to get close enough to worry about a naked man being able to effectively assault me with a 29# block of concrete, but then I don’t have the “training.”

      2. PJ says:

        thats exactly right moron, you wouldnt get close enough… but these guy HAVE TO… and have to act in seconds…

      3. Jalon Anderson says:

        Panic like a child and murder them?

        Stand back and wait for him to get tired of swinging a 10 pound block of concrete in the air?

        You ever pick up a block of concrete? An average person could swing it in the air for maybe 5 minutes tops. All those cops had to do was stand back for 5 minutes until the crazy was tired.

        I will bet money the murderers were 20 something year old kids the city gave guns and a license to kill to. They have no patience and an itchy trigger finger from pressing video game buttons in the off hours.

        They are kids. They should be in college learning to be adults.

    2. Elisha Kramer says:

      Alan. DID YOU EVEN READ THE ARTICLE! They did taze him and it didn’t work!

    3. PJ says:

      your wrong, this guy was an eminent danger to everyone around him… he did not comply, did not restrain himself, was clearly on something or mentally ill… someone could have gotten hurt… deputies do not draw their guns unless they feel this is a life threatening situation… Thank God for law enforcement…

      1. Ript says:

        Your an idiot! If someone pointed a cellular phone or a 5 dollar footlong at you, would that make you feel you had the right to kill someone? Schmuk. Then your at Denny’s by 6:00 A.M. enjoying breakfast with your friends. Evidently you are what i like to call a “Sniffer” Your nose burried all up in the cracks of the PD.

      2. don says:

        Should greet the late Kerry Flood with: “Honored to meet you, your dangerousness.” — He’s an “eminent” danger (like the white rapper.) Actually he WAS a (imminent) danger. Even if the cop runs to safety and calls 10 back-up, the 1st one in faces a cement block to his skull.

      3. thelittlehunter says:

        @Ript just who is the idiot? Your is the possesive as in “your nose”. If you were trying to say you’re an idiot then it’s the contraction of you are.
        Just in case you didn’t know “i” when refering to one self is capitalized.
        The last time I checked unless the footlong was very, very, very stale it’s not going to hurt you like a 20 pound block of concrete. You’re the same kind of idiot who, when they need a cop complains that it took too long for them to respond.
        Ript, you’re an idiot!

    4. Patrick says:

      Alan. Read the article. He was tazed. It wasn’t murder either. I guess it’s ok in your book to attack an officer. How much back up would you suggest and how long would you, in your expert opinion, wait for it? You are a Monday Morning Quarterback. Were you there? NO. Have you ever been in a situation like this? NO. You need to take a step back and think a little.Sounds like you have some issues that you need an outlet for.

      1. Jalon Anderson says:

        “It wasn’t murder either”

        Yes it was murder.

        You ever see the sticks cops carry to beat people with after they have them handcuffed?

        Anyone with the least bit of skill could have disarmed a man with a concrete block with a baton.

        A murderer would pull their gun and murder their fellow citizen.

      2. IVAN says:


      3. thelittlehunter says:

        @Jalon, Do you want to be the one who has to get close enough to hit him with the baton? How about more responsibility from the citizens of this country. Stay off the drugs. If you are prescribed drugs for mental illness make sure you take them. I’m not a cop, but I do know it can be a thankless job. I’ve seen two incidents in my lifetime that changed my opinion about what cops face on a daily basis. Three cops and two paramedics wrestling a naked man on pcp at Sunset and Alvarado. This was after repeated blows from all three cops with their batons. A cop who suffered a human bite, as in a large chunk of his skin was bitten off by a naked man who went off his meds. They found his car two blocks away with his clothes neatly folded sitting on top of his shoes.

      4. Patrick says:

        Ivan, thanks for calling me a name. You are a left winger I am sure. Why not try a little logic instead of emotion to guide your decision making. That is the usual m.o. for people like you. See, it doesn’t matter if it were my father as far as the decision to use lethal force goes. Would I be crushed? Of course. You are ignorant on the topic of using firearms as well. If you use it, the assumption is that you are going to kill the person despite what the monday morning quarterbacks like you say. “Shoot him in the leg” you really need to stop watching movies and learn something. Additionally, do you think that the cops are going to sleep well after this??

    5. nek says:

      So many questions unanswered. Was the guy wearing the towel a arab. Was the cinder block damaged in the incident. Was it purchased at Home Depot or Lowes? Did the suspect realize you never bring a cinder block to a gun fight?

    6. Saber 1 says:

      One less dirt bag we need to see on trial. When someone with a gun and badge tells you to stop and lay down, other wise make a threatening move and you die. Why should the police put them selves in any more danger than they already do?

  2. ce says:

    great job deputies. helllllllllooooooo people act normal and you wont get tazed or shot its really not that hard to obey the law.

  3. Steve O. says:

    Something (obviously) wasn’t right with this guy, but I’m sure officers are trained to injure only and not kill in these scenarios, Fact is someone has lost their life, so crazy behavior or not, I’m not sure he needed he needed to die.

    1. Steve O. says:

      Something (obviously) wasn’t right with this guy, but I’m sure officers are trained to injure only and not kill in these scenarios. Fact is someone has lost their life, so crazy behavior or not, I’m not sure he needed to die.


  4. Jose Tamayo says:

    I learned early in life that if a policeman confronts you , freeze until you are directed otherwise! To have something in your hand and throw it and hit an officer is plain insanity! Otherwise asking for a policeman to shoot you! Case in point!

  5. Marco says:

    Its funny as the more and more violent this society has become, people expect when the police are attacked they should offer milk and cookies as a peace option.

    They are trained to protect and serve. They are not required to be rational if they are being attacked.

    Condolences to the family, but when will we learn we DO NOT ATTACK a police officer?

    End of story.

    1. Steve O. says:

      They are not required to be rational if they are being attacked? I’d love to hear the police chief defend them by saying that.

      If anyone thinks rationally, it has to be the police. There are crazy people doing crazy things every day and everywhere, but shooting without regard isn’t the answer.

  6. steve schlein says:

    There isn’t enough information presented to justify killing this man. He got close enough to one deputy to injure him with a cinder block, but the injury was not life-threatening. The deputies did not fear for their lives or great bodily injury – the elements needed before using deadly force – since they used a taser gun against the man. The man apparently had no means of using deadly force against the deputies. (And, the deputies outnumbered the man). This story should not have been printed without a warning that it does not contain enough information to understand what happened. Steve S

    1. Sistagirl Young says:

      Steve; I’m inclined to diasagree. Justification? The man is dead–I’m sure the deputies can justify it.

    2. Me says:

      @ steve schlein, You should read the story before posting your comments. Were you there? How do you know what the deputies felt? It is common sense. Attack any peace officer and you take your own life in your hands.

    3. momof3 says:

      Let’s see a brick in the head does justify leathal force. Just take a look at the poor man who is trying to recover from a simple dodger game. Also Law enforcement are NOT trained to wound people, they are trained to kill!! This case is very simple. It’s called suicide by cops. You will se it a whole lot more as people are losing everything they own. The cops are called for bizzare behavior to complete a job the indvidual is to weak to complete themselves. Believe me when I tekll you that officers do not like shooting people. HOwever, they will do everything in their power to see to it that they go home to their families.

    4. Patrick says:

      How about justification for not shooting him? You cant even comment on impartiality without being biased.

      1. momof3 says:

        ohh patrick.. how am I being biased. Thats a very big word to throw around so freely. It is simple. Life is all about choices and the choices we make have affects on other people. So, really if you want to know why the police used lethal force… read the playbook for ALL the police departments. it all says the same thing. If YOU choose to attack a cop the outcome is not going to be good. Now I know all these left wing sobbers think that the cops should have handed this poor guy xanex and clamed his fears, but it the people who can’t learn that when an officer gives you an order just do it!! Its not violating civil rights, it is not because they have nothing else better to do….. so where do you get off calling me biased? I just told it like it is. If your looking for a shoulder to cry on… look some where else. go try a left wingged shoulder who plays on people like you

      2. thelittlehunter says:

        @Patrick, two words Reginald Denny, he was the poor truck driver who was pulled out of the cab of truck as the Rodney King riots erupted. Do you remember the weapon that the fine upstanding citizen used to assault him with? It was a brick and Denny spent weeks in the hospital. Now, I can’t speak for him but I’ll venture a guess if he had had a gun he would have used it in defense of his life. By the way the man who assaulted him is now serving a forty year prison sentance at Pelican bay Prison on an unrelated charge.

  7. steve s says:

    (please remove my last name from the comment header on the story about a man wearing only a towel who was shot to death by deputies)

  8. Jose Tamayo says:

    Council or Law student, in a court of Law you may win but in reality this man lost his life! Policeman say freeze you freeze! You don’t ask them for a hot dog and a coke! My sympathy for the family of the decease! They are the ones paying for these actions.

  9. Marco says:

    Hitting a police officer with a cinder block and injuring him is justification enough.

    We are talking Law Enforcement not some disagreement over a parking spot at the grocery store.

    This is real life and people are becoming more and more violent as the Dodger Stadium incident shows.

    Start being realistic when it comes to law enforcement. They are not babysitters.

  10. upyours says:

    Let’s see, two incompetent overpaid dumba$$ cops put themselves in the kill zone of a 52 year old naked man who has one cinder block, I’ll say three weapons,11 shots and one taser.

    1. Patrick says:

      Cop hater. What do you know of their competence, salary, training or intelligence. You are the first to call 911, though, aren’t you?

    2. momof3 says:

      To upyours – incompetent over paid dumba$$ — I can see that you don’t have the guts or the brains to go out and do what these men and women do. Society thanks you for that because if you actaully had the job of a cop then your stupid statement woould be true…

      LEO stay safe out there. There are a lot of idiots out there that you have to protect

      1. upyours says:

        Patrick and momof3, okay ignorant dumba$$ pus$ies, if someone walks up to you the next time you ass$swipes walk out the door and decides to blow your moron heads off, tell me the name of the a$$wipe cop who you have there to save you. In the mean time get naked, pick up a cinder block and see how long you dumba$$es can run around with it. Call 911, for sh**head?

  11. AM says:

    This is California, you better stop when a cop says freeze they’ll shoot to injure miss and kill you anyways. I am not dissing the job that the cops do around it. It was this towel wearing idiots choice to remove himself from the gene pool by going after cops with a cinder block.

    1. upyours says:

      How stupid, slow, and big is your a$$ if you can’t see someone winding up to throw a 29+ pound block or rushes you carrying it and get out of the way?

  12. upyours says:

    Let’s see, two incompetent overpaid dumbas$ cops put themselves in the kill zone of a 52 year old naked man who has one cinder block, I’ll say three weapons,11 shots and one taser.

  13. Abo Alabed says:

    You shoot him in his leg to disable him and ask for more help. Why kill a man who has mental disorder? He is dead,but his family is suffering this cruel act.

  14. Everyday Guy says:

    The deputies deserve a raise. Another mad dog put down.

  15. Me says:

    @ american justice, This information comes to you how? How do you know it could not have been handled differently? Were you there ? Do you honestly think any peace officer wants to take the life of another human being just for kicks ? Obviously from how the article is written they chose to use deadly force because they we be attacked with a deadly weapon .That was the man’s choice.

  16. Everyday Guy says:

    “american justice’ , you are an idiot. Go back to what you do best; impregnating your mother. Don’t forget to pay her after.

  17. Jack says:

    The deputies did what they had to do.

  18. Jalon Anderson says:

    “I can see that you don’t have the guts or the brains to go out and do what these men and women do”

    You are right. I do not have the guts to shoot another human being because he annoys me.

    Those cops could have gone back to their car, opened up their box of donuts, and sat their watching the crazy until he tired himself out.

    That takes time. They could be eating donuts. If they shoot the guy the situation is over and it is snack time again.

    Police are lazy and cowardly. The idea that if I do not immediately react to what a policeman says I should be shot by someone I paid taxes to the city for to protect me is insanity.

    As the person paying those lazy and cowardly men’s salary, they are supposed to give me the benefit of the doubt and do the best to protect my life. Even if I am drunk and stupid.

    How would they like it if one of their relatives was drunk and stupid and I killed them just because they refused to comply with a request I made of them?

    We all know 50 police officers would show up and perforate me with 1000 bullets.

  19. Cruiser says:

    And if you or I did the samething the Sheriff did, we be sitting in jail with murder charges.

  20. Marston says:

    Is it possible the stun gun wasn’t a tazar but a rubber bullet or a bean bag gun?

  21. says:

    Taze did not work , hmm pepper spray…hey, maybe we can use a bean bag stotgun or even a baton Use all less than lethal first. DAMMIT

  22. burns says:

    crazy coloreds at it again

    1. cerr says:

      At a TRAILER PARK?

  23. drozone69 says:

    Police are trigger hapy murderes.You could attack them with a lollipop and they will shoot you dead ,then have the nerve to victoriously high five each other.A man in a bath towel with a stone?How abot a thigh shot,trust me you hit him in the thigh and he will drop and cry like a baby on the floor.Did they get a glimpse of his real weapon under the bathtowel,and got excited?Maybe call in a Gay officer who would have relished in the opportunity to tackle a scantilly clad suspect!!

  24. HooDatIS? says:


  25. Smitty says:

    All you idiots defending the “victim”, make me sick. So the cops stand there and taunt the guy until he tires? Stop signs are for stopping right? When a cop yells “STOP., DROP, COMPLY”, or whatever he says, and you’re holding something that could cause bodily harm, injury, death….and you dont, he has every right to take you out by whatever means necessary. Obviously a 20,000 volt stun gun didnt work. What do you want, a “please?” Give me a break. Comply or STH up.

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