LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A Riverside teen was told she was too big to sit in the front row during a taping of American Idol.

Ashley Kauffman was given free tickets to attend the filming of American Idol and was understandably excited, until she was told she was “too big” to sit in the front row.  The 19-year-old stands 5 feet, 2 inches tall and is approximately 150 pounds.

“There were two ladies and one said, `Oh, I don’t want shorts in front’, about my friend,” said Kauffman.  “Then she looked at me and said, `Oh no, you’re too big, too heavy to be in front!'”.

According to news reports, Kauffman also said that staff seated two girls who were “super skinny and wearing little dresses” in the front row where her and her friend would have been sitting.

Miss Kauffman did receive an apology however – but only from an usher.  Now, the college student wants an apology from Idol big wigs and is speaking out to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

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  1. Mary says:

    I AM an American Idol fan – I do NOT miss a show… but even I have to agree this was cruel. Who cares what size OR color a person is… I am not interested in what anyone in the audience looks like – never even gave it thought – the only thing that interest me is the COUNTRY boy who will take it to the top 🙂

  2. Lucy Grewal says:

    This beautiful young girl is my next door neighbor and she is a very honest and lovely person, always thinking about others and taking care of her grandfather I can’t believe that anyone could be so cruel to her no one deserves to be made to feel less than I am very upset that this happened to her. American Idol needs to apologize and make sure no one is ever treated that way ever again, Your Beautiful Ashely If America knew you they would see what a great role model you are my daughters are honored to live next door to you.

    1. Terri says:

      Being a 6’2 woman this is very disturbing to me, my daughter is tall like I am. They would apparently NEVER let us sit in the front. If this is true they just lost my viewership.

  3. Deb Godbey says:

    Disgusting that American Idol, puts thinness above a person true beauty. Not only should they apologize to these girls they give them free tickets to All of their events as compensation!!

  4. ed says:

    this is typical of today’s fake and plastic society and only proves how superficial all the nitwits in hollywood are. incredibly sad that this still even happens. seacrest- out!

  5. Allen Parnell says:

    This is not the only show that does this….Mario Lopez when he does ABDC has them place what he calls the better looking girls in certain places because he doesn’t want any ugly girls in his camera shots…This happens all the time.

  6. Rich Mexican MD says:

    What can you say? Appearance do matter. I’m sure this young woman is a great person, but there is a bit of irony here. She did attend a filming of a show with the word idol in it. Think about it. The whole premise of the show is to judge others. Besides, the tickets were free. By the way, I’m not making excuses.

    1. Thevoiceofreason says:

      Your an ass….. And for your information the audience members ARE NOT THE ONES BEING JUDGED! You should post your picture so we can judge you. Your the one who is so insecure that you have to include the words “rich” and “md” in your name.

  7. Stephanie Robin Legg says:

    Im sorry, but does no one remember Ruben? WAS HE NOT HEAVY??? How dare they!!!! So if he would come to the filming would they not let him sit in the front row?

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