LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Is it still safe to go to Dodger games anymore?

A prayer vigil set for Wednesday evening in honor of Brian Stow — the San Francisco Giants fan who was attacked on Sunday in a post-game parking lot brawl — will likely bring renewed focus on safety concerns at Dodger Stadium.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports fans are largely split on whether the potential risk to their personal safety is worth the price of admission.

One man told KNX 1070 he wouldn’t be worried about his safety at a Dodger game, while another said he wouldn’t even bother going to a game, saying there is a larger problem with the mentality of Dodger fans.

Team officials continue to face growing pressure to boost security at the Elysian Park site — an effort even Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has joined after producing a public service announcement calling for fans from both cities to cool their traditional rivalry.

Los Angeles Times columnist T.J. Simers tells KNX 1070 the “absurd” response from Dodgers owner Frank McCourt does little to address the long-simmering situation that has underpinned the security issues at the stadium.

“We’re talking about people who are taking their kids to the ballpark, they’re hearing obscenities left and right, they’re bothered by drunks,” said Simers. “There’s a feeling of threats, people cutting in front of lines, people flashing a knife in their pants to show they can go where they want.”

Dodgers officials have so far declined to comment on calls for better security and tighter restrictions on alcohol sales.

The L.A. City Council, the Dodgers and the Giants have teamed up to offer more than $100,000 to anyone with information that leads to the arrest of those involved with the assault.

Click here to donate funds to help the Stow family with their medical costs and other expenses.

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Comments (166)
  1. Ben says:

    Dodger Stadium is a safe place if you mind your own business and don’t irritate anyone especially if you are a Giants fan.

    1. John says:

      Dodger stadium is not safe. I have been there where there has been a fight, a stabbing. Ive seen people so drunk barfing “BEFORE” the game started.

    2. Fred says:

      disagree, I stopped going years ago, the fans cuss at anyone not cheering for the Doyars.

    3. KateK says:

      My husband was at this game. He said that there was a lot of trash talking from the Giants fans. He said it was pretty out of control, and you just knew something was going to happen.

      Last time I was there, 2 rows down, really drunk and obnoxious guy. We complained, as did a bunch of other people, but they just left him there, and worse, Im fairly sure he drove home.

      1. Karen says:

        You husband’s comment “that he just knew something was going to happen” is evidence that your husband is one of the fans with which the rest of the fans have issues. He “just knew something was going to happen?”

        Do you not understand how this confirms that Dodger fans are out of control?

        He “just knew something was going to happen.”

        God help us.

      2. Darren Chandler says:

        Right, I was there, too. I was concerned for the Giants fans there because of all the drunk “fans”, but not for myself. By the way “fans” are DOYER fans. I’m a Dodger fan, thank you very much. It’s a huge rivalry and it will never die. At this point, though, the fan support just might. I won’t stop going to games, but I’ll never sit in the cheap seats again.

      3. Edward says:

        One time in band camp…….. Hahaha you sound like a little old lady that would attend a figuere skating event. Welcome to LA! We’re here to stay! What else you going to complain about? Traffic! Go back to your dirt town, population 1500 middle of nowhere. No rivalry compares to this one, drink up! its legal, hahaha. You can thank your goverment, or you can always be an Vngels fan. Wake up white people!!!

    4. Ashley says:

      Actually it’s comments like yours and fans like you that REAL Dodger and Giants fans avoid going to Dodger Stadium. Yes, there is a big rivalry between the Giants and Dodgers TEAMS, but when people are getting things thrown at them or beaten up ONLY because they are wearing the logos of the opposing team, then that’s disgusting. The lowlife Dodger fans have ruined the fun for the REAL Dodgers and Giants fans to enjoy a day out at the ballpark.

    5. Chris says:

      Youre an idiot. I always mind my own business and still get bothered just cause I’m wearing my Padres fitted. Theres a reason I only sit dugout club, baseline box, or field level seats, so i dont have to deal with the poor lowlifes that grace the pavillions.

      1. Marissa says:

        Chris you’re an idiot. Why are you wearing a Padres uniform at a Dodgers game in Los Angeles in the first place. Don’t you know any better? Common sense man!

    6. Luis says:

      bill is an idiot.

    7. Superdago says:

      Ben you are dillusional. Mind your own business even as someone gets their head stomped in by a chicken *$%& Dodger fan who attacks you from behind? Yeah just don’t pay any attention. Let people cut in front of you and don’t say anything? At least grow some guts and go face to face with the person to give them a fair chance. You are such a wimp and despicable excuse for a human being.

    8. Boxingfan213 says:

      What an elitist racist comment, go watch water polo rich boy. Baseball is for hard working people who get off work and go catch a game. I love Dodger games, watching the opposing teams fans get beaten down is part of the entertainment.

      1. SHARON says:


    9. Kathy says:

      Ben, you are an idiot and probably frineds with the cowards that did this. He was minding his own business. He was walking to his car….that’s it. Besides irritaiting someone does not give anyone the right to beat them down.

    10. Duh! says:

      Looks like we just found one of the suspects. It is Boxingfan213.

      He states that he likes to beat down opposing team fans. Even his handle is about fighting. Unless he is referencing the Boxer Rebellion, but that too involved a lot of violence.

    11. mr. t says:

      No Bill’s got it correct! Never would I go see a Dogtown game! Never, ever…drunks everywhere..my midwestern brother thought he’d catch a game last year. He was harrassed by drunk fans, saw a dog fan beat on his girl and then proceeded the big bad dog fan thought he’d be oh so cool and spill his beer all over! My bro was disgusted with the low life and could’nt believe how rounchy it’s all become! Welcome to Me he co!

    12. AMERICA says:

      No, actually he’s not. It’s all those same “Doyer” fans that cause most of the problems. Nothing but little thugs that probably don’t have jobs, but, have enough money for a DODGER ticket and cerveza. They probably have beat-up cars with spinners on them, too.

    13. shiggity says:

      they need to make Dodger stadium the next land fill. I would never take my 10 year old to that dump

  2. Brad Pilz says:

    It used to be a fun place to go and take your kids.. I grew up going to games.. Now i dont think i would take my kids again.. I think the thugs have taken over.. And i think the Dodgers Organazation as a whole needs more patrol in the parking lots. Its a very scary place in those lots at night time

  3. jaided says:

    Im a dodger fan and love dodger stadium since i was a kid. For christmas all i wanted was a set of opening day tkts to a dodger game. it was different back then. Now even i as a dodger fan sometimes feel unsafe to take my own children because of all the drunks cusing and gang banging mentality at a dodger game. Security should have a zero tolerance for drunk cusing fans. kick them out no warnings.



    1. Karen says:

      It is a pity isn’t it. It’s a far cry from the subway passengers who apprehended a low life who was trying to rape a girl.

  5. Jim Gates says:

    angel games are much better the security is off duty anaheim police officers

    1. Brad Pilz says:

      I agree.. I think the Dodger admin is so cheap with there hiring.. I have seen gang members as security and turn there back when there is trouble.. Come on take advise from the Angels

    2. Artie says:

      wasnt a fan killed last year during a Angels-A’s game, its the mentality of people now days, Idiots

      1. cande says:

        Yes I seem to recall that stabbing also but everyone has forgotten bout the Angel drama and jumped on the Dodger hater bandwagon…..Serious!!!!!
        Not all Dodger Fans are losers like the guys that did this….

  6. jim says:

    I went to two games last year. Fights in the stands each time. I will NEVER go to a game there again. It is a long drive to Anaheim but what a different crowd

  7. Dodger Fan says:

    Just don’t wear a Giants jersey and you’re fine!!!

    1. Fred says:

      You sir are part of the problem, homir

      1. alex ruiz says:

        what’s a homir?

      2. SHARON says:


    2. Giants Fan says:

      That”s a stupid comment. Just goes to show the thug mentality of Dodger fans. The gangs have taken over the Dodger fan base, and Dodger blue is just another gang insignia. Dodger fans are the baseball equivalent of Raider fans–moronic idiots who like cheap beer and tasteless hot dogs

      1. Artie says:

        wait a minute, the same thing happens in San Francisco, and i have seen it, and Giant orange is just another Gay insignia, see how stupid that sounds



  9. "used" to be fan... says:

    I am just going to be honest and say what non of you has the ball to say. Ghetto! Place is taken over by low class ghetto! That’s what it is!

    1. John says:

      You sir, are correct

  10. Stella says:

    Dodgers Stadium is surrounded by Ghettos. Same as Staples center or LA Coliseum, but at least USC games involve MOSTLY educated young & responsible adults.

    1. Marissa says:

      Stella, you are such a fool. Evidently you never been to Staples Center. It’s not a ghetto in that part of Los Angeles. There are million dollar condos in the area and it’s a nice high class area. You need to get out more often.

  11. ILLEGALS says:

    Dodger Stadium is very dangerous. Especially with LA gangs wearing LA dodger blue hats & uniforms.

    1. Dodger Blue says:

      ILLEGALS- you are 100 % correct the issues are caused by the 5% of the crowd who are drunken gang bangers. The Dodgers can’t sell tickets well did they ever stop to think that it’s because of the bad crowd they attract. If they made security their top priority (and I’m not talking about hiring more $8 an hour gang bangers) then maybe it would be inconvenient for the gangsters to attend and the families and influential members of our society will once again start to attend games.

  12. stay at home dodger fan says:

    you’d be CRAZY to go to a dodger game these days! the organization cares not too much for security of their fans..that’s why you hear so many incidents of fights, assaults, drunks, etc..etc….bring my family there? not these days. it’s sad cause it used to be such a wonderful place to bring the kids…dodgers need to START CARING about the state of security at the ballpark!!!

  13. Ray says:

    I have gone to many Dodger games and have never had a problem. I don’t see too many problems. All these shock jocks on right-wing hate radio need to stop the race baiting. Especially those racist thugs with microphones on KFI. This is not a “Mexican” problem.. Most of the Mexicans at Dodger games are law-abiding families. it’s just a matter of having tighter security and less alcohol sales.

    1. Ruben N. says:

      Ray, the few times that I’ve been to a Dodger game I too notice that the guys being kicked out were Hispanics. I agree that the percentage of trouble makers is low but the percentage of the trouble makers that are Hispanics is high. Let’s not ignore the facts. We as Hispanics need to teach our kids how to be law abiding honorable men, and that excessive alcohol drinking and acting or appearing tough does not make a man.

      1. AMERICA says:


  14. John says:

    I agree with “Use to be a fan” The last time I took my boys to watch a game, it was like we were on the streets of East L.A. We sat in mid-level seating and the Ghetto around us were drunk, using foul language and flashing gang signs to the low lifes in the Pavillion seating. Try going to Petco Park, it’s a much better atmosphere, fun and no Ghetto.

    1. Ray Kroc says:

      when have you walked the streets of east LA? Petco Park? just down the street from the ghetto under the Coronado bridge??

  15. Fred says:

    Mc Court is a nut, he though besides the mugging opening day was perfect…. 70+ arrest is a perfect day?

  16. Mike says:

    Dodger Stadium used to be a safe place back in the day, when there was no gangs of low life mexicans causing problems there. Low life mexicans have ruined the image of dodger stadium. I am sure that other MLB cities have there share of problems at their parks too, but the gang banging mexicans are all over dodger stadium.

    Most of the mexicans cannot afford to sit in field box, lodge box, club level, diamond/dogout, or lower reserved seats. So your pretty much safe in those locations while at a dodger game.

    Now when you get to left fild and right field pavillion seats, the upper reserved seats and the way up on top seats, there are going to be more bald headed droopy pants tatttoo infested mexicans there.

    Now the parking lot is a different story. Gangs of mexican thugs hang around after the game instead of going back home or to k mart.

    The jealous, violent, tendencies ( a gene attributed to the azteca savages) that low life mexicans possess, comes out more at sporting events i.e. dodger games, raider games and outside the staples center (laker tickets cost too much).

    I have alot of hispanic friends that feel the same way that I do.

    1. charlie says:

      Mike, you must be a serote…

    2. Thug Mexican Marine says:

      how can anyone NOT afford tickets for those levels…i have seen the prices and I am mexican….those levels are nothing special…and im sure your rednecked, buck-toothed, similarly tatted-up (only with stupid things like tribal or asian symbols, of which you have no connections to), city-hillbilly, trailer trash honkies don’t act any different when it comes to NASCAR…i have seen it myself…and third or fourth generation white people who are about 1/18th of hispanic heritage DONT count as hispanic friends

      1. bill says:

        i have not heard of any drunken fan of a nascar driver assault anyone, have you? also, if you look at a situation and you can cuantify something if is not racism. if i go to the game and i am looking at a bunk of drunk people, and they happen to be hispanic it does not make me a racist because i say there were many many drunken mexicans at the game.

      2. Jeff says:

        You’re wrong, and you’re not a marine. Stop fronting you little boy. The closest you’ve come to being a marine is playing with your Gi Joe dolls.

    3. pedro a says:

      just curius when whites have those jealous , violent, tendencies are they attributed to those exploring VIKINGs, those NAZIS that follow HITLER so much or those English HOOLIGANS that follow soccer

      1. Karen says:

        I’m Swedish. My relatives were Vikings. I don’t gang bang. In fact, a new consciousness arose from the violence because most Scandinavian countries are NEUTRAL and PEACEFUL.

      2. pedro a says:

        karen that is my point i am mexican and I am not a gang member MIKE’ comment are plain stupid

  17. Jesus Zeus Ortega says:

    beating death of a baseball fan for christ sakes its a game.Im embarrased and ashamed of my fellow angelinos conduct. you are the reason LA has a gang conitation.


    if they stop serving alcohol at baseball games, fans will finally realize it’s BORING.

  19. Marie says:

    What a stupid comment “Just don’t wear a Giants jersey and you’re fine!!! “Dodger Fan, You need to GROW UP !

  20. William Guerrero says:

    It takes two to tango sorry about the fan but I have been going to Dodger Stadium for years and it is a safe place I think Racism has a lot to do with this White guy jumped by two Mexicans remember avoid confrontations and you will be fine!!!

    1. Mike says:

      Yeah 2 mexican wannabe dodger fans. News reports indicate that these 2 mexicans were harassing other giants fans too. f them, u, and all the low life mexicans that attend LA sporting events.

  21. Gabriel Hill says:

    With the amount of money you spend to take the family, its amazing so many thugs can afford to go, but they do go. They can have the place since its such a thug fest these days. LOST ME AT DOYERS

  22. ILLEGALS says:

    Dodger Games nowadays remind me of the BADASS LA Raider Games. Be ready for a Fight before, during, & after the game.

    Very Rowdy & tense atmosphere.

  23. Leroybrown says:

    When you have Mexicans at the game there is gonna be idiotic behavior

    1. Art says:

      A stupid racist comment from a guy named Leroy Brown. Go figure.

  24. truth says:


  25. Mike says:

    LOOK! Everytime there is a violent incident at Dodger Stadium, It involves Latinos (mexicans). Other teams fans get spit on, stuff thrown at them, hit, in the stands in front of security. Even other dodger fans get pummeled if they look at a low life mexican the wrong way. People get jumped in the parking lot. You do not see white, asians, or even some colored folks acting like that.

    Laker championship riots-mexicans. Stabbing at dodger stadium 2 yrs ago-mexicans. White man (giants fan) fighting for his life- latinos (more than likely mexicans) suspects. Stabbing last year at rose bowl tailgate party usc-ucla, mexicans. It goes on and on and on.

    I have alot of decent mexican friends that feel the same way I do.

    1. john Q says:

      People probably wont like to hear this..the truth hurts, but Mike’s statement is 100% accurate.

    2. mona says:

      Colored Folks????? The correct term is african american or just plain american! This is not the 1950’s.

      1. john Q says:

        there’s no such thing as an african american. you’re black. you don’t call charlize theron african american, and she fits the bill more than any of you welfare check cashing monkeys. in the same way you call her white, we call you black. and the term “colored” doesn’t exclusively apply to blacks only. in fact, you’re not really black, you’re brown. colored folk, brown, or brownies.

  26. Big A? says:

    @ Jim Gae!
    It’s extremely ridiculous to say that things “are much better” in Anaheim. Let us not overlook the fact that these things have occurred there as well. There have been beatings and shooting. So don’t make it seem like it is a day at Disneyland when you go to an Angels game.

  27. LJ says:

    The elephant in the room is this – The gang-bangers that attend the games have a “gang mentality”. If you don’t like the Dodgers then you are the opposing gang and therefore an enemy. They have poor self esteem and the only way to feel better about themselves is to be part of a gang.

    So, if you are not in the gang then prepare to fight. It’s the only way that they feel vindicated by their peers. It’s obvious most of these young men had terrible parents.

    1. TT says:

      LJ – the parent comment You hit the nail on the head !

  28. William Guerrero says:

    Remember People Dodgers Stadium used to be a barrio Chavez Ravine Before the Doyers and The Los Angeles city Council and National Guard kick them out maybe we are just taking it over again!!!

    1. Mike says:

      During The last week your people have really been making names for themselves. 1. Beating by 2 mexicans at dodger stadium. 2. Mexican suspect in Pico Rivera killing family members. 3. Latino suspect shooting a LAPD officer.

      1. Used to be fan... says:

        I solute you! Mike!

      2. Winnie Won says:

        There are just as many crimes committed by Blacks and Whites as there are by Mexicans. The news media just conveniently don’t cover those crimes. But all races commit crimes equally.

  29. John says:

    The answer is stop selling beer!! Period! Forgo the profit from beer sales and make it a place you can take your family to.

  30. LA LADY says:

    I won’t go there again. I took my 2 children to a game 2 years ago and we were scared walking through the parking lot. Groups of guys drinking beer, breaking beer bottles, loud music and cursing. My children were afraid and so was I. We swiftly walked to our car, all while the security guards drove around on those golf carts never once stopping to do anything about the wild tailgating. I just feel like it is out of control and not a place that welcomesfamilies. Just dangerous in my opinion.

  31. Gabriel Cabrera says:

    “THIS IS MY TOWN” that is what the Dodger organization uses for the marketing campaign. Knowing that they’ve had a growing problem with violence and they still go ahead and use that slogan? Gang life feeds of territory and violence , and with slogans like “THIS IS MY TOWN” you’re targeting and audience that understands how to protect what they think belongs to them. Still this is no excuse for what happened on opening day. It was a sad day for the team and its fans. We are now the “black sheep” in MLB.

  32. William Guerrero says:

    Hey Mike its called Mexicans are the MAJORITY IN CALI FOOL LATE

    1. Big brother says:

      Must be real proud.

  33. Lee says:

    If you think Dodger Stadium is bad, wait until we get a pro football team and the old Raider’s fans show up. Despite the allegedly lower crime rate, Los Angeles has become Thug City. Nothing will really be done unless there is an incident involving one of the city’s elite in his stadium club box or suite, a sports writer in the press box, or a comp’d politician. Cynicism? Sour grapes? You bet.

  34. Long Time fan says:

    I was at this game. I was surrounded by drunks as I ENTERED the stadium, swaggering, swearing and generally making it very uncomfortable to be around them. We walked as fast as we could and didn’t make eye contact with anyone. My two boys (in Dodger jerseys) were scared and couldn’t wait to get to our seats to relax. Pretty sad commentary.

    Once seated, the group in front of us kept standing up and blocking our view of the game – but I wasn’t about to say anything to them. As we were leaving my 13 year old said, “I wonder how many of the drivers around us are drunk?”

    Seems to me the Dodgers need to do something to control this before they lose those of us who just want to be there for the game and want to keep our children safe.

  35. Ex Dodger Stadium Fan says:

    The best seat to see a game is in your own home. It is unsafe for Dodger fans but most of all unsafe in LA. There are to many gang bangers and drunk mexicans that cause all the problems. It’s LA the land of the free to the mexicans. Sell the Dodgers!

  36. bill says:

    the dodgers should be liable for contributing to the environment-ie the family should sue the**** out of the city and the dodgers. the politicians are double talking and trying to avoid saying that there is a problems with drunkeness amoung the hispanics at the game. many of which just hang out in the parking lot drinking the entire game, passed out in and on cars. they are all over-even upon arrival. many of the drinkers are under age. no ids are checked for drinker. it is a free for all…… f the dodgers.








  38. BASEBALL IS BORING AS HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:


  39. CK says:

    Damn dirty apes. Wasn’t so bad when the majority of the fans were white.

  40. cory richardson says:

    dogers and their fans are garbage

  41. johnnyboy says:

    Dodger statium has long denied off duty peace officers the right to carry a firearms on their property so I stopped going. The fans began to remind me of Raider fans anyway. McCourt needds to get his head out of his a## and allow off duty cops to carry and make sure it’s well known. His minimum wage security can’t get the job done.

    1. Mike says:

      Off duty cops can carry at angel stadium. Remember 2 yrs ago? Two drunk mexicans in the parking lot deccided to use beer bottles against a gun. who won? One of the mexicanos is confined to a wheelchair the rest of his god forsaken life.

    2. 80dodgersfan says:

      Cops are thugs as well, only difference is you have a gun. what a stupid comment. Let’s just go back to the wild west. everyone should be a gun slinger.

  42. anti cowards says:

    If your scared to go to dodger stadium then don’t go and it ends there you have to to make your self sound like a coward on the world wide web.

  43. doc says:

    My wife and I took my 86 year old father -in-law to a Dodger game. It was years since I’ve been but man, all these dudes talking trash, acting like the big man of the hour and such, I’ll NEVER go again. True, you mind your own business and they’ll probably just leave you alone. But it’s the possibility of getting caught up in someone else fight or whatever that is the problem. No more Dodger games for me.

  44. c-gas says:

    Anywhere you have dirtbag bottom-feeding mexicans and alcohol?, not a place to be.

    1. Roses63 says:

      Mexicans cause problems at every sporting event you can imagine. They’ve brought their stupid, classless and dirty ways of life to California and well…you’ve seen the results.

      Most of these latinos, mexicos, hispanics are nothing but cowards.

  45. William Guerrero says:

    Mike IS A TYPICAL American racist i HAVE SOME WHITE Friends TO Mike

  46. East Coast Italian says:

    So now Mayor Villaragosa is asking fans from both cities to cool their rivalries. What an idiot this man is! This had nothing to do with a sports rivalry and all to do with the gang mentality of the two losers who committed the assault. Everything is a territoriality issue with Latino gangsters, and Mayor V does not want to admit that this is nothing but a Latino issue. Every altercation or provocation I’ve witnessed at Dodger Stadium has always involved a one of these stereotypical ethnic types.

    1. Winnie Won says:

      Look East Coast Italian, stop being so ignorant! Ignorant and racist! You’re listening too much to FOX. When white thugs beat up and killed a Latino in Pennsylvania and the east coast, nobody at Fox even mentioned it. Now one white guy gets beat up by dumb gang bangers and it’s all over right wing radio and t.v. It’s sad, but it’s a double standard!

      1. East Coast Italian says:

        Sure, whenever someone comments on a race issue (and this was a race issue), you and your ilk brand them a racist. A good many of the Latinos I work with are extremely bigoted (I know you prefer the word “racist” instead because it carries more punch). Are you telling me that black and Latino bangers love whites, Middle Easterners, and Asians? People of any background can be “racist.” You’re not ignorant, you are in denial Willie Won. I bet you also harbor some not so nice stereotypes about others.

  47. Disappointed Human says:

    As a child, I grew up going to Dodgers Stadium. Now, 33 years old…..I fear for my safety, I stopped being a Dodgers fan many years ago after witnessing so many pointless fights. Seems like every gang member within LA County is a fan and attend the games. There is not enough law enforcement to deal with such a crowd. It’s a shame and I hope they find the culprits but the reality is, they are probably long gone as they have probably fled the country. It’s not safe for families to attend. I wish these culprits would just kill eachother and leave the innocent alone to have a good time. Good sportsmanship doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

  48. wobbles says:

    They might as well rename the Dodgers the Cholos and be done with it.

  49. Boxingfan213 says:

    I love Dodger games. Watching the opposing teams fans get beat is part of the entertainment. Pre-drinking before the game and getting into the spirit is awesome. Same thing happens in Europe during soccer matches. I am from Liverpool, Merseyside UK and moved to L.A. several years ago, the Latino people here are great and a lot more into the baseball spirit than the yuppies.

  50. Frank says:

    Dodger Stadium is in LA home of alot of thugs. What do we expect ?

  51. William Guerrero says:


  52. Frank says:

    Disappointed Human and Wobbles are right.

  53. William Guerrero says:


  54. 80dodgersfan says:

    Frank and the mayor have no idea. It’s not about rivalry. These people don’t enjoy the game or even come to watch the game. They are here to get drunk, be rowdy and ruin what used to be enjoyment for the family. As long as the stadium is making money they will never stop the sale of alcohol. CBS needs to check these comments, people here are really ignorant. Bottom line you cant go to a game anymore with your kids or your girlfriend/wife, without having to deal with low life thugs, drunks, disrespecting real fans who are there to watch a game.

    1. 80dodgersfan says:

      and this whole thing about “doyer dogs” what is up with that? I understand that LA does have a large hispanic population but sometimes the dodgers promotion are a little out there.

    2. Mike says:

      If u dare to, ask some of these low life hispanic thugs who played first base for the dodgers in 1993 and more than half would not know. Dodger stadium also must be some sort of nuteral ground (like jail) for rival mexican gangs. Go to youtube and type in “fights at dodger Stadium” and you will see all hispanics involved. Theres even one where they are fighting during the singing of “God bless America.”

    3. GoBLUE says:

      I agree. The real fans are people who are there to watch their favorite player and enjoy the game. It’s always the same type of people causing the problems at the games, LOW LIFE DRUNK THUGS. My prayers go out to Brian Stow and his family.

  55. Frank McCourt says:

    Everybody shut up and just drink more beer!

    Thank you.

  56. M says:

    I started going to games in the 70’s with my father. I have not been to a game in years and have no plans to return because of the security issue. Dodger Stadium security is REACTIVE rather than PROACTIVE. Personally, I love watching games with rival fans, so long as everyone is respectful. I went to SF to see the Dodgers and to NYC to see the Halos. Dodger fans are bar far the WORSE. They are rude, drunk, social misfits, and they love that role.

    1. 80dodgersfan says:

      So, true. Anybody should be able to go to any stadium and root for their team of chose without getting beat to a pulp. That has nothing to do with rivalry. That is just thug mentality.

  57. FRANK Mc COURT says:



  58. Boxingfan213 says:

    People on here are ridiculous. Saying you would have helped the man who was beaten, quit lying. You people are the type who would be shocked and appalled to such violence. You would most likely run away like the cowardly yuppies you are. If an opposing fan of the Dodgers wants to talk smack, you better be prepared for the consequences! As for the racist yuppies on here, don’t go to Dodger games if you’re cowardly. Bandwagon onto weak Angel’s stadium. I am white btw, but i can bond with all the Latino’s and hardcore Dodger fans unlike you sensitive yuppies. Get over it, prohibition at Dodger’s stadium? GTFO!

    1. Boxingfan213 says:

      My knuckles drag the ground when I walk. Spilled beer helps to keep them moisturized!

  59. Peace says:

    It’s sad that everyone continues saying oh mexicans are the cause of everything bad.. Well not all mexicans are trouble makers.. What happen at the game is very horrible because no one deserves that.. But I have been to a dodger game and a Laker game.. And all races tend to get violent when alcohol is in the mix.. They get sooooo into the game they forget how to act and then it turns to a confrontation.. The only reason the media is making such a big deal about it …is because the man that go beaten up is a Fireman.. If he was a regular guy the media wouldn’t be making it such a big deal… I hope the guys get arrested and punished for what they did…

    1. ARMYSTUD says:

      Not a Fireman but a “E.M.T.”

      1. peace says:

        On the news they are saying he is a fireman…

  60. Nic says:

    I’m a Giants fan who went to a Giants v. Dodgers game in la last year. Even though the Dodgers were winning 7-0 and we weren’t saying a thing, my entire family got stuff thrown at them. We were hit with garlic fries, ice cubes, and finally a beer. Not once did we ever say one word to any of the people who threw things at us. We weren’t even cheering for the Giants cuz they were losing so bad. And the only Giants gear we had was a hat. After calling the fan help line, security came and escorted US out of the stadium for OUR safety. That just goes to show you how much control the thugs have over at Dodger stadium. I will never step foot there again.

    1. bob says:

      Don’t blame you. I’ve lived here all my life. I got tired of all the BS, all the fights, stabbings and even a shooting. Dodger fans bite the big one. they don’t care if this stuff continues. wait until the divorce is settled, the Dodgers will have to be sold. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  61. Mark says:

    Hispanic Hellhole…Period.

    1. Trisha says:

      No need to be P.C. It’s a MEXICAN Hellhole, but I completely agree!

    2. bob says:

      Always trying to blame the Mexicans. Remember the Pittsburg Steelers fan that beatup by a Raiders fan. Raider fan was white in the high dollar seats. This stuff has been going on lately in all Proffesional venues across the country. It’s today’s mental issue. It’s the new breed of fans in America. These professional teams don’t pay my bills, so I don’t pay for tickets. I don’t get in other fans faces cause the team I’m rooting for is losing. But don’t get in my face when my team is winning. Be a good fan and appreciate the game for what it is.

  62. bob says:

    When will the Dodgers leave LA? I hope soon they need to move to Alaska. You never see this kind of stuff at an Angels game.

  63. William Guerrero says:

    Growing up, we used to only watch speedy gonzales as our introduction to english, so we are forced to speeek like deeese. i try to fit my fathers chones and sombrero but i am not big enough. i like to steal your bikes. i no like to shower, i’m afraid of water. i cross the border and i am here illegally. taco bell tastes better than taco trucks, but we don’t like to admit that the white mans version of our food tastes better than our own. all my uncles molest me, but i like it, especially when they blindfold me naked and make me ride on a donkey while they try to hit me like a moving pinata. i love pinatas and little boys. i’m so mexican, i bleed hot sauce, then i put it on my taco. i’m so lazy, i don’t like to work, but when i do work, i like to steal jobs and do it for less money because i have mexican money mentality. i steal your bike. i steal everything. i smell bad so blind people can hate me too.

    1. bob says:

      white guy trying to be funny

      1. bob says:

        mexican guy trying to be white with a name like bob. also, my dad molests me while my baseball coach strokes his baseball bat. he wears the doyers uniform first. they keep calling me manny ramirez because i like to catch.

  64. William Guerrero says:

    No I didn’t I read” Republican Protestantism in Aztlan ” by Dr. Orozco a professor at Pasadena College

    1. William Guerrero says:

      i read pointless things by pointless people

  65. Trisha says:

    It isn’t even the rivalry! Dodgers fans are a disgrace to MLB in general. I’ve had friends that have had beer thrown at them and have been spit on just because they’re an opposing team fan. Regardless of the team!

  66. William Guerrero says:

    The Point is I read rather then Hack

    1. speedy gonzales says:

      the point is that you’re a filthy mexican that doesn’t know his mouth from his culo.
      it surprises me how you can afford a computer. there’s only two explanations as to how you’re even on a computer.
      1. public library
      2. stolen computer

      (*hint: the answer is #2)

  67. Molly-SF says:

    I’m sorry but this whole thing just makes me sick… I’m a lady and a Giants Fan living in Hollywood. and now I will never go to a game out here.. Peoples stupidity really makes me sad… Mind you I’m from San Fran so I’ve been to Raider Games and they can even get crazy but there’s always Security around.. My heart goes out to the Family.. Its so sad the punks got away with it..

  68. roger says:

    ban alcohol and ban gang members …. done

    1. Boxingfan213 says:

      Lets ban cowardly white yuppies like you, who cry to the police like the sick caucasoid rats you are.

      1. ME says:


  69. AROD & JETER says:

    Why would anyone be a Dodgers fan? They are in the weakest Div in the National league. I find it funny that they make the playoffs sometimes with a 400 win % Anyway stop drinking inside, hire real police to walk around, raise the price to see a game to pay off the police and to make up cost of not serving beer, and with hire fees to see a game, the lowlifes wont afford to go or better yet move the team.

  70. Molly-SF says:

    See your the Ignorant ass that would jump somebody and then Run… Be a man and get over it…

  71. AROD & JETER says:

    this is to Boxingfan213, I know the truth hurts but the biggest rats are the guys that did this, they will be caught by next week cause one of there buddies will rat them out. What the police should do is, announce that who ever the driver was, will do the same time as the two guys, she will rat them out saying, she didnt know what was going on.

  72. POSADA & SWISHER says:

    The police should do a press on the news saying that the driver will do the same time as the two dudes when they are caught. If she turns herself in she wont be charged.

  73. 80dodgersfan says:

    when is this all going to stop. so now what? racial profiling? harassment for what they may think looks the part? bottom line, better security, anyone that looks intoxicated, foul language (for the kids) zero tolerance policy.

  74. David Farmer says:

    I was there at the game and I am a die hard Dodger fan, have been my whole life. Its Baseball, not a gang. I cannot believe that now there are kids without a Father because he rooted for another team. Ya we talk trash to other fans and stuff like that but thats the fun, but to take it as far as beating somebody for it is not right. I just cannot believe it. My heart goes out to the family of the Man who lost his life trying to watch a Baseball game. This is not how Dodger Baseball is suppossed to be.


  75. Boxingfan213 says:

    If my stepdad would lend me the money, I’d go to the game and protect Giants fans. I’m not afraid of any stinkin’ Mexicans.

  76. Ryan says:

    Keep the drunk Mexicans out and it’s gonna be safe!

    1. William says:

      You got that one right brother!

    2. cloudnine says:

      Speaking as a 100% home grown hispanic…Ditto!!! Sorry but it’s a fact that hispanics & alcohol do not mix. Use to love going to the games but now it’s just got stupid. Look at every fightt that breaks out. What do they all have in common? Yeah you got it!!!
      embarrassing for our race!

  77. Hex the Italian says:

    The Dodgers should do what the Yankees did when the new stadium opened.. Jack up the prices to keep out the riff raff… Maybe with the extra revenue, the Dodgers could afford put a team on the field that makes it past the first round of the playoffs.

  78. Lou says:

    carry a gun!use the gang banger CCW, no background check, no fees, no qualifying on the range.

  79. Cerveza Yupmeister says:

    Why would anyone spill want a spill a $12.00 beer over someone

  80. Mike says:

    Why is the mayor calling for calm? Does he think that mexicans at doyer stadium are going to be targeted? Or does he think that the mexicans are gonna riot if they are profiled and searched prior to entering the grounds of doyer stadium.

    Point in check, Mexico is a 3rd world country. Tijuana is the armpit of the world. More murders in Juarez Mexico in one Month then Baghdad in 6 months. Teenage prostitution runs rapid in Mexico. Low life thug mexican gang bangers are an off spring of this. They are possessive, jealous, perverted, wanna fight at the drop of a hat. Chola women resemble raccoons. Cholo men resemble uncle fester with tattoos. They have ruined Doyer stadium. It was never like this 20+ years ago, when the majority of the DODGER FAN WAS WHITE!!

    1. Jorge says:

      Not just dodger stadium, the whole LA. Messycans!

  81. I.Love.L.A says:

    Why charge $15 bucks for general parking and not have proper security for 50,000 plus fans??? Where is the mayor in all this? he should be using his star power to connect with the angelenos who are harboring these animals. Way to lead a city Antonio! Time to wake up angelenos!
    Villaraigoza and city council = Epic Fail

    1. SHARON says:

      YOUR SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. chico blanco brillante says:

    Call it what it is… Mexican gang bangers acting like the punks they are bred to become. Was anyone really surprised when the cops released the sketches of the ese’s that jumped this poor guy? Hell no!!!

    2 born criminals with shaved heads and skinny little mustaches… shocker. Let me finish the sketch: tattoos all over their arms and necks, baggy-a$$ shorts, huge oversized dodgers jersey, white socks pulled halfway up their calves. There’s your guys!!!

    Side note – Boxingfan213 is a clown. Superbly ignorant and knows nothing about hard working people going to catch a game. This jerkoff is another lowlife (whiteboy, mexican or whatever) that will probably end up in jail with the rest of his homeys. Have fun in the showers holmes!

  83. Rob says:


    Yes, the Mexicans say it’s safe (and by their standards it may be), everyone else says it’s not.

    Dodger Stadium was once a great place in the late 70’s, 80’s, and it USED to be in the United States.

    Bottom line, Los Angeles was once known as a beautiful city….talk to people who visit LA from Washington, Oregon, Missouri, etc, it’s the same answer, San Diego was nice, Los Angeles was GROSS.

  84. jason says:


  85. William says:

    Crazy how comments on the internet bring out people’s real feelings. White people telling brown people to ‘go back to your country’, brown people calling white people ‘evil’. We live in a messed up, dog eat dog world, that appears civilized, but underneath that lies a lot of hatred and resentment. If and when the big quake comes,and people are fighting for food and water,true colors will come out.

  86. frame says:

    They need stop refering these people/thugs as dodgers fans. In fact the majority are not. Dodgers stadium has become a place to get drunk, hang out, hook up and start trouble(THAT’S IT) Sad to say it, but the true dodgers fans are staying home while these low-lifes keep controlling dodger stadium.

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