SACRAMENTO (AP) — California’s unemployment rate has dropped to 12 percent, but the number of payroll jobs in the state in March also fell from the previous month.

Brad Kemp Of Beacon Economics Talks To KNX 1070

The report Friday by the state Employment Development Department showed the jobless rate was down slightly from February. The rate for the same period a year ago was 12.4 percent.

But the total number of payroll jobs in California declined by 11,600 from February to March, with only four out of 11 industry sectors adding jobs. The state has added more than 188,000 jobs since March 2010, according to a survey of employers.

The March number represented the third decline in a row for the state’s jobless rate.

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  1. fed up says:

    When are you guys going to see that this is not acurate? Do you know how many people are unemployed that can no longer receive benefits? THIS NUMBER IS GROWING. On my block alone, half of the people are unemployed but cant get unemployement, including me and my wife. We are living day to day, penny to penny. Please start reporting correct news. “The March number represented the third decline in a row for the state’s jobless rate.” Please change this to reflect people that can collect EDD, not the jobless rate. Get the facts straight! There is a difference! The problem is worse than the news wants people to see.

  2. ILLEGALS says:

    12% is a Lie put out by our Government.

    Government always give us a bogus high forecast & when the actual unemployed # each month is LOWER than their Estimate, they call it an “ECONOMIC RECOVERY”.

    And when people USED up all their 99 weeks of unemployment benefits & no longer qualify for any more extensions & fell right out of statistics, the unemployed # goes down, & the Government called it, “JOB GROWTH”.

  3. Corrupt US Government says:

    500,000+ Job Loss EACH month since the start of the Recession in 2007.

    The Government’s Jobless Rate is simply the people collecting EDD by the population minus the retirees & military.

    This 12% rate is False.

  4. Carey says:

    Hello, I’m a layoff extra Hire, Calaveras County …non-union hire. 2.2 years at
    the job…no perks at all..U3 at June 20 2009, at 13.7%. CA over 12%
    Currently the U3 here as Govt says is at 16.1%. County seat over 25% U3!
    In 2007 when I was hired..U3 was near 6%, 7% in CA! now gas is over $4.19
    and gastaxes .60 p/pumped gas…each gallon pump .60 is tax! Now!
    In my view, my FED EDD ends by June this year, no jobs around for me here!
    My car needs new toires…my wife quit her $5K job this week…OK! I’m sane!
    The Govt & Media do not report real out of work numbers—politics!! Be safe!
    Age 58…USAF VET/AA degree sinc 1983/no criminality.
    All my 5 coworkers in the county job…were in SEIU..none laid off yet!

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