LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Animal control officers will be out in unincorporated areas of West Covina checking for compliance with laws that include requiring owners to vaccinate, spay/neuter and microchip their dogs and cats.

The county Department of Animal Care and Control is sending field officers to the West Covina area to enforce the requirements, said department spokeswoman Evelina Villa.

Residents caught not following the law will be charged license fees, delinquency penalties and a $40 field enforcement fee.

California law requires that all dogs over the age of four months be vaccinated against rabies and licensed. Securing a dog license can also help animal control agencies if a pet goes missing.

A county ordinance covering unincorporated areas requires dogs and cats over the age of four months to be spayed or neutered and to be “microchipped” with a tiny computer chip that identifies the animal and its owner.

Several cities have also adopted similar ordinances.

New animal licenses can be obtained by visiting any county animal shelter or accessing an online application at animalcare.lacounty.gov.

The Department of Animal Care and Control offers low-cost vaccination clinics and financial assistance, for individuals who qualify, for spay and neuter surgeries.

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  1. swhitS says:

    So, we live in Natzi Germany now eh?
    Time to Revolt people this is getting ridiculous!

  2. James Granfield says:

    It’s about time. My feeling to protect children all babies should also have a microchip in csse of being kidnapped they can be identified immediately if taken to a Doctor/Hospital, my feeling don’t know how others think about this.

  3. max the dog says:

    This is crazy! you just can’t own animals now! what ever takes to make money!
    Thats where this is coming from!

  4. Jamaican josh says:

    That’s just dog gone wrong! Ha

  5. Educate Yourself says:

    To learn about health risks and others problems associated with microchipping please visit: http://www.noble-leon.com/

  6. Catherine O'Driscol says:

    When you microchip any animal or human, you run the risk of microchip-site cancer. Studies also show that when you spay or neuter a dog, you increase the risk of a vaccine reaction (which could include cancer, leukaemia, allergies, arthritis, brain damage and death). So if the authorities mandate microchipping, de-sexing and vaccinating, they put our pets’ health at risk and we have absolutely no say in it. Pet vaccines and microchipping, meanwhile, are multi-billion international industries, and their lobbyists are lobbying to great effect. Great – keep on rocking in the free world!

  7. Don't Chip Your Pet says:

    Fight Mandatory Microchips

    Studies published in scientific journals found a causal link between implanted microchips and cancer. In addition the microchips can cause bleeding, neurological damage, adverse tissue reaction, severe bleeding and so on.

    In addition microchip is an ineffective way to identify an animal as they fail or are incompatible with the reader. To learn more about dangers of animal microchipping, please visit my favorite web-site http://www.chipmenot.com

  8. Sjaak Hoedjes says:

    Something has to be done when big international organisations buy our politicians .
    Sjaak Hoedjes, Holland

  9. Don't chip me Bro says:

    If you believe that Micro-chipping your pet should NOT be made mandatory, then sign the petition against it here:

  10. H.Groen says:

    Not only dogs and cats are chipped, also horses are mandatory chipped in the netherlands. However, without reviewing the scientific reports and case studies that show that chipping of animals is dangerous and be considered as a animal crime.
    This week i received another report of a voal that had to be put to death, because the microchip induced a severe hammering which affected its sight and fragrance. As a result the voal was no longer capable to take milk at the mare. Although manually milking was applied, his sight detoriated and the voal needed to be put out of his suffering.

    This is not the first horse that endured such suffering or was put to death for this. Unfortenately, the agenda’s of certain policy makers is not in the interest of animal health.

    So yes, sign the petition

  11. S. Warner says:

    How about over vaccinating? My vet does a titer on my dogs to see what antibodies they have already. They have plenty of protection against those diseases that we are overly vaccinating for. I have an old dog and to vaccinate him at this time would most likely kill him. I do not agree with this.

    1. Christy says:

      Exactly! The vets are behind everything. They are all making a killing and profiting from illnesses from over vaccinating and from selling foods that contain by products as a prescription diet. I guess messing with humans wasn’t enough, they had to move on to the ones who cant speak up.

  12. Suzanne says:

    Great article: “Are pet owners being misled regarding the safety and reliability of microchip implants?”


  13. Peter joy says:

    You all sound off about animal rights!. What about my rigth to walk about my neighborhood, free from unleashed dogs, free of barking, and free from attacks. Long over due, in my opinion.

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