DIAMOND BAR (CBS) — A motorcyclist was killed Friday in an accident on the westbound Pomona (60) Freeway in Diamond Bar, the California Highway Patrol reported.

The accident occurred about 9 a.m. at Diamond Bar Boulevard, said the CHP. The name of the dead man was not immediately released.

Four westbound lanes were blocked while an investigation was conducted.

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Comments (51)
  1. Gregg. Anderson says:

    I was and almost became a fatality in a head on collision in a motorcycle accident, as a reminder speed kills.

  2. Marco says:

    Gregg you were, or you were almost a fatality in an accident?

    Can you be both and still be here to post a message?

  3. rob says:

    Hit and Run…per Sigalert.com RIP Rider.

  4. jerryg says:

    We were in this traffic and I just glanced from the passenger seat in time to see the scene. So sad.

  5. T. Nguyen says:

    we were stuck in that traffic as well. poor guy

  6. Dawn says:

    What kind of bike? Loud pipes saves lives.

    1. Sherry Swearengin Pavia says:


  7. James says:

    I saw this happen… the Santa Monica PD officer was driving by and tried to revive him…it was sad seen him do chest compressions on the obvious dead rider. So sad. RIP

  8. scottland says:

    It was a felony hit & run. The driver of the sedan ran over the MC, got out and looked at the rider-then sped away. RIP bro.

    1. BD McGee says:

      Motorcyclists get what they deserve, “bro”.

      1. techitt says:

        Like motorcyclists are one person come on. we are all apart of the Human race and that is all that should matter we seen this man in passing and notices the work boots and jacket. He was older not some puck tiring to showoff. Grow up All people matter and I am not judging you just think you needed to be educated God will make that judgment when your day com I pray for you it is later then sooner but that you will teach others most likely by running your mouth on this chick that talked crab to you on your post but someone will hear this and think different. Peace

      2. BigDEEZ says:

        BD McGee you’re a frickin prick! Karma’s a B!!!!

      3. DA&KV says:

        ok mc gee so ur the one that should of had the acsident and die. your going to tell your going to judge a persone on what they drive. or what it you that hit the guy……

      4. Sherry Swearengin Pavia says:


    2. lisa says:

      was it close to the 5 freeway? i think i know this person and just found out yesterday

    3. Sherry Swearengin Pavia says:


  9. Mandy says:

    It took me an hour and a half to get from central ave to diamond bar blvd, I was so mad I even flipped a guy off for getting in front of me once I got to the accident, But then when I seen the body and the motorcycle I felt really bad… I had no idea. Sorry to the guy I flipped off and sorry to the family of the victim. ur in my prayers. god bless.

  10. Pat Robertson says:

    Can somone explain to me what the sad part is? It was a freakin’ motorcyle rider, who the eff cares?

    1. lisa says:

      i new that person, he was a newlywed…how dare you? may God have mercy on your soul and may you never need the experience of deep pain to learn your lessons

    2. Sherry Swearengin Pavia says:


  11. A. Ambrose says:

    I am appalled, I was in the traffic, yes it was horrible and made me late for work Someone died her people, who cares if they ride a motorcycle or a goat, they have a family!!!! I watched people NOT let anyone merge, flip people off, laugh as they honked their horn at other drivers trying to merge. As if any of us had any control over where to go or what to do. STOP thinking of just yourselves, obviously if there is traffic that bad for that long, it was at someone’s expense. I saw the body, and all I could think of was that poor mans family. I hope whoever did it get’s theirs! TOO many self absorbed selfish people! Maybe one day when they have a loved one die in an accident, they will understand.

    1. techitt says:

      Agree, i have a friend who lost her hubby to a tree since the stand up man on the other side didnt let him merge. We are ll the human race start acting like it life would be eaiser and not as short for others. That is someones brother father son and father

  12. Christine A. says:

    OMG!! I saw the firemen trying to revive the man, it was horrible just watching them do it… thats when reality really hits you, you never know if you live the next day… trhats why we have to thank the LORD for every day

  13. Larry says:

    Wow. This is my daily route to work on my bike, an hour after I got to work (2 miles before my offramp). RIP fellow biker. Someone from my office actually came to my cube to make sure it wasn’t me they saw under the sheet as they drove into the office.

  14. Debbie J says:

    This was very tragic. I saw the body on the road. His hand limp, shoes sticking out from under the cover. He was probably on his way to work and all I could think of was his family receiving this terrible news in a few hours. It really shook me up. I had to get off at the Grand Ave. off ramp.

  15. Karen says:

    My friend and I were traveling to Orange County to attend a funeral and were stuck in traffic for over an hour and a half. We saw the officer cover the poor man with a sheet. We felt terrible for him and his family. Everyone driving near us were courteous and let people merge.

    1. tbenson says:

      I knew him, he was my ex husband and the father of my two boys now 20 and 17. I’m so sad to hear that he passed this way. Hope he didn’t suffer. RIP Joe.

      1. Sherry Swearengin Pavia says:


  16. Family of Victim says:

    This was my brother-in-law. If any one has information regarding this accident please post here and i will be checking it. He had a wife and a four year old daughter and three son that are now with out a husband and father. Please help us catch the person that hit him.

    @ BD McGee: how dare you judge someone for what they drive. Did you not think that his family might read what you post. You are a horrible person for saying such things.

    1. Shokked8 says:

      If u are family …truly sorry for your loss! My condolences to you & your fam…I will keep u in my prayers…

    2. Phoenix says:

      Quinones Family, my deepest condolences. My co-workers & I came upon the accident as firefighters stopped treating your loved one & covered him with a sheet. We all cried & felt your lost. Our prayers are with you. The whole day I kept thinking of the shock of receiving such news & that is not anything I wish on anyone. Know that many of us who passed the scene are thinking of you & your family. Do not allow the ignorance of some people make this a more difficult time. God be with you.

    3. Dina says:

      I saw the accident on my way to work. I saw most of it Me and two other men approach him and we tried checking to see if he was ok we were trying to talk to him hoping he would answer. But he was just lAying there unconscious with no heartbeat. A little after the police showed up and started CPR. The man who hit him fled the scene. We did see a car that pulled over on the side of the freeway Bout half a mile away from the scene that fit the description of the car that hit him. But by the time the cops got there he was gone. I have never experience anything like this it was my first time and I have to say I will never forget. I can just imagine how his fAmily must of felt. No one deserves to die the way he died. I still remember what he was weAring how he looked I remember every detail. I pray to god that the person that killed him be caught. I know he was on his way to work by the boots and close he was wearing.

  17. Carson says:

    To the victims brother-in-law. I came apon the accident shortly after @ 8:20 and could stop thinking about him all day. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and the family.

  18. SML says:

    Thoughts and prayer go out to the family. I really hope they catch the person that hit him.

  19. Steve says:

    This is also my route to LA. I was following 2 sv650’s splitting the carpool lane when we came across the scene at approx 8:30. It was very sad to see him spawled out covered by blankets. Bike looked like a black Katana. All day it has been an emotional day for me. Thinking about the poor guys family and thoughts that it could happen to anyone.

  20. Robin says:

    I was on my way to work this morning when I came upon this tragic accident. Seeing the body laid out and the motorcycle down moved me to tears. I immediately called my husband since he took his bike and the same route to work an hour earlier. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

  21. amanda says:

    I agree… & I always let ppl merge in front of me … but its another thing when ppl cut u off when they don’t need to. & I must say this has been on my mind all day I cant stop thinking about that poor guy … it can happen to anyone it don’t matter what kind of car u have. So becareful & his family is in my prayers.

  22. Anthony says:

    It hurt my heart to see the man dead om the fw. I prayed. I hate to see someone die.. Lost a friend on a motorcycle years ago and that’s why I didn’t buy one .. You guys please be careful.. I live in diamond bar and was driving a foothill transit bus on the easy bound side pov the 60fw.. When I saw the mc and rider on the ground… Still breaks my heart when I think of him laying on his back covered….

  23. Julianne says:

    I saw his body lying on the street… It was so traumatic. My prayers go out to his family.

  24. Shokked8 says:

    My heart is heavy… As I drove past him I cried and prayed for his soul &strength for his loved ones RIP

  25. tb says:

    RIP Joe. Father, brother, son. You are now in gods grace. Look after your little girl from the heavens. The boys will always have good memores of you and so will I. RIP Joe.

  26. Jaycie says:

    I called my dad right away too. I work in East L.A. and he works in Santa Monica. He rides his black Harley on nice days like today. We drive from Riverside and for a moment I thought it was him. I thought about this man all day long and had a very emotional day. My friends dad just passed away a week ago from a heart attack and I just couldn’t stop thinking how all these men who are fathers die too soon when their babies still need them. I wish people would be more careful on the road. My father forever has a metal plate in his wrist because someone cut him off while on his bike not that long ago. I left the house at 7:40 and didn’t arrive to work until nearly 10:30… It just did not matter though. Someone precious and loved was killed today. I have thought of him and his family all day. That image will never leave me. I keep thinking of his shoes and how his family thought of him to be at work.. may he rest in peace.

  27. Winnie says:

    I was driving my toddler to orange county from chino hills to orange county when we were stopped in traffic for an hr and a half. When we approached the scene of the accident I saw the cyclist being covered by chp. It gave me chills; one second alive; one second gone. I don’t know exactly what took place yet know that we ALL need to drive more respectfully and share the road. From what I read, he leaves behind a wife, a family, friends. All of us are humans with feelings. My prayers go out to everyone who knew him and also to society to be more respectful for life. Life is precious. Hug your loved ones often!

  28. Cammy says:

    He was my brother what a tragedy this is to my entire family! It is sad how people are fast to judge a person just becuase of what he drives!this go put to you Mr BD Mac gee u are waste of human life remember that Karma will catch up with u and it would bit u in your ass I can even feel sorry for your ignorance ! Next time think before u open your big Mouth
    All the rest of u thank u so much for your kind words if any of you have more details or know who did this please email at eg000143@.com or post here thank you once again.

  29. Char says:

    I myself passed this accident yesturday. I was sadened to see this man lying on the freeway gone. The image is impressed in my memory. I pray that his passing was quick with no suffering. I pray for stregnth and peace for the family. I have had the rider and his family in my prayers since yesturday morning and will continue with them. I was so emotionaly moved by this terrible accdent, in my heart I knew this man left behind a family that included children. To all drvers of cars and trucks… please always watch for the motorcylcist, they can only control what they can see, not what you see. Please always try to leave a space for them to pass along side of you. Be courtious not invious of them.

  30. Kristina says:

    Such a tragic scene we saw yesterday. That’s the second time I’ve seen someone in a car accident and covered by a sheet. Make me cry and pray for their families! I will never forget that image… Wish I could but it’s too hard. I’m spry for the family…. Great people die young as my dad proved that. As for the ass who wrote earlier, don’t let him get to u! There are always people who hate their lives and have to ruin others too. My dad was a police officer and on his obituary some ass wrote another pig gone…. It’s an endless battle so dont waste your time. Spend time with your family as life is too precious and don’t know what tomorrow holds.

  31. sm says:

    To the family of Joe – I know that you don’t know me but I have been thinking of your family since I saw this yesterday morning. I was with my long time friend wondering what the traffic was all about. Once we arrived we realized how selfish we were moments before, we held hands in the car while hysterically crying and immediately prayed for you and your family. I am so sorry for your loss. The impact that this had on me will stick with me forever. I will think of Joe every time I get impatient with people or situations, life is precious and we all need to just relax sometimes and appreciate. I will continue to pray for your family in the future.

  32. fern says:

    To the family of Joe. I pray that u will have comfort an know that God is near. I also pray that if u don’t know Christ, that u get to know him now. Make your choice to follow Him. I invite you to vist our church we go to, Calvary chapel golden springs, next to 60/58 fwy. Or u can watch live on the web calvarygs.org © 10am n 12pm sunday. We are also in a motorcycle minisrty, if u need pray just ask….and know that Jesus loves u.

  33. mariam says:

    i was in the freeway as well going from chino to long beach airport to pick up my daughter. i knw once we got on the frwy that something terrible had happened. all my fiance did was complain the whole time even after we passed the scene. when we arrived on the scene my heart just ached when i saw is lifeless body laying there, i saw his brwn work boots and jacket and knew he was just on his way to work..i felt so terrible because i knw he was some1s brother,husband, and son..all my fiance could say is “life goes on”..god forgive my fiance 4 being such a heartless jerk.. still bothers me,,im writing abt it at 3am..my prayers go out to the victims family god bless us all..remember whts important in life….LIFE

  34. JHM says:

    I’ve been driving the LA fwys for 20 yrs & I have seen too many accidents but this one really shook me. I haven’t stopped thinking about it & I couldn’t help but cry for Joe’s family, for those who love him. When I got home I hugged & kissed my family because seeing Joe on that fwy, covered by a sheet, was a frightening reminder that when we leave our homes, there are no guarantees we will return to those we love. We’re often so impatient & careless of others we share the roads with & too often the end result is the loss of life. We all need to be more patient & careful when driving because it only takes a second for a family to be forever affected. Being courteous is not of cowards but the strong of character. To Joe’s family, my prayers are with you & know that although I didn’t know him, his death was not in vain. In that last moment, I leaned to be thankful to God for every day I make it home to my family. God bless you. RIP Joe…

  35. Oli says:

    RIP…Joe! May God bless your entire family…

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