LOS ANGELES (CBS) — New research suggests that pollution in Southern California may be harming our brains.

We already know that pollution can do harm to our lungs, but research from the University of Southern California suggests that residents here are even worse off thanks to our traffic-polluted freeways.

“It’s not like what you see in smog and the days when you don’t get to see the mountains,” says Todd Morgan a researcher with USC referring to the type of pollution investigated in the study.

Researchers looked at the smallest of particles that are not visible to the naked eye. Air samples were taken from the 110 Freeway near USC and exposed to mice over a 10 week exposure period, over about 150 hours. The results showed brain damage — keeping neurons from developing — which could eventually lead to memory loss, even developmental disorders in children. According to researchers there is suggestive evidence, it could happen to us too.

“I’m hoping that with further research, we can perhaps be able to figure out additional ways of lowering the effect of these particulates, other than just staying away from traffic because that’s really not doable,” says Morgan.

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  1. Steve C says:

    Not surprised. Look how the people voted in california last election.

    1. Al R says:

      I agree, they should not be allowed to vote, they are brain damaged zombies.

      1. HipHopAbs says:

        Oh sure.

        This pollution is damaging more than lungs and brains. Every body part suffers from poisonous gas.

        And this is happening in every city on earth.

        If you live in the middle of a city, or even downwind, you are a moron.

        Your brains are so damaged that you can’t even tell you’re being scammed by the government over taxes.

        Search tax law for “excluded income”
        ECFR dot GPOACCESS dot GOV
        (Title 26)

        Or just Google excluded income.

        Make the government obey the law.

      2. MissouriKyle-Reaganite says:

        These is liberal lies lies preptrated by the communist elitists in office who want to enslave the world and tax everything!!!! USC is a leftist school! that porchmonkey NObama hussein secretly hates america and wants to force abortion and green taxes on all of us.. there taxing OXYGEN FOR GODS SAKE!!!!! vote him out now! vote for a commensense constitutionalest conservative so we can end this madness! vote vote vote!!!!!!

      3. adam says:

        What a sane and well written response MissouriKyle.

    2. RightUnite says:

      Well, that certainly explains Peelosi’s everyday behavior!

      1. MDWhite says:

        Pelosi’s from Baltimore. That’s in Maryland…in case you didn’t know.

      2. Greg Miller says:

        And that explains why Maryland is in the miserable shape it is in…

      3. EducatingLiberalsDaily says:

        Baltimore? Pelosi represents the 8th California Congressional District, which covers much of San Francisco.

      4. Jos. Blough says:

        TO MD White: Pilozi moved to Calif in 1969. She’s a carpetbagge, a left winger, and definitely has a mental disorder, whether or not caused by airborne particulates.

      5. HGirl says:

        MD White–Pelosi has lived in CA for over 40 years.

    3. EM says:

      I’m born and raised in So Cal I I can assure you, we deserve all of these bad comments.

      1. ritpg says:

        EM, you sound like a wonderful person. Please do your best to escape CA. TX is a great state. I’m planning to head there myself.

      2. JustPlainFolks says:

        EM, be wary of ritpgs’ advice. Remember, Texans live in Texas.

      3. Justin says:

        If you live in Texas, you are a Texan. Duh.

      4. J in Pasadena says:

        What happened when the dumbest man in California moved to Texas? Texas’ average IQ went up, and California’s average went down!

    4. aVoice says:

      Wow! All this time I thought it was something in their water.

    5. thezapper says:

      brain damage i think not its called liberalism

      1. karl anglin says:

        Obama suffers from that as well!

      2. Billv says:

        Karl, if there was a like button you would have gotten it.

    6. John says:

      and WHAT of any importance or creativity comes out of where you live Steve C? What do you do except hate people who aren’t the same as you. What do you do ? Really. I thought so. YOu are NO crhistian. You are a racist, hating hypocrite. I can peg you from your one sentence.

      1. Billv says:

        Steve C Said: “Not surprised. Look how the people voted in california last election”

        Wow, John. No hate eminating from you.

    7. Dave R says:

      OHHH .Native so cal resident.Now I understand the reason for california being the laughing stock of the USA.Brain dead politically correct enviromental nazi voters. AHHH utopia at its finest.

    8. Glammer says:

      You post like a liberal troll who wants to make conservatives look stupid and racist.

    9. ritpg says:

      Good for you S D. But you live in a state that is hopelessly left. Why would you want to keep doing that? Do you really think it’s going to change in your life time? Get out if you can.

    10. Albert MacMeda says:

      An excellent point on the surface, but remember not all of us out here are that foolish (not all of us voted for “Moonbeam”) even though all of us are exposed to the same air, so obviously the theory is more propaganda from the left being used to justify extending government power needlessly.

      1. Billv says:

        Didn’t a USC professor just get fired for releasing research that didn’t support this propaganda?

    11. hans says:

      why do comments sections always attract the biggest idiots?

      1. BillyGoat says:

        That explains why you are here, hans.

      2. chris says:

        Comments sections are the most immediately visible portion of the mass media that’s subject to free speech. so, to keep real free speech curbed, the global elite flood all of the most accessible public forums with spam, in order to keep the common man convinced that every other common man out there is an idiot, and not to be trusted with freedom. After all, it’s a lot easier for a power to strip your rights when you don’t believe that your fellow man is smart enough to handle having those same fights for themselves.

      3. MattsAssistant says:

        This article was linked to by Drudge. He’s sort of like a fire hose that shoots out morons.

    12. Jim LV says:

      Exactly, Steve. Maybe the rats should vote in the 2012 election?

      1. Gardentoolnumber5 says:

        Probably have better results… That’s if you were referring to real rats and not the commies.

      2. Andy Del Tor says:

        Rats do vote. The Democ-rats. It explains Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, Jerry.

      3. kate says:

        My pet rats have more intelligence than what has been displayed in the comments here… I must say, I certainly would much prefer the rats to vote.

    13. Jack Kinch(1uncle) says:

      Pollution caused by population, more by overpopulation. The demos are still letting them come in and not getting rid of them. They are tax users and gasoline users.

    14. gommygoomy says:

      It does explain a lot.

  2. Doug Rose says:

    Well…that explains why those on the Left Coast are the way they are!

    1. Vin-E says:

      why all the hate for Cali? We are human beings just like you. You are human right?

      1. Dee says:

        The people who beat up the fan at Dodger stadium were not.

      2. JohnRingaux says:

        You’re a human. but if you’re from SoCal you’re not like me.

      3. ChileCat says:

        The Taliban is human too!
        Ok we’ll quite bullying your gay, gerbil loving lazy ass’s.

      4. Albert MacMeda says:

        They don’t hate “Cali”, just the idiots that vote for people like Gerry Brown. Now I’m not a hater so I don’t hate people that are that foolish, but I can’t say I understand them either and it is clear they are destroying this state.

      5. SonnyJIM says:

        Because Cali is full of knuckleheads who keep electing leftists and then wondering why the worlds 7th largest economy can’t work.

      6. sueinmi says:

        Nancy Pelosi…

  3. Jay says:

    No wonder all the idiots are out there and vote the way they do. It explains it all!

  4. agNau says:

    I cannot agree that pollution is the culprit. But I can agree there are an abundance of brain disorders in California!

    1. MDWhite says:

      …Let’s not forget New York and Massachusetts and Oregon and Nevada and Illinois…Washington DC and, of course, wherever you’re from.

    2. Albert MacMeda says:

      I was born and raised here I can confirm and explain your comment: “I can agree there are an abundance of brain disorders in California!”

      True, there are a great number of people who clearly are mentally ill here – but many of them came here from ultra-liberal places, such as the east coast. Many of them are not from here. Many of us that ARE from here are sick and tired of them destroying our state and we would do what we can to kick them out. Further, they’re increasing their power by encouraging illegal immigration, which as a rule brings in more people who vote like them – i.e. FOOLISHLY!

  5. John West says:

    Ya all those damaged brains at the jet propulsion lab in Pasadena and all those dull wits in silicone valley, …. what a crock. Souther California has too many lefties and they are brain damaged to begin with …. this another mney grab and law making opportunity for those brain dead lefties who cannot stop controlling everyone’s slightest activities.

    1. john says:

      You’re an idiot. If it were up to you racist, backward conservatives:

      Women still woudn’t be able to vote.
      There would still be slavery.
      We’d still be burning witches at the stake. AND YOU KNOW ITS TRUE JOHN WEST. Conservatives are ALWAYS on the wrong side of history. ALWAYS.

      1. LOLA says:

        Oh really? It was southern democrates in the 60’s who were against the Civil Rights movement/amendment. It was conserviatives who pushed it through. Educate yourself. Your “ALWAYS” is a lie.

      2. LOLA says:

        Oh, and BTW Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. So who’s the idiot? Educate yourself.

      3. Jeff says:

        Right and Lincoln who freed the slaves was a…Republican? Don’t you just love these guys? I mean I’m no fan of Repubs but in comparison to these yahoos its all we got.

      4. Albert MacMeda says:

        Nice, but you forget that it was DEMOCRATS, not Republicans, who tried to oppose civil rights legislation.

        You are good at spouting talking points but you know NOTHING about truth, facts, logic and history.

        Republicans were behind freeing the slaves, IDIOT!

      5. styrgwillidar says:

        Wow… I never realized that Martin Luther King was on the wrong side of history….

      6. Gardentoolnumber5 says:

        There is nobody more regressive than a Progressive. For lack of sense and facts they regurgitate nonsense. Never fails.

      7. sueinmi says:

        And just whose state is banning Happy Meals…talk about being on the wrong side of history!

  6. Bill in Tennessee says:

    I wonder if we could get President B.O. to move there…maybe the exposure would “fix” his brain. Oh wait…California. No, never mind.

  7. Chris D. says:

    Brain damage… This explains how Jerry Brown got re-elected…

  8. endgametime says:

    And the air in an office building if 5000 times more toxic than air outside, but nothing is done about it.

    1. Brady Vitrano says:

      We fired the last guy that polluted the office air with his gas. Have to start somewhere 😛

  9. Tim says:

    I know your looking for a reason that all the fruits, flakes and nutes in Southern California have brain disorders, but I think it’s a stretch to blame it on traffic pollution. I think you have the cause and effect mixed up. The lazy types with brain disorders are drawn to Southern California because of the laid back atmosphere. They don’t come there and become lazy.

  10. JohnDD says:

    I’m pretty sure all Obama supporters have brain disorders. Can I get a Federal grant to study them?

    1. Mr. Spooge says:

      Study them? You mean watch CNN?

  11. mike says:

    without a doubt, look at hollywood, and look at CA’s voting pattern

  12. WhatsTheMattaU says:

    This is nonsense. Another politically motivated study.

    Remember C.A.R.B. and Hein Tran?


    Lying biased scientists influenced by nature worshiping fanatics.

  13. Dr Pete says:

    I used to have problems like that, but I just smoke more pot and I don’t notice it any more.

  14. Cogiito says:

    The study pre-supposes that people in California do not already suffer from brain disorders.

  15. RufusVonDufus says:

    Hey, everybody in fly-over country always knew there had to be some reason for the insane behaviors of those fool liberals in California. The conservatives must try to spend a lot of time out of California. Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein and Brown must never leave California as they are the biggest azzez in the history of a mexican state.

  16. HipHopAbs says:

    How ridiculous.

    This pollution is damaging more than lungs and brains. Every body part suffers from poisonous gas.

    And this is happening in every city on earth.

    If you live in the middle of a city, or even downwind, you are a moron.

    Your brains are so damaged that you can’t even tell you’re being scammed by the government over taxes.

    Search tax law for “excluded income”
    (Title 26)

    Or just Google excluded income.

    1. WhatsTheMattaU says:

      Sounds like you have fallen for this insanity hook, line and sinker.

      The crowd that has a desire to tax the air we exhale and believes that CO2 is a pollutant when in reality it is a nutrient.

      1. sueinmi says:

        Taxing insanity may be the deficit solution for CA.

  17. MadCharles says:

    The only brain disorder is in Sacramento and with the extreme environmentalist….

  18. Anthony Perlingos says:

    This could explain alot of things. Like why we continue to vote Democrat and are more worried about Happy Meals and the rights of sex offenders.

  19. Mike says:

    Pelosi…’nuff said.

  20. Bigjohn4USA says:

    I’ve lived in CA for 44 years. Air pollution is WAY DOWN from the 70s now that smog checks and cleaner cars are on the road. This study is just another looney left attempt to point to the evils of capitalism.

  21. Jim says:

    Next, maybe some other states need to be tested!(i.e. Illinois?)

  22. ra44mr2 says:

    Nah im thinking its just living in such close proximity with so many liberals that causes the brain damage.

  23. Quiet Desperation says:

    The people just accepting this story are the bra8in damaged ones.

    [1] How many stories does there need to be where large or prolonged doses of something are given to mice, the mice get hurt (duh!) and it’s immediately extrapolated to human. Did you see how they carefully worded it so as to suggest it but not get caught outright making the claim?

    [2] Is there something magically different about California traffic? If this study is true, would it not be true in *any* urban area with traffic?

    [3] Is it really smog hiding the mountains anymore? Back in the 1970’s it was. The horizon was always brownish colored. These days it looks like just good old haze.

    QUESTION every news story, people. Hey, maybe there is something to this study. Maybe not. But until anything is verified, ASK QUESTIONS!

    FYI: California voted the way it did last election due to simple ignorance: people don’t pay attention anymore. They don’t ask QUESTIONS.

  24. styrgwillidar says:

    I’ve got some questions:

    – Is this another study by someone with faked credentials and manufactured data commissioned by the California Air Resources Board (similar to the diesel particulate study) to justify them imposing draconian anti-business idealogiaclly driven regulations?

    – Is this some researchers realizing now that the scientific evidence is drying up the man-made global warming research grant teat trying to find the next politcally correct theme for the next grant funding teat?

    BTW Quiet desperation, no the people in CA voted the way they did because they treat political parties and the elected officials like sports teams instead of our paid employees. It’s rep or dem, not who is going to do what makes sense for the good of the state.

  25. damon beckett says:

    folks shouldn’t smoke pot in an idling car.

  26. Mr. Spooge says:

    We’ve known about the brain damage in California for years – it’s called Liberalism.

  27. PooMan says:

    This study is poo.

  28. Constitution First says:

    “Mr. Spooge
    We’ve known about the brain damage in California for years – it’s called Liberalism.”

    You stole my thunder…

  29. AL says:

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    1. Albert MacMeda says:

      Not buying gas on a particular day just makes more people buy it the days just before or after that day. If you really want to put a dent in gas buying GET A BICYCLE OR RIDE THE BUS/TROLLEY/SUBWAY, give up your car.

      Or get a Prius, like me…

    2. sueinmi says:

      Al, if we could get some drilling done around here the price would come down immediately. THE REGULATIONS by the EPA (appointed by Obama) are responsible for this mess. What about the farmers who depend upon fuel? The price of food is going to skyrock because of this administration. Thought they cared about the poor? Obama gives BILLIONS to Brazils Petrobus to drill but won’t put people to work drilling here? Cuba is ready to drill multiple fields in the GULF. We’re going to be Cuba in a few short years, thanks to this administration. What a fool…do you live in California?

  30. Plato says:

    Finally we know why our Hollywood “stars” sound so lame and think they’re so intelligent (i.e., today Alec Baldwin says Obama’s problem as President is that because of our financial problems he hasn’t been able to spend money! HUH?

  31. John Keyes says:

    How true. look at the Los Angeles Board of Supervisor and the liberals on the Los Angeles City Council. Plus look at the liberals who represent Los Angeles in the Assembly and the State Senate.

  32. Spider says:

    Pollution from cars? No. What’s causing brain damage out there in Mexifornia is liberalism. Scientists have now proven that liberalism is in fact, a mental disorder.

  33. Dan says:

    “Maybe”…Ok got it. Thanks for the conclusive news.

  34. Harpon says:

    NOISE POLLUTION surely harms our mental health and thinking processes whether air pollution does or not

    the constant distractions of modern life- roaring motors, barking dogs, blasting trains, loud sirens, booming music and the rising philosphies of intentional distraction all destroy our trains of thought

    and would more create a profile reflective of mental disorders if it was all constantly monitored on a machine. Psychologists and sociolologists should be screaming about it all, but must play politica correctness just to stay in business.

  35. Hank Warren says:

    Useless EPA (as radiation floats into Cali), yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  36. Terry Knows Moore says:

    Another idoit report to control the people who must drive a car……as far as brain damage, that would be their water more than anything else…California the leader in liberal idoits deserve what is ahead of them……….

  37. Mike Sarkisian says:

    I remember that song: You haven’t lived, until you have died in L.A.

  38. aVoice says:

    All this time I thought it was something in their water.

    1. sueinmi says:

      Just wait until the radiation kicks in..

  39. daimbramage says:

    Well, I think it’s liberal exhaust… There’s an obvious solution to this, make liberals put a catalytic converter over their mouths, we can stop the society pollution right away.

  40. daimbramage says:

    It’s Bush’s fault………….

  41. LIberals are nuts says:

    OH just like the Liberals in Europe want to do BAN CARS in all Cities, then they will take them away from people in the suburbs, Liberals are always trying to take things away from us. THE BRAIN STUDY THING IS A JOKE!

  42. ChileCat says:

    I hope they raise Cali taxes to 75%, eliminate all cars burning gas then give it back to Mexico, before they take it from you tree hugging losers.

  43. Irwin says:

    This is common knowledge … it’s the FLOURIDE PARTICULATES that cause this! The same happens when you cook with Teflon Pans … Teflon releases poisonous Flouride Gas! If you live even within 400 yards of a freeway (4 football fields) you are experiencing sever poisoning and brain degeneration. This is a FACT!

  44. Craigster says:

    The disorder is called liberalism.

  45. pamlinson says:


  46. Bob4King says:

    ’causes brain damage’ … it obviously has those people living in CA are nut cases … I know, I use to live there, but I got out before too much damage was done.

  47. MDWhite says:

    Air pollution…? Does anyone remember not that many years ago when you didn’t breathe, you chewed the air in L.A.?

    I easily recall days when my lungs burned and they wouldn’t us outside to play because the air was so bad. We called them “Yellow Days” because the sky was literally a dirty yellow in color.

    Anyone who thinks the air quality in Southern California hasn’t improved 1000% over the past few years is an absolute moron who will have to blame their mental deficiencies on something else…

  48. bethesdabrat says:

    Well, brain damage would certainly explain the solidly Democratic voting bloc.

  49. klbhen says:

    I heard a former California Politician on the radio this past week, Says that California, cannot be saved. It is too far gone. So Sad……

  50. jules says:

    And yet, California wants to ban outdoor smoking over the fear of a wisp of tobacco smoke.

  51. Radar in VA says:

    Sure explains, Pealousy-Babs Boxer-D Frankenfinesteinand and ole Moonbeam.

  52. Irwin says:

    California Was great in the 80’s before all the rude east-coast aholes moved here … and then it only got worse when the vile liberals let the border gates open … now we have rude people and the violent mexican population among us … Californian’s growing up were always laid back and friendly. New York gave us their rude and stupid liberals; Mexico gave us their uneducated and criminal group. Don’t blame CA, its’ the unwanted that have moved here that have ruined it like their sewage States and Country.

  53. Dylan says:

    You can tell if a link to an article is posted on a right wing or left wing blog/forum because of all the predictable, idiotic partisan comments

  54. Dallas Mitchell says:

    Well that explains everything about California they all have brain damage.

  55. Jen says:

    Wow- it’s all starting to make sense now. This really explains ALOT! California can’t help being liberal – they are all brain damaged

  56. Irwin says:

    Obviously CA is Brain DEAD … they voted for Jerry Brown, renowned in the 70’s for pioneering public tax money to be given to prisons so SATAN Worshippers can have a coven in prison … what kind of person does this? Jerry Brown must be a Satanist to drive this !!! So go figure, someone with a heart for SATAN is running Californina! This explains all the liberals in this state!

  57. ByteRider says:

    Is anyone surprised given the amount of insanity in Ca? It had to be something “in the water”.

  58. Lee Reynolds says:

    The air quality in California is far better than it was in the 60’s and 70’s, so if brain damage were an issue it would have been noted in the test scores of kids in places like California long ago.

    I’d also like to know what methodology they followed. Did they separate out these especially small particulates and expose the mice only to them, or did they expose the mice to the raw sample and then attribute the change to their preferred bogeyman particles? What happened in the control group? How much damage did they actually observe?

    How does this research play into political agendas that seek to tyrannize the nation, and the world?

  59. zef says:

    Air samples were taken from the 110 Freeway near USC and exposed to mice over a 10 week exposure period, this is why research done with mice is outdated and ridiculous, ask the researchers if the mouse got to go anywhere outside the lab, humans are in a constant state of movement, i.e., going to work, going to school, going to the beach, the mountains etc, etc, I don’t think anyone will refute the health risks of living near a L.A. freeway, but this sounds like the usual bad science fear mongering that constantly come out of the media, check the title:

    “USC Researchers Say Pollution May Be Harming Our Brains”

    the research is inconclusive, so why run a story, what’s the point, other than to sell sensational headlines, the bottom line being the bottom line, it’s all about money.

  60. Greg Miller says:

    Well son of a gun…that explains why California is the way it is…

  61. Bob in TN says:

    Well, I guess that explains why there are so many Liberals in S. California. Pollution induced brain damage.

  62. Tim says:

    Actually. liberalism is a proven brain disorder.

  63. J. McKool says:

    This explains a lot about Californians

  64. Jimmy Crack says:


  65. Historyshowsus says:

    This explains a lot about CA and NY

  66. john says:

    I guess that explains Boxer & Puke-losi,

  67. Bob in TN says:

    Don’t forget, John. It was the Democratic Party that promoted slavery and segregation. Not Republicans or Conservatives. You need to read you American history more closely. The hate from the Left far exceeds any comments I have ever heard from the Right. The best thing that Americans can do is forget party, Left or Right, and think for ourselves what is right and wrong. We must not let the politicians and talking heads speak or think for us.

    1. Anti-Bob says:

      Seriously Bob? Are you saying that southern conservatives did not promote slavery?? Wow, to live in your brain for a day, where reason has no place and cause and effect are meaningless. A little history lesson: Democrats were actually conservative then! I know that’s hard to get your head around, but Lincoln would unquestionably have been a liberal democrat by today’s standards. He favored Gov’t involvement in transportation, banking, and other internal improvements, urbanization as well as protective tariffs. These are “liberal” notions. Try reading! The hate from the left exceeds the hate from the right? Really? Try reading some of these posts, most of which directly state that liberalism is a mental disorder. I don’t see that from the left.

      1. Hyon says:

        Because the left today has no rational thinking ablity. They can only read talking points from thier masters. Anyone who disagrees with a liberal is branded Extreme or Raciest. The illegals have polluted California and you liberal create sactuary cities for them. On the road California is going it will be bankrupt and the people you welcomed in will kick your kind out or worse.

  68. OverTheCoastline says:

    In a related story, Southern Californians overwhelmingly vote Democrat, the state is broke and in disarray, and Los Angeles has the worst school district in the nation.

  69. AFractoid says:

    This “study” not only cost the taxpayers of California money, it will now be used as an excuse to force us to drive those silly little clown cars. Sorry, I’m keeping my gas burning, smoke producing, noise polluting muscle car, and the rest of the fruitcakes in California can eat my dust.

    rightwinginc.com – anti-liberal gear

  70. charlie harper says:

    only brain disorder could explain the constant re-electing of lowlifes like Boxer-Brown-Pelosi-and all the other freaks.

  71. LR says:

    You mean, disorders other than voting Democrat?

  72. jake49 says:

    This is a load of bunk. The originator of this so called scientific finding was a (Dr.) Tran. This man is not a scientist with a PhD. He bought his PhD for $1000 from a diploma factory online. When a real scientist, a professor at UCLA, blew the whistle on CARB for hiring Tran two CARB board members (also professors at UCLA) moved to have Professor Engstrom fired from UCLA. Totally illegal and unethical at least. The UC board of regents are in hot water with congress over this and are being asked to explain why they are allowing professor Engstrom to be fired.

  73. rickster says:

    thant makes so much sense now……….wow no wonder California is so idiotic and does not work!

  74. Sam says:

    It’s a proven fact that liberals have a mental disorder. Maybe this is the reason why.

  75. BornFreeAmerican says:

    That explains it! LOL!!

  76. Donald says:

    Can we sue the oil companies yet? Maybe they need to finance clean energy to stop this!

  77. Tom Walsh says:

    This may offer an explaination for California politics.

  78. Keith says:

    Bad news for China, and our relations with the Chinese.

  79. jgalt says:

    liberalism is a form of mental disease; and it is destroying California. the rest of the country is not bailing you out anymore, enjoy the ride to the bottom of the ocean…

  80. Bill Moore says:

    This is more of a chicken or egg scenario. Did they study a bunch of California Democrats and find that they had mental diisorders or did they study a bunch of people with mental disorders and discover that they were California Democrats?

  81. jj says:

    That would explain a lot.

  82. H. Johnson says:

    This certainly explains a lot about why these people do what they do.

  83. MACHISMO says:


  84. Ross says:

    Yep, this partially explains the illogical liberal bias of voters in Southern California…and explains the election of Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi. Better clean that pollution up before it is too late. Maybe they can use Superfund money to do it.

  85. Gunny G says:

    Mexifornians + Pollution = Stupid liberals.

  86. Jim Bud says:

    It would be nice to be able to totally stop this effect in our cities, but our ancestors lived in caves, huts and houses with open fires and the air in these places was terrible if measured on the same scale used for this study. Somehow, we all survived as a people. It showes that there is an effect from “living too cose” to one another, but most green folks want us to live close and not damage the world’s open space. Well, living close has a price. And it will never be zero…..

  87. Trojen says:

    Let’s check USC researchers’ brains first, then we can conclude whether the brains were damaged by the pollution or something else (like environmental politics).

  88. Hyon says:

    This explains what is happening in all major cities in America.
    Liberism is a Mental Disorder.

  89. jxgrab says:

    California should raise gas prices to $10 a gallon so no one can afford to drive and then the rest of their citizens will leave the state thus pollution will go down

  90. Mike says:

    aha, So that why the Dodger fans are so loco!!!

  91. Hyon says:

    Liberalism has failed everywhere it has been tried. America is bankrupt. “Illegal Imigration” has wrecked this country, because the Feds refuse to enforce the laws they are sworn to protect. And yet you keep electing the same politicans year after year. Better start wearing a pollution mask, maybe your synaps will start to fire again.

  92. Michael says:

    In all seriousness, this explains so much that could never have been logically explained before. Here’s the problem though; those who are affected will be so offended by the news that they will spend 100% of their effort to discredit or deny the report and 0% solving the issue. Instead, they are allowed to become damaged human beings that eventually spread out across the entire country because no one can stand it in So. CA forever.

  93. Jeff says:

    It must be what causes the mental disorder known as Liberalism.

  94. rowley says:

    Calif. brains are so wacky how would anyone be able to tell if something else was making it worse. Look at their government and nothing could get worse.

  95. BillyGoat says:

    We know Southern Kali residents are mentally suspect, but what is Florida’s excuse?

  96. Jingles Jubilee says:

    The ‘feedback” here is beyond pathetic.

  97. McJeebers Frilkon says:

    Wow so much evidence of astroturfing going on this “debate”. I expect some halfwitted remark about how stupid I am for writing this. But, you know what? Wouldn’t that just add weight to my claim? Bully people so that the undecided jump on the bandwagon?

  98. AnneP says:

    Boy, brain damage, huh? That really explains California.

  99. Californium says:

    Did they at least get a scientist for this study who didn’t buy his PhD off of the internet?

    Oh, this just in, water can lead to death by asphyxiation in large doses!

  100. snowcloud says:

    This explains the high number of liberal voters in California.

  101. spawnn44 says:

    There next study will be from a government grant of $5,000,000 to study if AGW affects the number of beats per second the annibelle humingbird flaps its wings.

  102. Craig W says:

    Traffic pollution giving Californians brain damage: Well that explains a lot of things. Now we know how Moonbeam got elected.

  103. jewhader says:

    We should gift kalifornia to mexico.

  104. Buckwheat says:

    Gas fumes cause brain damage ? Now I know what Ozzy Osborn’s problem is !

  105. Bob in Merced CA says:

    Calfifornia is on it’s death bed. Only a matter of time, a short time befroe it is bankrupt and a carbon copy of a Mexican getto run by drug cartels and street gangs.
    The libs will be thrilled.

  106. criticaltheory says:

    The Fifth Column Media is packed from top to bottom with COMMUNISTS.

  107. Dan reilly says:

    It’s worth a long thought when one listerns to the rants and ravings of many Hollywood types, Alec Baldwin must spend lot’s of time in traffic, he’d make a good subject for deep study, in my opinioin.

    1. Ray says:

      he’d make a better necropsy subject.

  108. Noonzie says:

    uh oh.. Obama might want to reconsider his efforts for cleaner power. Apparently polluted brains are what keep democrats elected.

  109. Brian says:

    Ultra Fine Particulate Smog (UFPS) IS the problem and it’s causing the memory loss and alzheimers disease and sickness. The autos made over the last 15 years emit ultra fine particulate chemical toxins that pass by the catalytic converter and directly enter our bloodstream when breathed into the lungs. GOOGLE: “Ultra Fine Particulate Smog”. The long term solution to this disaster is hydrogen powered cars and trucks..

    1. SammieJo says:

      everything we breathe or eat eventually goes through our liver, so is there an abundance of liver disease in Calif too?

  110. LawSudent says:

    But legalized mrijuana doesn’t harm their brains!?!

  111. SammieJo says:

    How can we take this report seriously, isn’t USC in Calif? Are the people who did the study brain-damaged?
    What a bunch of tools! lol

  112. mistah j says:

    OK. Soooo…
    (1) The brilliant scientists and engineers I work with from polluted hellholes of India and China are brain-damaged, but they just don’t realize it.
    (2) The great technical minds that emerged from the coal-dusted cities of the Industriial Revolution were actually cretins, but, again just didn’t know it.
    (3) USC “researchers” now admit that the finest brains in America come from the clean-aired heartland of the Midwest (Flyover Country!!!)

    Could you guys please find real jobs?

  113. get It? says:

    Speaking of dragon flies, ice cream has no bones.

  114. tlmoon2112 says:

    Makes sense when you consider that CA is 48th out of 50 in education. Theyre literally some of THE dumbest people on the planet and the way they vote shows it. So glad I got the hell out of that hell hole of a state.

    1. Losersayswhat? says:

      We’re glad you’re gone too loser.
      Must be nice to be such a genius as yourself.
      Don’t make up stats dude, especially when they are that ridiculous.

  115. bobby barre says:

    That explains alot!

  116. amplitude jones says:

    well, if there is a reason they keep electing the space alien henry waxpigman, I can stop HATING THEM… But I still want them all dead.

  117. bobby barre says:

    That certainly does not come as any surprise.

  118. AnneP says:

    Bring on the lawsuits!

  119. FN Cee says:

    Clearly, this is a “no brainer” …

  120. Mike says:

    The fools in CA pay extra for MTBE’s and other additives. Yes there brain damaged for being so easily led around by the nose while being kicked in the ass, they get off on being ignorant. CA is a state of Homer Simpsons, look how they vote, they deserve ever bit of suffering they get. I for one have no pity for these lemmings. Good luck and good riddance!

  121. Me says:

    Look at all the drudge freako’s commenting on here. Get a life.

    1. txguy71 says:

      Well, who needs to get a life?

  122. Logo4245 says:

    This certainly explains how Nancy Pelosi stays in office.

  123. rjsst says:

    Obama must have spent alot of time around pollution, he for sure is brain damaged. Wait he IS POLLUTION

  124. AnthrDemLobbyist says:

    No kidding the smog causes brain damage. Look at how many people in CA voted for Obama. Got the same problem in Chicago and New York.

  125. Red Ruffansore says:

    At least now we know why you vote like morons

  126. Jim M says:

    Wow! I knew taking drugs couldn’t have caused all that behavior.

  127. OrneryEagle says:

    …now we Know what’s wrong with Pelosi, Brown, Boxer, etc, etc.

  128. txguy71 says:

    That might explain the voting preferences in L.A. I was born there and lived there for 37 years before escaping to Texas. I managed not to become a liberal, but did acquire a taste for tofu. Fortunately, I moved into a part of evil, racist, capitalist Texas where there are excellent Asian restaurants to assuage the obvious affects of L.A. smog…

    1. txguy71 says:

      That was “effects.” I knew that. Sorry, L.A. schools educated me, too…

  129. SamHouston says:

    Come on now, there isnt a thing wrong with Texas that keeping all the fruits, nuts and flakes from the rest of the country coming here wouldnt cure….

  130. elda says:

    I think it is important that every brain in southern CA be taken out and fully checked for damage and when that has been done everyone in San Francisco should be done too.

  131. Ray says:

    If this study is true what accounts for the brain damaged voters in San Franscisco?

  132. firstpoppa says:

    So that explains voting for Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer and Brown; in-state tuition for illegals, and “sanctuary cities”.

  133. pyeatte says:

    The fumes are not from cars…it’s from all the weed.

  134. AlfredHuseeinNeuman says:

    How in the world could they tell So Cal people had brain damage? After all, They’re all liberals anyway.

  135. J L King says:

    Finally… an explanation!

  136. Personal plates says:

    fake tree huggers would rather sit on the freeway for four hours rather than carpool just so everyone can see them in their bmw with their dopey personalized plates that say something like LUV2SURF or IMRICH…… That’s ok, the whole state will be completely Mexican soon enough, with some small gated communities on the coast housing the whites. oops!, it’s already that way. Smog was worse then today??????? Riverside disagrees, and fly in and cut through the smog with the jet engines.bye bye Spicoli and the rest of the SC burnouts.

  137. denis says:

    Really? Pollution causes brain damage? And I thought it was because you are all kool aid drinking liberals.

  138. Michael Johnson says:

    These is liberal lies lies preptrated by the communist elitists in office who want to enslave the world and tax everything!!!! USC is a leftist school! that porchmonkey NObama hussein secretly hates america and wants to force abortion and green taxes on all of us.. there taxing OXYGEN FOR GODS SAKE!!!!! vote him out now! vote for a commensense constitutionalest conservative so we can end this madness! vote vote vote!!!!!!

    good sir while I will not harp on your freedom of speech I would only implore you to understand that when you use words geared towards racism or insulting someone else with words it hinders our cause to get the guy out of office. I would suggest we focus on bringing people the truth and the truth is he has no idea what he is doing and is a puppet for higher powers. We don’t have to change the story over and over again if we just tell the truth. Sooner or later he will run out of lies and the ones told thus far will catch up to him. USA is Obama proof its going to take a lot more than him to bring us down thats for sure.

  139. JayPhil says:

    It’s a good thing that I’m not a mouse!

  140. Alice Polarbear says:

    Of COURSE they are brain-damaged! Look at how they vote.
    Air pollution must be even worse in San Francisco. They are even more stupid and evil. Look at the trash THEY vote in!

  141. ditchdigger2 says:

    They are going to starve, before polution kills them. I am a Kalivornykn native son, we have stopped all productivity, industrial, ag., mining, timber, we would opt to let it burn, hydro electric power, the most efficent, safest power here is, with flood control as a byproduct. Our coast has hundreds of years of untapped oil and gas supplies, our deserts have untold mineral deposites, that have been locked up in “environmently sensitive areas”. We are fighting wars for assets we already have, why? We are being minipulated and used by our own administration, and at least four administrations prior.

  142. Egfrow says:

    Libs! Stop using MLK as your political sword. He was a Republican. check it out for yourselves.

  143. B Forrest says:

    Maybe that’s what’s causing you to keep voting for extreme liberal policies and politicians

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