LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A Santa Cruz man remains in critical condition Friday evening, as well as a medically-induced coma,  from a beating in a Dodger Stadium parking lot delivered by two men wearing Los Angeles Dodgers apparel following the team’s home opener yesterday.

Late Friday evening police held a press conference and released a composite sketch of two suspects in the case. One detective referred to the victim as “fighting for his life.”

The 41-year-old victim, identified by the Santa Cruz Sentinel as Bryan Stow, was leaving Dodger Stadium with friends, all wearing Giants apparel, around 8:25 p.m. Thursday when the two suspects started taunting them for being Giants fans, said Officer Rosario Herrera of the Los Angeles Police Department.

“As the victim and his friends attempted to walk away from the suspects, the victim was hit from behind and fell to the ground,” Herrera said. “The suspects then kicked the victim as he lay on the ground.”

One suspect was described as having “numerous” tattoos on his neck. A woman, with a child, may have also been with the two male suspects.

The victim’s friends tried to intervene but they too were hit by the suspects, Herrera said. The two men were last seen leaving parking Lot 2.

“He’s not doing too well,” brother-in-law David Collins told the Sentinel of the father of two who works as a paramedic.

“He’s still unconscious and they just decided to put him in a medically induced coma. They are hoping the brain swelling will go down, but it hasn’t and they are talking about removing one of his frontal lobes.”

Collins told the Santa Cruz Sentinel he hopes someone will come forward who saw the attack or captured it on a camera phone.

Stow suffered a head injury and was hospitalized in critical condition, according to Herrera and Collins. The other two victims were treated for minor injuries and released at the scene, Herrera said.

Police reached out to the public in hopes of finding the suspects, who were described only as male Latinos between 18 and 25 years old wearing Dodger clothing.

“We do have several leads we’re looking at,” Detective P.J. Morris told the Santa Cruz Sentinel. “We’re going to stay on this as long as have to get it resolved. I hate for this to happen. People come down to our city to enjoy a game and something like this happens. It’s not right.”

Police urged anyone with information on the attack to call the LAPD’s Northeast Station at (213) 485-2563.

Josh Rawitch, the Dodgers vice president of communications, said “it is extremely unfortunate that this incident took place on what was otherwise a great day at Dodger Stadium for tens of thousands of fans.”

“We’re committed to having the most fan- and family-friendly environment in baseball and will continue to make that a top priority,” Rawitch said. “We are cooperating fully with authorities during their investigation and we wish this fan a speedy recovery.”

Giants manager Bruce Bochy told reporters,  “it’s a shame that someone is in critical condition because of a ballgame.”

“Let’s not get too serious about this,” Bochy said. “We’re having a lot of fun out here, we’re doing all we can to win, just like the Dodgers trying to beat us, but when it starts getting violent, then it’s getting out of hand.”

When asked if there was any stadium that concerned him, Bochy replied, “Now it does. It hadn’t really concerned me in the past.”

Herrera said 89 people were arrested and cited at Dodger Stadium Thursday, and 72 of those were related to public intoxication in stadium parking lots. There were 132 arrests at the 2010 opener. Police also issued 52 traffic citations, she said.

In 2005, the Dodgers increased security and instituted an 11-point Code of Conduct after fans in outfield seats littered the field with debris in response to the arrest of two teenage boys who had gone onto the outfield, causing a six-minute delay in play while paper cups and plastic water bottles were removed.

The Dodgers show a video each game with an explanation of the Code of Conduct.

At the Dodgers’ 2009 home opener, also against the Giants, a 30-year-old man was stabbed in a Dodger Stadium parking lot about 90 minutes after the game ended.

Arthur Anthony Alvarez was found not guilty of an assault with a deadly weapon charge after claiming self defense.

His attorney, Deputy Public Defender Kate Hardie, said her client had been knocked to the ground and that a bottle had been thrown at his car, but Alvarez “kept trying to make peace with him.”

Deputy District Attorney David Reinert said he also believed it was a “self-defense verdict” based on questions that jurors had asked before reaching their decision.

Donations for Bryan Stow and his family are now being accepted at banks and online.

Any bank listed at http://www.cuswirl.com also will accept donations, along with Common Wealth Central Credit Union. Both are under account No. 118881.

The following account is where to send your donation if you want to give through PayPal: stowdonations@gmail.com

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  1. Mary says:

    Better to turn yourself in than to allow the police to pick you up – they are going to find you. Your crime was horrible and punishment will be served, and rightfully so. Your crime is disgusting and over what – the name of a Baseball Team? What a waste of life to have to spend time in prison over a senseless crime as this. You have not only destroyed a man’s life, you have destroyed your life, your families life, and everyone else who loved and cared about you.

    1. Betty says:


      Praying for Bryan’s recovery and that these two thugs will be caught and brought to justice big time!

      Scott’s Valley

    2. CCC says:

      Why isn’t this being investigated as a hate crime???????

  2. DODGERFAN says:


  3. FURIOUS says:


  4. Nikki says:

    That is so horrible. Now imagine that victim was just trying to enjoy a day at a game and now he is facing possible brain damage or death. It is no fun to go from being independent to being bedbound, having to wear diapers, be fed, w/c bound or not be able to communicate. He now has to go to rehab im sure and thats more money. So many reasons why this is wrong. People are so freaking stupid all in the name of trying to look hardcore. That so ugly and immature. I pray that the victim has a full recovery and for his family to deal with this horrible time. I pray that justice will be brought and this man or his family will testify at your attempted murder trial whoever your punk ass is.

    1. Karen says:

      I am praying along with you Nikki. This is horrible and there was absolutely no reason for it to happen.

      Come on Los Angelenos. Study these composite sketches. Let’s find these creeps and DELIVER THEM TO THE POLICE – no vigilante justice because that would be just as bad as what they did.

      We need to find these guys and try to make it right for visitors to our city. And if these jerkoffs are illegal aliens, they need to be dropped off in their country of origin.

      1. Albert says:

        Dropped them off in their own country? That’s setting them free…drop them off in San Quentin!!

  5. Mike says:

    This is why I do not support the Dodgers. Although I live closer to Dodgers Stadium, I take my kids to Anaheim for the Angels games. So every other month, I spend about 200 bucks or so watching the Angels.

    I say protest with your money and let the owners know that we will not stand for this. I haven’t gone to the Dodgers game in 10 years.

  6. TONY says:


  7. a_dodger_fan says:

    I hope they find these fools and make an example out of them and give them the max penalty

  8. julietacg says:

    This is disgraceful for Los Angeles! I used to go in the 70’s and it was a family outing. Recently, I attended and believe that the excess of alcohol and hoolaganism is out of control. Its almost like Vegas on steroids! Time for a big change LA.

  9. johnnydilznik says:

    All comments have been very respectful so now it is time for the truth….latinos are a cancer that is destroying entire cities. It will get worse as the culture of cancer continues to grow. SI SE PUEDE.

    1. Curious artist says:

      Johnny saying stupid things like that only makes you look like a total moron. I guess now you know how the native american Indians felt about your race. I think the only cancer is your idiotic way of thinking!!!

      1. Marcus says:

        Were the Native Americans concerned about the white man coming in to mooch off of their society and tax dollars? Hoe much respect do they get down in Mexico these days, BTW?

      2. M.Ruiz says:

        Wrong story, dude!!

    2. Army Vet says:

      If you don’t change your attitude history is going to repeat itself…remember five white cops almost killing a black man named Rodney…riots ensued over the travesty of justice…and when a famous black man, ex football player, killed a beautiful white woman and her friend in Brentwood…he got off the hook…what people fail to realize is that the not guilty verdict for the iconic ex football player was in retaliation of the resent events of the time and for hundreds of years of rapes and hangings…they new he was guilty…but they chose to make Barabas out of him…hate begets hate…these two guys are idiots and should get what they deserve…but are they Dahmers? (white man eating black men) Are they McVeighs? (federal building bombers killing women and children) Koresh’s (religious fanatics and pervs sacrificing the lives of women and children) I wonder what Daahmer, McVeigh, and Koresh had in common. Need I say?

    3. Tarpin says:

      Singling out latinos is pretty myopic. Remember all the football hooliganism in Britain? It’s simply testosterone + thuggery + alcohol. The gangs (be they latino, white, etc) find a spot to nest, and take advantage of venues with lax security.

    4. Milan11 says:

      Sorry but this is so true. they need to go back to Dirty Mexico. Since their country is a mess they come here and do what ever. and yes I am a latina not a mexican but every where they go e becomes ghetto and dirty.

  10. Mike says:

    Need we say more. Because of low life Mexican wannabe Dodger fans, this poor victim’s life was changed forever. The a- holes no doubtly have extensive criminal records. The 2 low life mexicans who decided to attack an off duty Police officer at Angel stadium 2 yrs ago lives were changed foreever too. One of the punks is confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

    As I releated before, go to youtube and type in “fights at Dodger Stadium.” Every one of the videos depicts Latinos involved. One of the fights was during the singing of “God Bless America.”

  11. Marcus says:

    LA stands for Latin America now – the new Tijuana. Incidents like this will become more and more common, just like all the hit-and-runs. American culture just loses out to the third world culture that Latinos bring with them.

    1. Matt says:

      Dont throw race into this. Its a bad situation and leave it at that. They dont represent me or anyone I know. It was a biatch move of these giys and dont throw race into it.

      1. Jeff says:

        Why NOT throw race into it? It’s obvious that crimes like these are being perpetrated by mexican and black thugs. Look at the LAPD Most Wanted on their website, notice anything? I hate when people say “don’t bring race into it”, under some supposed political correctness guise, when in fact that is exactly what it’s about. Our city is overrun with these thugs.

  12. Ramon Sanchez says:




  13. Rwill says:

    What a disgrace…….I think the Dodger organization needs to do whatever it takes to find these sub-human losers…..including offering a big reward if that is what it takes.

  14. Everyday Guy says:

    I knew it was Latin low life goons. There is something seriously wrong with the culture in some neighborhoods.

  15. StanF says:

    I’ll never go to another Dodger game – My own team, in my own city, and I’m afraid to take my little girl there – These punks hype each other up, are too cowardly to back down, and end up ruining lives –

  16. I'm Hunting says:

    You better hope the police find you before I do.

    1. I'm Hunting says:

      for someone who is five feet tall you sure do talk much

  17. SouthSIde13 says:

    Let this be a lesson dont mess with SOUTHSIDERS u effin BUSTERS

    1. I'm Hunting says:

      what a joke

    2. robin says:

      You’re the only buster who doesnt know geography. How are you a southsider if we live on the westcoast of California…..you and your lame little wannabe gang don’t run LA. stop trying to act like you do.

    3. Pjack says:

      Cholos = Idiots. Period. Get a real life

    4. Mike from LA says:

      Get a life! I am hispanic and I hate you cowards just as much as everybody else! GET A LIFE “VATO”!

  18. DDMMAA says:

    What a couple of losers! I’d start by viewing any videos they have of the outfield seats; they’re sure to find these hoodlums there. I used to love sitting in those seats, but the last time I sat there I swore I’d never do it again…it was like gangland Los Angeles…I was appalled at all the riff raff surrounding me…mostly drunk losers, throwing gang signs and harassing anyone rooting for the other team. Total and complete idiots who will never amount to anything other than being thugs who beat up a fan who opposes their team!

  19. Jeff says:

    Why NOT throw race into it? It’s obvious that crimes like these are being perpetrated by mexican and black thugs. Look at the LAPD Most Wanted on their website, notice anything? I hate when people say “don’t bring race into it”, under some supposed political correctness guise, when in fact that is exactly what it’s about. Our city is overrun with these thugs.

    1. lefty ruggiero says:

      and on that site all the molesters are old white men….should we start worrying about u “jeff” ?

  20. robin says:

    Since when does race matter? It’s the way you’re raised.these “thugs” were raised on the streets. I’m not saying its.ok cuz its not what they did. Idk why white people think their race is “superior” when its.not open a damn history book and read all the bad things “white” men did

    1. Jeff says:

      Well, robin,
      From where i’m standing and living, it’s not a white problem. And, it’s not racism if it’s true, that’s called fact.

    2. Karen says:

      I agree with Jeff. It seems to me that this behavior is attached to race. For the past several weeks, girlfriends have been abducted or killed, people have been abducted or killed, and it was always Latinos who were the perpetrators.

      With respect to the girlfriends, it blows me away how any guy thinks he can just beat some girl up whenever he wants. It blows me away how some chicks stay with this.

      Like Jeff said, it’s not racism if it’s true. Maybe Latinos should speak English and assimilate IN OUR AMERICAN CULTURE where it clearly is NOT acceptable to beat someone up who is rooting for the other team.

      As it is, these events remind me of the Barrios of Mexico.

      1. Jose says:

        Native Americans find your statement ironic

        Im white and Mexican, and I find the attackers, and you playing the race card are more similiar than you think.

    3. Karen says:

      Maybe it’s not race, it’s ethnicity. It is very common that punk Latinos act like they are in Mexico where it seems violence is a daily norm.

      Had they maybe assimilated into our American culture, they would not have done this. The punks acted like they were in the barrio. Latinos refuse to learn/speak English so that they can retain this bad behavior in OUR country.

      As is apparent, MOST people do not agree with this behavior.

      Maybe it’s not race. It’ just that these jerks are punks who flagrantly disregard our way of life. THEY ALL NEED TO GO.

      1. Nick says:


    4. Anger Loco says:

      Hell to the yeah!!!!!

      The white Men are ignorant thugs too…

    5. Marie says:

      So Robin, do you like it when your race is put-down because of the stupid behavior of a few in that race? Do you like it when someone generalizes your entire race for any reason? No? THEN STOP DOING IT TO OTHERS!! JUST BECAUSE A FEW STUPID PEOPLE THINK THAT WAY DOES NOT MEAN EVERY WHITE PERSON THINKS OR FEELS THAT WAY!! Your post was so amazingly hypocritical! Want to be treated with respect based on how you live your life as opposed to being judged by your skin color or ethnicity? THEN STEP BACK, TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR HYPOCRITICAL SELF!!

  21. Art says:

    bunch of dumb ass pisas, Dodger stadium is ransacked with illegals.

    1. dfk says:

      Maybe it’s time for ID checkpoints at Dodger Stadium.

  22. Marco says:

    I think also the McCourts should offer reward money, increase security at their “Family Owned” venue and ban alcohol.

    Its ridiculous a husband and father of two leaves his family for a baseball game, now his wife has to struggle with upcoming financial debts, the kids loose their healthy robust father and this man’s skull is cut in half to releave pressure from swelling.

    Come on people. Really?!? Over a baseball game that you receive no revenue return on?

    And that’s all I have to say about that.

  23. lipservice says:

    the two suspects may have fled to mexico.

  24. Boney says:

    The INS should be at the front door. No papers, no admission. Problem solved.

    1. s&t says:

      why do you people think every mexican in this country is from mexico??many mexican-. americans were born here and don’t even know anyone in mexico.

  25. Juan-Paulo Varela says:

    I think it’s tied more to level of education and values than anything else, especially in Los Angeles. In LA, it’s easy to make a case for it being a problem of ethnicity or culture because there are so many “Hispanics” (a majority >51%), but I can assure you that in areas with high levels of African Americans, or people who identify as European American that the crime rate is roughly the same in terms of relative proportions of the population committing crimes. People should remember that in Los Angeles, the majority of civil servants (Police, Fire Fighters, etc.) are ethnic minorities. So it does not seem like there is a correlation and causation between race and crime like there is for lack of education and values. Remember most new immigrants not unlike the Germans, Irish, or Italians usually move into neighborhoods with other immigrants or ex-immigrants so that assimilation can be easier. These neighborhoods are a crutch that downplay education and assimilation and create a microcosm of the new society through immigrant eyes. Add any kind of agitation from non-immigrants and you have gangs. The cycle continues even after things like gangs are unnecessary and you get a bunch of idiots committing such disgusting acts. In short, I believe they lack education and values as no person with the aforementioned tow traits would willing commit such a deplorable act.

    1. Karen says:

      Juan, Lack of education probably does play a factor but it seems to me that Latinos REFUSE to educate themselves by refusing to assimilate.

      You mention the other immigrant groups (Germans, Irish, Italians) WHO DID NOT REFUSE to assimilate. They learned the language first and foremost. Language is a common unifier.

      Whose fault is it that the LATINOS refuse to assimilate? I say it is THEIR fault and they HAVE NO EXCUSE and I have no sympathy.

      We speak English here and we don’t beat people to a pulp because they root for another team.

      1. Juan-Paulo Varela says:


        I don’t mean to insult you, but you have a serious misunderstanding of the development of those European immigrant communities if that is what you believe. I’m not gonna give you a history lesson, but I can suggest some history books that would you give you better insight on the struggles faced by the aforementioned communities.

        People seem to think of their time as being exceptional and therefore that they are exceptional. The way you balance out facts with no evidence other than a single rare event is only proof of this. Obviously not all Latinos refuse to assimilate if the majority of civil servants in Los Angeles are Latino and other ethnic minorities. And who is Latino by such broad accusations if it is a cultural marker and not racial one as I’m more than positive you would confuse me for being a typical “white” person based on aesthetics and social mores.

        Notwithstanding, I agreed that it was the immigrants responsibility to assimilate. I simply pointed out why they don’t. I agree that regardless of the age of the immigrant they should make at the very least a conscious effort to learn not only the dominant language in the region but as well as the social mores. The problem with something like this is that Los Angeles like many other Southwestern areas is exceptional for its long history of the use of the Castilian dialect as well as its culture–race aside. Therefore a cyclical or helical nature of ignorance continues to exists which is why the other aforementioned immigrant communities assimilated at a much faster rate despite the objections.

        Juan-Paulo Varela

      2. Karen says:


        I don’t need any lessons from people who refuse to assimilate. You DID insult me and YOUR perception of events IS WRONG.

        Have a nice day. It’s going to be nicer than the PARAMEDIC who is in the hospital thanks to TWO LATINO THUGS who REFUSE to assimilate into our cultuer.


      3. Willie says:

        Karen, the big misconception is that these are children of immigrants, which
        may NOT be true. I teach in the inner city, yes, here in LA and the children
        of parents who recently came from Mexico are good, law-abiding people who
        want peace and EDUCATION for their kids. It’s the Mexican-Americans who
        are already assimilated, filled with delusional ideas of race, and lack education
        that are causing the problems. They are lazy, ignorant, and feel they are
        entitled. Entitled? Yes. Go figure. They are more American than you realize. It’s obvious your information is twisted. Maybe if you weren’t afraid 24 hours
        a day because you believe EVERYTHING you see or read, you may be able to
        form a more logical, reasonable opinion, instead of spewing baseless facts.

      4. Nick Ramsey says:

        It seems that Karen lacks the education here

    2. theDFK says:



  26. Done says:

    If this is how Dodger fans behave, I don’t want to be one anymore. I’ve wore a Dodger hat to Giant Stadium, I didn’t get jumped. I was treated like another baseball fan. I’ve thrown out that Dodger hat. I don’t belong to that group anymore. The Dodger fan base is way different than it used to be.

    1. karmina says:

      i would just like to say im from san francisco and have gone to many giants vs dodger games the reason why we dont get ghetto and unclassy is because its baseball and we may talk alot of mess to dodger fans but we know its just all fun and games it should never get to a point were we beat people for being a baseball fan im with you im completly outraged at this its a sad day when all you want to do is enjoy a long time loved sport which is baseball and you cant do that without cowards and animal like people that out there…..

  27. Jim Gates says:

    this is why i dont go to sporting events anymore between dodgers and angels its unsafe for my family im sure the attackers are gang members not fans often gang members wear sports apparrel they did the same thing when lakers won the championship there just thugs.

  28. Jim Gates says:

    dont they have cameras in the parking lots they had to of seen something

  29. Tim says:

    Gangs use of LA, short for Los Avenues
    Highland park gang

  30. Blueron 35 says:

    I’m with Juan-Paulo Varela: This is a much bigger issue than race. It is a HUMAN issue. Our society as a whole has deteriorated. I am so appalled by this behavior on the part of HUMAN BEINGS. I say “let’s get these creeps, WHATEVER RACE they may be!” It has to be taught and known in our society that it is NOT OK to beat people up based on their beliefs, whether they are political, religious, or sports-related. With that being said, I refuse to go to a Dodger game any longer based on the McCourts and the prices we have to pay!

  31. karmina says:

    i am disgusted im from san francisco and have gone to many giants vs dodger games and you never hear about that happening in the sf stadium i feel that our fans may talk mess to dodger fans but we never ever get ghetto and unclassy to where we beat a dodger fan down for being just that a fan its baseball why does it have to get to the point where we beat people down for being a fan and take a persons life and then to hear there was a younglady involved with driving those low lifes not to mention she is a mother and had her child in the car what kind of mother is she its sad to think she has been givin the right to be a mother how after this can she look in the mirror at herself i am absolutly outraged and i feel that you men and that young lady should pay for your doings if you are not caught im a true believer in karma and dont forget god sees all ur pathetic and ur a waste of oxygen on this earth….

  32. dewey says:

    Cholo is as cholo does

  33. Everyday Guy says:

    You can easily recognize latin gang members as they all wear pink high heels and pink lipstick.

  34. Ihateminorites says:

    Make it illegal to be black and mexican in Los Angeles. Please.

  35. Artur Arturik says:

    IF this was over a soccer game in south america or europe i would understand, but over a baseball game? give me a break.

  36. tHEwORD says:


  37. drozone69 says:

    Unless they head back to Mexico,it is only a matter of time until the long arm of the Law catches up.To think a woman with a kid might be in stow is heart breaking.

  38. drozone69 says:

    Nintendo,UFC,unemployment,multi-culteralism,alcohal,overcongestion,military “wars”,all make up for this debacle of a a nation. What was once a proud nation with strong culteral values,is a mere player in the NWO financial meltdown.

  39. Michael of Santa Clara says:

    Bryan has dedicated his life to serving others as a paramedic. He has saved many of peoples mothers, fathers and siblings. If you know who may have done this please turn them in to the police. We cannot turn our backs on this cowardly act. Remember 9/11 and many paramedics lost their lives. These cowards are no different than the terrorist by blindly attacking one of Amercia’s finest.

  40. crashin' da net says:

    Why I nver go to a Dodgers game – it’s a friggin zoo. They turned it into a pig sty. After this type of sad event, they oughta pull the liquor license. But won;t happen cuz the city needs the revenue so, just boycott the stadium all together. I have and urge others to do so as well, Leave them one big parking lot without jobs so they can shoot up and shoot em; up.

  41. Jerry Brown says:

    Prayers to the victims and may God keep them in his grace. But, let us be honest, this sorry state once again leads Amerikca! Pelosi Galore and her minions have destroyed remaining humanity in this pathetic state. (I was stationed there 8 yrs).

    Moreover….Professional sports are done…Done! Ask yourself…why pay $100 a ticket, $20 for parking, $8 a beer, if you care to, $6 a bottle of water, $5 for a hot dog and have someone either of your country or not, kick you in the head until dead because you are wearing a team shirt?

    Concealed carry…save your family’s life and save yours!

  42. Let's go Doyers!! says:

    Are you kidding me? Latino males between 18-15 years old wearing Dodgers clothing and having several tattoos on their neck. That describes 110% of LA’s hispanic gangs…My hunch is probably the same thugs who started the Laker riots. Too bad you guys in LA can’t legally defend yourself with a peacemaker. Oh well, the police will protect you.

  43. dodger fan in exile says:

    McCourts please SELL the team.
    one ugly incident in otherwise great day??

    This is one ugly incident. They need to crackdown on drinking and control hommies who are criminal elements and should not be on the stadium.
    But then with McCourts it is all about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  44. whitey mcbutterpants says:

    Hey Juan, enough of this latinos being a minority bullsh-t. You guys are the majority in LA…and that’s not even counting all the illegals. The real minorities are EVERYONE else (white, black, asian, indian).

  45. Miguel says:

    I’m an ex-gang member but I got away from the life. One thing I realized was that my homies were all cowards. This is the example of who these people are. Hit a guy from behind, then kick him on the ground. Real brave men. I agree with one of the earlier posts; find a video of the seats where they sat, and with the composites, they’ll find them.

  46. Eddie says:

    A civil society requires rule of law and the fear of consequences for your actions. These mexican thugs see their cousins and uncles and whoever else getting away with being in this country illegally, driving without a license, without insurance, crashing cars and running away from the scene, collecting welfare and SNAP and WIC and whatever else. They were probably born here and feel like they are intitled to do whatever they want since thats what they see everyday. Los Angeles has some of the poorest cities in America but the taxpayers support them through all of the government programs. Even the illegal aliens. We must enforce the federal, state and local laws which will send the message that illegal activity will not be tolerated in a civil society. I would much rather spend my tax dollars locking up these hoodlums for life. Dodger Stadium is like a zoo. TAUNT OR TEASE THE ANIMALS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!

  47. LOU says:

    Angel baseball pitcher killed last year by Drunk mexican driver who tried to scoot back to mexico, now these 2 mexicans beating one man into near death. they are animalistic people who thrive on cheap beer 24/7.

  48. Joel Raes says:

    I hope they are caught soon!


    Joel Raes

  49. Larry says:

    If terrorists should ever manage to smuggle a nuclear weapon into the U.S., we can only hope the city they decide to blow up is L.A.

  50. connie says:

    Why isn’t this being reported as a ‘hate crime’ ???
    If two caucasians had beaten up a mexican, can you imagine the ramifications this story would have taken!!

    1. Mike from LA says:

      I am hispanic…and I 100 % agree. I grew up in Downtown LA and I have always hated these cowards; these thugs. I know how they think and I know that the fact that the Giants fans where white had a lot to do with it! I’m tired of seeing this stuff at Dodger games. I continue to go because I love my Dodgers and their tradition. I am ashamed sometimes to be a Hispanic Dodger fan! Those people are such an embarassment to us; to the whole human race.

  51. Douglas says:

    This is why I refuse to attend a game there. Nothing but thugs and gangsters there.

  52. charles wintner says:

    Josh Rawitch, the Dodgers vice president of communications, said “it is extremely unfortunate that this incident took place on what was otherwise a great day at Dodger Stadium for tens of thousands of fans.”

    That’s like saying, “March 23, 1969 was extremely unfortunate for the victims of the Manson incident, on what was otherwise a great day for millions of Californians.”

    You can’t spin this one, Mr. Rawitch. Dodger Stadium has become a house of drunken, drugged-up thugs.

  53. el cholo says:

    none of you cowards will step up to a gang member well maybe you will but behind a screen jajajaja

  54. Hernar says:

    You lame Ducks! You give our race a bad name. You young punks, are reuining today NEIGHBORHOODS! Not righteous Homies… Old school CHICANOS P/V…

    You lame ass Buster. You cant fight 1 on 1, sissy ass levas…

  55. BQ says:

    For all those who are going to let this incident stop them from attending games at Dodger stadium,are letting themselve be victims as well.
    To stop this kind of behavior ,we all need to stand our ground and take back our freedom of safety and security.
    If we let the bad(people) go on they will dictate and gain the power to take away our security of safety.
    We must ban together and resume what we love best and that is going out with our family and friends.
    Instead of talking about it lets all do something. GET INVOLVE!
    My prayers our with the victims family>

  56. timbuck2 says:

    and don’t forget the first half price on concessions and alcohol is next Thursday afternoon.

  57. TiredofMexicoons says:

    Surprise surprise. Two dirty Mexicans are behind the savage beating. I worked at a hospital and you would not believe how easy it is for these illegals to get free medical healthcare. One of the main ways to keep these coons out of this country is by making it hard to get healthcare but instead we’ll have universal healthcare now. Wonderful. And to add insult to injury, the family is trying to raise money to pay for his medical expenses while these coons are taking everyone including their grandmother for free checkups.

  58. Jose says:

    Nice to see that racism is alive and well on the internet. Seriously, some of you need professional help.

  59. Diana says:

    This sums up LA perfectly – “A civil society requires rule of law and the fear of consequences for your actions. These mexican thugs see their cousins and uncles and whoever else getting away with being in this country illegally, driving without a license, without insurance, crashing cars and running away from the scene, collecting welfare and SNAP and WIC and whatever else. They were probably born here and feel like they are intitled to do whatever they want since thats what they see everyday. Los Angeles has some of the poorest cities in America but the taxpayers support them through all of the government programs. Even the illegal aliens. We must enforce the federal, state and local laws which will send the message that illegal activity will not be tolerated in a civil society.” I was born and raised here and I’ve seen the city go down as the illegals have moved in. Pity.

    1. Willie says:

      Lady, you have ZERO clue. It has NOTHING to do with immigration. Your obviously blinded by the idiot box. So, who’s to blame for the crime rate
      steadily declining for the last decade? If everything is the immigrants fault, you
      must blame the decrease in crime on them as well. It’s amazing how ignorant
      you are and lack of information you have to make such senseless, shallow

    2. Collegebratt says:

      Well I have to agree with her on something but not all but some things are true. I see it everyday if that guy was stop for not having registration he wouldnt have drove drunk and kill the next what ever the race. I see LEOs all the time just drive by and do nothing and if he had impounded that vehicle revenue would have went up. That person would have took longer to get another car to kill someone with because I do notice hit and runs on the rise.

  60. Tony Tarquinto says:

    Don’t anyone DARE bring race into this. There is only one race: The human race. We are all citizens of the world. The suspects in this vicious attack are just doing the brutal beatings that Americans are not willing to do.

    1. Nick says:

      thank you

  61. Willie says:

    I am Mexican-American and I am not surprised by these lowlife’s actions. It’s
    quite typical, this behavior we see at The Ravine. I have gone to Dodger games my whole life and it is getting worse. These fans are lowlife degenerates that don’t even know the game. You can tell by the ridiculous comments and the great English they speak(sarcasm). Every sentence is ended with either a ‘you know’ or ‘I know, huh’. It’s up to the great ownership(sarcasm) to put an end to this. Seems that the authorities are more interested in busting people for drinking in the parking lot, then stopping these
    lowlifes from running their mouths and intimidating people throughout the game. Two pieces of advice for these lowlife, English battering, child neglecting,
    warehouse working idiots; Learn to speak English correctly and learn the game
    of baseball before opening your big mouth at the game.

  62. Beats In Ear says:

    URL Encoding

    URLs can only be sent over the Internet using the ASCII character-set.

    Since URLs often contain characters outside the ASCII set, the URL has to be converted into a valid ASCII format.

    URL encoding replaces unsafe ASCII characters with a “%” followed by two hexadecimal digits.

    URLs cannot contain spaces. URL encoding normally replaces a space with a + sign.

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