LOS ANGELES (CBS) – The man suspected in last week’s explosion outside the Chabad House synagogue in Santa Monica was charged with four felony counts today as county and federal prosecutors sought his extradition from Ohio.

Los Angeles County prosecutors charged Ron Hirsch, 60, with one count each of explosion with intent to murder, use of a destructive device and explosive to injure or destroy, possession of a destructive device near a  public place and possession of a destructive device near a residence.  The charges could carry a potential life prison term.

An affidavit filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles alleges that Hirsch violated federal law when he fled from California to Ohio by bus sometime last Thursday, the same day as the Santa Monica explosion.  After stops in at least 10 destinations, Hirsch was arrested in suburban Cleveland Heights Monday and placed in FBI custody after showing up at a synagogue and asking a rabbi for a place to stay.

The FBI said Hirsch, also known as Israel Fisher, is a transient known beg outside synagogues and other Jewish community centers, including Congregation Bais Yehuda on North La Brea Avenue.

Anti-Defamation League Pacific Southwest Regional Director Amanda  Susskind released a statement thanking “our partners in law enforcement —  Santa Monica Police Department, FBI, ATF and other law enforcement agencies —  for their diligence in investigating this crime and for taking a potential  threat against area synagogues seriously.”

“As soon as the Santa Monica Police Department notified us that the  April 7 incident may have been intentional, we sent a security alert to our database of Jewish institutions in the greater Los Angeles area, including a  profile of the suspect,” Susskind said.

Hirsch is expected to make his initial appearance in U.S. District Court in Cleveland on Wednesday and then be brought to Los Angeles to face the charges.

According to authorities at the FBI, a motive for the Santa Monica attack is still unknown.

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Comments (14)
  1. Thomas Bleming says:

    When is the media going to tell us all, what we already know, that this guy is JEWISH and NOT a Muslim.

  2. drozone69 says:

    Never knew the anti-defamation league was a goverment entity.The words are plain and clear “our partners in law enforcement”?Yes in this story they somehow avoid his religion.had it been anyone else they would be a christian skinhead or muslim fanatic terrorist.and it would be all over every mainstream media outlets.Just goes to show who is in charge along with a double standard.

    1. label ben fivish says:

      yeah not morons like you

  3. pfish says:

    It’s clear that you two would have either preferred a hate crime to have been perpetrated, or you would have liked to have seen the media skewer a religion needlessly. Either way, sounds like you both are pretty terrible people.

    1. Marcus says:

      Needlessly? As drozone69 says, this guy’s religion would be the lead fact in every story if he weren’t Jewish. And, we’d probably get a lot of reminders about other Jewish sites that have been targeted in the past. They won’t even say he’s Jewish prior to “…so we can’t figure out what his motive was.””

  4. windrunner says:

    This guy could be schizophrenic and believes he’s a Musjew. Why else would a Jew want to kill his own people. Yeah, I’m convinced that he thinks he’s a Musjew.

  5. Onclewillie says:

    I can’t help but wonder how does a transient have the money to buy the bomb making supplies? If he is begging for food and a place to stay, he probably doesn’t have a whole lot of money left over for explosives. This guy sounds like the classic schnorrer of Jewish tradition.

  6. Thomas Bleming says:

    The majority of these types of incidents,in the past, have been committed by Jewish individuals. You can go to the FBI records and see what is there.
    I remember, when I was living in Pennsylvania, decades ago, they had incidents where there was synagogues which were spray painted with swastikas and anti-Jewish graffiti, the same with Jewish graveyards and when the cases were solved, the culprits turned out to be Jews, NOT the so-called ‘neo-nazi’ fringe.
    Of course there will be those of you, who don’t want to accept this because you want to blame every sort of incident that involves such criminal behavior on those you despise.
    It will be interesting to learn, at his trial, the reasons for him doing what he is accused of (he is innocent until proven guilty).
    Most of those perpatrators of
    such criminal actions, as I stated earlier, have been Jewish.
    Just stating the truth is reason enough, in some of your view,to say that stating the truth makes that person anti-semetic or as pfish stated ‘pretty terrible people’.

    1. Marcus says:

      They call them “self-hating Jews” in those cases, same as when they question some Israeli government policy.

    2. adolfo says:

      nazi bs


    the guy sounds mental, but usually these reports dont tell the guys religion, but you can usually figure it out by the name

    like sheik yasin, yassir arafat, marwanbarghouti, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed OR



  8. James C. L says:

    Complete details of case including timeline from news and affidavit, see:



  9. James C. L says:

    Diagram and description of the bomb design used by Hirsch, see:



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