LANCASTER (CBS) — Five suspects were arrested at a barber shop in Lancaster which had been the target of complaints that it was a center of drug activity.

Undercover detectives from the Narcotics Bureau conducted an operation at the barber shop in the 44600 block of Sierra Highway on Tuesday.  After a brief surveillance, detectives quickly determined marijuana sales and made a purchase.

“Gang and narcotics activity have a very serious detrimental effect upon the quality of life,” said District Attorney Pat Nelson who will hear the case.  “Inevitably they lead to violence. If you intend to participate in either activity, Lancaster is not the place for you. We will seek you out, arrest you, and prosecute you to the fullest extent possible.”

A search warrant was served at the shop and a loaded handgun was recovered from a workstation, belonging to one of the employees — a convicted felon.  Another patron was arrested for parole violation warrants and another was arrested for outstanding misdemeanor warrants.

A 35-year-old man claiming to be the shop’s owner was arrested on suspicion of providing a location for the sales of controlled substances.  The sales were occurring with at least his implied approval if not outright assistance, according to a statement issued by the station.

Taken into custody were Anthony Bursey, 31, Anthony Hunt, 34, Phillip  Lowe, 31, Jamel Ginn, 25, all of Lancaster, and Manix Kroma, 26, listed as a  transient.

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  1. Rafael says:

    It wouldn’t be a crime if pot was decriminalized and taxed like alcohol and tobacco. Look at prohibition and the exact same environment it created. People need to get a freaken clue!

  2. unclog print head says:

    The suspects should be punished if they found guilty.

  3. alan hart says:

    Cutting hair and selling pot. What’s wrong with that. The county collects its taxes from this guy and is glad to take it. Now, he will probably go out of business and we all lose.

  4. Girl818 says:

    This is what the economy does to you. I dont blame him for making a living selling pot while cutting hair. Theres a lot of people selling drugs and other illegal stuff and whos to blame, The president cause he isn’t doing anything about this messed up economy. People have bills to pay.

  5. rv says:

    Check out the patron in the photo–they get to light up while waiting for a shave. Or is that one of the employees?

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