LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Wednesday is expected to release a proposed $6.9 billion budget in which city employees will get more than a month of furlough days per year.

KNX 1070’s Bill Cooper reports.

In an effort to close a nearly $457 million deficit, the mayor is calling for 26 furlough days for city workers who will not get cost-of-living raises as part of their contracts, and 36 days for employees scheduled to get raises.

The Coalition of City Unions worked out a tentative deal with the city in March to avoid furloughs. In exchange, coalition members, which account for about 60 percent of city workers, would begin contributing 4 percent of their salaries to retirement health care and defer their cost of living raises until the end of their contracts in 2014.

Union members are reportedly voting on the agreement now with the Coalition expected to release the tally April 26.

Villaraigosa’s proposed budget is expected to set aside funds to fill nearly 300,000 potholes and calls for the restoration of public library hours. The mayor is also expected to announce a new redeployment plan for the Los Angeles Fire Department that aims at saving money by matching the department’s response focus to the city’s needs.

Over the past several years, Villaraigosa has trimmed nearly $1 billion in spending from the city’s budget and eliminated about 4,000 mostly unfilled city positions, according to the Mayor’s Office.

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  1. upyours says:

    The devil is in the details. This mealy mouthed be@ner f@rts out of both ends. Obviously, there were ~4,000 unnecessary employees who are probably now collecting huge pensions.

  2. drozone69 says:

    Most of the idiots on the city payroll do nothing more than show up for work.Most are fat or dumb foriegners.we could give then 60 furlough days and it would not put a dent in the slow sorry services we recieve,

  3. shay says:

    Hey drozone69: Many of us foreigners have bachelors and master degrees. Because you did not go to school or are a white/black high school drop out. Do not be a hater. Learn how to spell foreigner before you start talking. Any case, the city is the way it is because of poor managent or lack of management. Trust me the city employees are counting the number of days before Antonio leaves offfice.

    1. Saber 1 says:

      True, you foreigners have those educations because of the USA. You displaced a U S citizen when most of you came here ILLEGALLY. Keep that in mind.

      1. shay says:

        Part of your statement may be true, but do not blame foreigners for whiite/black American short comings. Keep playing the race card or illegal immigration card. They should be accountable for their laziness. Also, forieigners have a better family base and upbringing compared to Americans. Americans want to kid their kids out of the house as soon as possible. take care

  4. adnil says:

    Is the mayor part of this budget? 30 furloughs days our of the month?

    1. adnil says:

      Should have said they need to take 30 furlough days out of each month from the mayor himself.

  5. Fed-Up with the BS says:

    I work for the Los Angeles City Fire Department. Why the hell aren’t we charging a mere $10 whenever the fire department gets called out? Most of the low-lifes that call for 911 just want a free ride to the hospital because they know the fire department will wipe the butts and noses of the public. Most of the welfare collectors have SUVs with chrome wheels and 60″ plasmas. And all their kids have iPhones. So I am sure they can afford $10 when they call 911 becaus they have a toothache or because their little mijo hasn’t pooped in 2 days. Doing this will generate nearly $6.5 million dollars alone. WAKE THE F UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. TT says:

    i think we’ve already learned from what we have seen in the past that unless there is accountability for what money is spent where – someone will inevitably spend it inappropriately….. If the credit cards are taken away and the taxes we pay are distributed in a way that helps the city instead of hindering its progress… i think we would see more progress sooner .. which would be a better scenario for all…

  7. Tony Clifton says:

    Go ahead and cut the Fire Department…. close Engines Trucks and ambulances, who needs em right? The LAFD is the ONLY City Department that will show up to your door to provide service in 5 minutes or less after you call 911, and usually the operator stays on the line with you. You do not get that service from LAPD or DWP… Who do you think went on all the broken tree branches and downed power wires on March 20 when the the City was soaked with a servere rain storm? Yes the LAFD did…… 2600 times that day. Go Ahead and cut the Fire Department, but when the LAFD can not respond to your door for your emergency in five minutes because of closed stations……….. just 311 and ask for information.

    1. TT says:

      I like Fed up’s Idea – No matter what – a 10.00 charge. If its a REAL emergency – you wont mind making a 10.00 contribution DIRECTLY to the Fire Dept. that responded and helped you in a time of need. (So it can get used for the right reasons)…. If your situation really isnt an emergency – you’ll think 2x before you call 911…

    2. upyours says:

      I’m all for this as most homeowners have fire insurance so we’re double billed. Does it matter whether everything is burned up or ruined after having 10,000+ gallons of water poured on it? In the long run, no, not at all.

  8. Fed-up with the BS says:

    The Fire Department can absoultely cut fire trucks and fire engines from their fleet. But what happens when we get out of thjs deficit…if we ever do. It’s poor money management that has put this strain on in the first place.

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