LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Could you be the next voice of Aflac?

The insurance giant kicks off its six-city campaign in Los Angeles on Monday to find the new voice for the Aflac duck.

Kate Enggren of Cathy Noles Casting, which is handling auditions in Los Angeles, tells KNX 1070 the winner has to show a certain talent.

“They’re listening to thousands of people trying out for this, so it’s an incredible opportunity for whoever the lucky person is…kind of like winning the lottery,” said Enggren.

The talent search comes after the actor who formerly provided the voice, Gilbert Gottfried, embarrassed the company with some jokes after the devastating earthquake and tsunami on March 11.

Aflac made the decision in consideration of its massive customer database in Japan.

Since 2000, the Aflac Duck has appeared in 52 television ads, helping increase the company’s brand recognition from slightly more than 10 percent to over 93 percent.

The ultimate winner will get voice-over work at union scale pay.

L.A. residents seeking to interview should go to quackaflac.com to find out how to make an appointment.

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Comments (11)
  1. smh says:

    I don’t agree with Gilbert getting fired and I don’t even care for him at all. Comedians make jokes…that’s what they do….that’s how they make an living….i’m not saying his judgment was acceptable but again he’s a comedian…

  2. lala63 says:

    There is NOTHING funny about what has happened in Japan. NOTHING. That guy is a real stupid arse hole for thinking that was good joke topic.

    1. I agree with SMH says:

      go crawl under your rock Lala. Excellent point SMH. I don’t agree with the joke either. Like you said that’s what comedians do.

      1. Onclewillie says:

        SMH needs to learn that everyone is entitled to their opinion. Only a liberal putz would tell someone else to crawl under a rock.

        The joke was stupid and inappropriate. Even worse given he has made a career quacking like a duck and that duck represents a company with many insured in Japan.

        Being a comedian, even a really bad one, is NOT an excuse for insensitive, boorish and hateful remarks.

  3. The Duck says:


    1. har williams says:

      The manshould not have been fired for a comment. We are getting too serious and one can see what this is doing to this country. Japan has been hit hard. America is being hit hard as well as other countries, This man had a comment that was not well taken, but on the other hand, how many years have you enjoyed the commercials with his voice? This voice has removed much tension in many lives.

  4. Cadburry Easter Bunny says:


  5. Gilbert Gottfried says:


  6. Thethe says:

    CBS L.A. The casting is OVER. You are miss informing the actor’s and actresses. Check you info before posting it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The Aflac Duck says:

    Chillout “Teeth” it’s only an audition. You’ll get your big break someday. Maybe you should try out for the mouse at Chucky Cheese.

  8. Steve says:

    I asked myself why would Aflac fire him after his Japan disaster jokes until i found out Aflac gets 70% of its business from Japan.

    Not funny after hearing that. Imagine if Japan boycotted Aflac?

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