LOS ANGELES (CBS) — What would a government shutdown mean for your IRS refund?

Well, depending on how long the shutdown lasts…it could mean a much longer wait for your check.

Stephanie Abrams, reporting for CBS 2 and KCAL 9, took us back to 1995 when the government was previously shut down in a showdown between then President Bill Clinton and then speaker Newt Gingrich.

Abrams reports today that all is calm…but is it the calm before the storm?

She spoke with a lot of people worried and concerned that government might come to a halt by this time tomorrow.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa estimates the shutdown could cost Los Angeles as much as $560 million.

At the Federal Building on Wilshire, only emergency passports will be issued…and there is already a huge backlog.

National parks will also be closed…so if you were headed to the Santa Monica Mountains, Joshua Tree or the Angeles National Forest, stay home.

Comments (3)
  1. Osan says:

    What is the meaning behind this government shutdown? What are the benefits, if any? If this is going to cost L.A. $560 million, then why are we doing this?

  2. Morris says:

    Hey where did that 14.5 trillion go??? Hum, that is odd, I will admit that Bush get’s some of the blame but when the presant president took over they have spent over 13 trillion dollars and he is only halfway to next ellection.

  3. Fayehe says:

    If they dont want to pay our soilders bring them back home. They have not agreed with the President since he has been in office. This is a racist country against their own people. The Tea Party is a hot mess. Let’s get together and do a recall. This is not about the Republican Party or the Democrats. This is about the US citizens. This is about families who are living from one pay check to pay check. Let them give up their check also if the Federal Employees are not going to get paid why should they get paid. They are living too large.

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