LOS ANGELES (AP) — A movie producer’s use of a helicopter to commute to work has raised the ire of nearby residents who say the noise is waking babies, rattling windows and alarming dogs in their quiet, leafy neighborhood.

The Los Angeles Times reported Friday that residents learned Ryan Kavanaugh, founder and chief executive of Relativity Media, was using a helipad atop a nearby hotel meant for emergency use.

They complained to the California Department of Transportation, which ordered the hotel to cease any improper helicopter activity.

The newspaper says the hotel has applied for a permit to allow non-emergency use of the helipad, renewing residents’ anger.

Spokesman Adam Keen says Kavanaugh stopped using the helipad as soon as he found out there were permitting problems.

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  1. GivingMy SecretsAway says:

    I am tired of the noise from the helicopters flying over all the time. The ghetto birds fly over and circle in the middle of the night checking on the school or just poking their noses into peoples backyards. I can guarantee that a ground unit can do the same job without waking the neighborhood up at 12-6 AM.

    Hey LAPD since you are the biggest abuser try using ground units from foothill division instead of the ghetto birds that are more expensive when not really necessary. Not to mention waking up 10,000 people every time you do this.
    I have seen LAPD play flying games like race REAL LOW (CAN SEE THE DAM RIVETS and BOLTS) to MT Gleason Jr high turn around the tree and jet back to where they came from. The big gray and blue jet copter is unbelievably noisy. Want to tell us what that move was all about?

    County and LA FIRE thanks for flying over the canyon and wash more instead of over Sunland Tujunga. These would be the yellow and white and red and white respectively.

  2. Kenmandu says:

    I have the same problem with my neighbor Charlie Sheen. Every time he does something 4 helicopters fly around for a few hours above the house.

    1. Irene Quintero says:

      I’m so glad I don’t live in the Valley anymore! I don’t miss those night-watch ghetto birds or the lapd flying over the 101/170 interchange and fly through Cahuenga Pass when they’re not supposed to. I never realized how much noise there was until I moved up here in Tujunga. We still have helicopters but no where nearly as bad. I don’t miss the valley at all.

  3. Onclewillie says:

    Betcha he is just another liberal who thinks his excrement doesn’t stink. Talk about an arrogant jerk. Boycott every production Kavanaugh and his company are involved with producing.

  4. Befungled says:

    One man getting to the office is not an emergency. Personally I think that the dept of transportation should see that abuse and reject the application for using it in non emergency situations. I respect the fact that he stopped using it as soon as people showed their feelings about it but the question still lies whether he stopped because he was disturbing people, or the hotel stopped him because it’s illegal. It would really suck if someone from that hotel needed to be medically lifted to a hospital but can’t because he’s late for the office.



  6. Booya says:

    I love the sound of the police helicopter flying over my house at all hours…it makes me feel safe!! If you dont like the noise, simple sollution……move….

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