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Welcome to the dazzling world of  competitive rabbit jumping: something I’d never have known about, if not for Germany’s always-informative Spiegel Online. Obviously, some bunnies are  more enthused than others. 

 James taking a breather. The Jena Kaninhop club was started by James' owner...

Is it true, this hobby is called Kaninhop? Is it true it’s something they do, not just in Europe, but in the United States as well? Why we haven’t featured Kaninhop on CBS2 News, 4:30- 7 a.m. is something I will look into, as soon as I finish researching a possible upcoming segment on something called  “hassenpfeffer.”  You could look it up. (Don’t! -Ed.)

The bunnies wear leashes during the tournaments so they don't break free. "We...

(Photos: Spiegel Online)

Comments (2)
  1. Lesley Clack says:

    We have a darling
    pet bunny named Pixie; she’s 6 years old. We have also had several others for pets in the past, God rest their little souls. That sport would last about 30 seconds with her–then it would be scratch-fest time!!!

    BTW, Kent, Happy Easter!

  2. dodie says:

    when I was litle ,I thougth I seen a Easter rabbit ,and it was a rabbit ,but we were |German and it would of been a hassenpfeffer and it sounds like a true story ,it sounds like a nice storey

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