LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A new ad in J. Crew’s online catalog featuring a company executive painting her son’s toe nails hot pink is causing a controversy among social conservatives.

The advertisement shows Jenna Lyons, President and Creative Director for the clothing company, painting her 5-year-old son Beckett’s toe nails hot pink.  The quote accompanying the image reads, “Lucky for me, I ended up with a boy whose favorite color is pink. Toenail painting is way more fun in neon.”

Social conservatives including Erin Brown of the Media Research Center and Dr. Keith Ablow of Fox news link the pink toes to influencing the child’s choice of gender identity.

According to Ablow, the ad homogenizes males and females, “And while that may seem like no big deal, it will be a very big deal if it turns out that neither gender is very comfortable anymore nurturing children above all else, and neither gender is motivated to rank creating a family above having great sex forever and neither gender is motivated to protect the nation by marching into combat against other men and risking their lives.”

Advocacy groups disagree.

According to Mara Keisling, Executive Eirector of National Center for Transgender Equality, “This is not how the world works and not how children work, and not even how trans advocacy works.  Complaints about the ad are totally blown out of proportion. It’s just a cute ad with a cute mom-and-son scene and the kid wants to wear pink nail polish…”

We’ve seen celebrities like Seal and Dave Navarro sporting black and grey polish and Gwen Stefani’s son Kingston paint his nails and toenails neon yellow, black, red, white and blue.  No gender confusion here, just fashion.

The Williams Institute, a UCLA think tank focusing on lesbian, bisexual, bay and transgender issues, estimates 0.3 percent of homosexuals are transgendered.

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Comments (12)
  1. Pink is For Gays says:

    Bright Pink…. this kid might have a BRIGHT future. Wrong message to send to kids at that age. if his favorite color is pink maybe he is not a he or the mother really wanted a girl. i think Law and Order did an episode similar to this.

  2. David Renteria says:

    I have a 4 yr old son and he doesnt know the difference between what is really for boys or girls. He just see his sisters getting polish on their nails and doesnt know thats only for girls. Its not gonna turn him gay.

  3. mister s says:

    If the little boys favorite color really is pink and if he likes his toenails painted……. fine. But he is probobly gay already. Now if a mother is telling him thats what he likes and trying to convince him its his idea…… thats wrong.

  4. FAIRY BOY says:

    MAYBE the mother wants a girly-man.

    This mother needs to be investigated by social services. She might be super imposing some issues onto this child.

    Come back later in this childs life—- He will probably get bullied and the mother will want to sue !

    I won’t be buying J. Crew

  5. socalmal says:

    The actual article with the Dr’s comments explains the need to analyze what that mother is actually doing to her son and society. Go to Keith Ablow’s site and read what he said that caused the stir in gender identity.

  6. Wisdom Man says:

    Why would Ablow care? It’s pretty much common knowledge that he and Glenn Beck are gay lovers and want to “raise” a child together. Check this out. Looks perverted to me. http://www.amazon.com/Seven-Wonders-That-Will-Change/dp/1451625510/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1302751137&sr=1-1

  7. This is suppose to be cute says:

    This is ridiculous. First Perez Hilton gets an children’s book deal and now this. Gay is disgusting.

  8. Mel Gibson says:

    The reality is that other Kids will tease him and might even kick his Butt. He will probably end up Alcoholic following In Sheen’s footsteps, but if that what it takes to be rich who cares?

  9. Mel Gibson says:

    The reality is that other Kids will tease him and might even kick his Butt. He will probably end up Alcoholic following In Sheen’s footsteps, but if that what it takes to be rich who cares?

    The new Normal is to be rich and twisted. As long as your rich it’s OK to be anything that resembles the Devil. We are selling our souls.

  10. annalovei says:

    more dumbing down of soceity by g@ycrew. boycott those sh!tbags

  11. Tolerance says:

    There is NOTHING wrong with painting the toe nails of a 5 yr old boy. He has not been conditioned to know the distinctions that society has FORCED upon itself! This whole idea that pink is for girls or blue is for boys or that ONLY girls can paint their toenails is preposterous! There is no reason to genderize a kid who has no concept of the absurdities that he will undoubtedly be conditioned to–soon enough.

    Your mentality, the taintedness and jaded nature of your existence is a product of society, which you have all invited into your lives! Get an education and break free!!

    You only feel that way because your ignorant parents or grandparents felt that way–which is unfounded and rooted in ignorance and intolerance–and perpetuated!

    There is nothing wrong with this! Yet you think that this 5 yr old really has the capacity to know of society’s perversion! Shame on all of you!!

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