LOS ANGELES (AP) — Not everyone may have Charlie Sheen’s “Adonis DNA” but people may soon be able to wear it, drink it and experience it in a videogame.

A company with ties to the actor has moved to trademark 22 of Sheen’s catchphrases, including “Duh, Winning,” “Vatican Assassin,” “Tiger Blood” and “Rock Star From Mars.”

Much like their creator, the applications aim high, with trademark protection sought for everything from bras, drinks, electronic games, candy and even gambling machines.

Records show the company, Hyro-gliff, filed trademark applications between March 19 and 22.

The company also seeks to trademark Sheen’s name and signature, and his nicknames for his home, “Sober Valley Lodge,” and his girlfriends, “Sheen’s Goddesses.”

Sheen’s spokesman says any potential uses of the trademarks, if granted, will be determined later.

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  1. Adam Farber says:

    What an ego-centric person. Clearly, not the man his father is. Shameful. Charlie, go home!. You’ve become an annoyance and you’ve had your 15 minutes of fame.

    1. Duh! says:

      Ummm… you know that it is not Charlie that is trademarking the phrases, but a company he has ties to. Charlie will probably get some money for this, but the bulk of it will go to the company who was smart enough to do it.

  2. CS is an idiot! says:

    CS is a total idiot!!
    He is too stupid to realize that people are only interested in his failure and thus the reason they tune in. People love train wrecks; those who have it all only to lose it or die from over indulgence and debauchery. What a shame!!
    I don’t speak from jealousy, simply from understanding the human condition.

  3. Kimmy Oliveri says:

    Just goes to show you how the intelligence has declined in our civilization……

  4. tom s says:

    How to eat like a speed freak !
    Remember this is your brain on drugs with the egg?
    Sheens picture is this is what your child will look like after LONG TERM DRUG USE ! NOW YOU KNOW !

  5. Monalsa Liz-ardo says:

    Charlie is totally replaceable. It was only 1/2 men gone from the show. This pig’s arrogance should be rewarded the right way.

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